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[Neal Horsley, t]he creator of the Nuremberg Files[,] also says that terrorism is sanctioned by the Bible.

In his list of "Aborted Doctors", he refers to the names of the people who killed these doctors as "terrorists". Because his site has been pulled down so many times, he says he copied the list from a pro-choice sight, and claims that he has listed the names, somewhat disingenuously, to show the "victims of legalized abortion." So we ask if he would call their killers terrorists.

"Yeah. I call Paul Hill a terrorist," Horsley says. "The Bible says that ministers of government was given the sword of terror for those who has done wrong. The idea that someone uses terror to enforce the law is a Biblical concept, and I’ve never hesitated calling all people involved in terrorism for anti-abortion causes terrorists." He says those people would object, but it's BS. He's going to use whatever terms allow him to speak the truth.

Is he saying terrorism is sanctioned by the Bible? He gives an emphatic yes and refers us to Romans 13 that claims gives ministers of government the sword of terror to stop law breakers. "As Paul says, government is not made for righteous people...the law of God is not made for righteous people, it’s made for law breakers." Somehow, I get the feeling that those who deserve the sword of terror are not the "good Christians", but "law breakers" like you and me, who follow the laws of the US, but not the laws of God. "All the people on the Nuremberg list were law breakers. George Bush is on there. If I was consistent, I would put my name up there, because I’m just as much a collaborator with this nation as everybody else is, I’m just contesting it."



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