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Jon Stewart Ridicules Megan Kelly for Saying Santa Claus Is White

Just when I thought nothing could lower my opinion of Jon Liebowitz I mean Stewart, he joins in the attack on Megan Kelly for daring to state that the character of Santa Claus is white[...]

If anyone can challenge Bill Maher for the title of Most Intensely Unappealing Apparatchik in the Liberal Media Establishment, it could only be Jon Stewart.

Megan Kelly certainly is a target for Liebowitz et al. Her new prime time show is off to a flying start. To attack her for saying Santa Claus is white reveals a desperation only panic fear could cause. Liberal oligarchs aren’t even willing to wait for her to slip up. When she does, the non-Fox media will not rest until she is as hated by the herd as Sarah Palin.

In the meantime, enjoy Santa while you can. After he has been twisted into an unrecognizable Third World character on behalf of Left’s campaign of cultural genocide, they will start going after historical characters. What kind of racist will cling to the belief that Mozart was white even in the face of ridicule from Jon Stewart?



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