RosemaryHaze #sexist

This comment was especially poignant (to me, at least): From Lee: "We also need to look at why the penultimate of an attractive WOMAN is a 'just barely' 18-year-old girl/young woman who has a baby face and no real life experience. Very uncomfortable area for most people to face."

Well, the truth has been broadcasted right to us in our faces about males, they like kids and women that look like kids. A lot. See Korean and Japanese culture where gown women are expected to be cutesy and girlishly peppy even well into 30's (with looks to match). We can see this as they push for consent age to go lower and lower and for pedos to be seen as normal. Grown adult women are no Bueno because we remind them that they too, are grown adults. All men are on some Peter Pan shit. And evidently public hair is bad on women, but they can have back hair, ear hair (ew), neck hair, face hair, leg hair, butt crack hair, etc. That's manliness, you see. Hairy. So, in man-think, the opposite of that is newborn bald (but only for pits, legs and pubic hair, you better have hair on your head that rivals a Redken model).

Every woman that went through puberty knows what males really are, because every single woman has a story or two about inappropriate things said, and even worse, done to them as children.

Now, I know some women are naturally thin, but I believe the males have fetishized 'thin' because when a person is not naturally thin and they starve to maintain unnatural thinness, they are generally weak and sick. You aren't too strong when you are anemic and low on body fuel. Kinda like, if you got your feet bound, you can't run too far or do too much fighting back. It's always all about crippling us, keeping us small and compact (out the way until needed for dick ornamentation), and child-like because doodbro evo psych 'neoteny'.

I also believe keeping women preoccupied with looks and make up and fashions is another way they have infiltrated the female mind and kept us away from more meaningful pursuits. Of course, the end game there is the grand prize of having attracted your very own doofus to care for and slave after. And the inevitable mental breakdown as you age and realize that you entire life has been a sad puppet show and you didn't even get to enjoy your best, most vital years doing anything constructive beyond schooling. Not saying all women, but that appears to be the fate of most.

Tl;dr: Males don't like it when their fuckthings appear to have human qualities and human failings. And the world has always turned a blind eye to Male Entitlement Syndrome and allowed girl children and women to be the victims of nasty ass scumbags.



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