Alan Burns #fundie

But your notion of freedom is not freedom, just inevitable uncontrollable reaction to a current state of existence.

The soul only exists in the present, consciously perceives the present and consciously interacts with the present. Time is a dimension which exists in this material universe, and according to physicist Stephen Hawkins, time as we know it began with the Big Bang. It is quite possible that the soul, not being of this universe, does not exist in time, but only perceives the passing of time through its perception of human sensory data. As such it can't be subject to the same laws of cause and effect we see in our material universe, but will do everything in its own timeless existence. This is just my postulated theory which may seem strange to you, but as Arthur C Clark once said - The truth, as always, will be far stranger.

So do not try to limit your understanding of reality to what can be squeezed in to fit within our limited human knowledge, but accept reality as it is and use your precious gift of freewill to the full.



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