Unnamed Islamic Father #fundie examiner.com

A Dubai drowning has highlighted the extreme views of an Islamic father, who physically prevented two male lifeguards from saving the life of his 20-year-old drowning daughter. The female died after the father, citing a concern over her “modesty” and “honor,” violently thwarted two men – trained lifeguards – from entering the waters of the Persian Gulf.

Writes the AFP, via MSN News on Aug. 10: “A young Asian woman drowned after her father allegedly prevented Dubai lifeguards from coming to the rescue because that would ‘dishonor’ her. Emirates 24/7 reported that Dubai police arrested the unnamed man.”

According to the source, the girl’s father “started pulling and preventing the rescue men and got violent with them,” demanding that a female lifeguard be sent into the water instead. The father said he did not want the men “grappling” at his daughter, and told the rescuers that her death was preferable over the notion that unknown men would be handling her body.

Speaking to Emirates 24/7, Dubai Police Lieutenant Col. Ahmed Burqibah said, “The 20-year-old girl started drowning and screaming for help. Two rescue men were at the beach, and they rushed to help the girl.”

Burqibah said an “obstacle” prevented the lifeguards from reaching the drowning victim. “This obstacle was the belief of this Asian man who considered that if these men touched his daughter, then this would dishonor her. It cost him the life of his daughter…He told them that he prefers his daughter being dead than being touched by a strange man.”

Saad Zafar #conspiracy examiner.com

As I read the tributes to slain Western journalists like Sunday Times reporter Marie Colvin and New York Times reporter Anthony Shadid, I cannot help but feel a huge amount of disgust. These were not courageous scribes trying their utmost to bring the truth to Western readers about the brutality of Arab tyrants.

These ‘journalists’ were tools of an imperial Western hegemonic power that tries their utmost to pull a wool over the eyes of their readers are they provided support to the corrupt, lying, murderous imperial Western hegemonic power as it dominated and subverted Arab lands in the Middle East and North Africa.

When imperial tools die, it is not a day to mourn. It is a day to celebrate. There are absolutely no redeeming qualities about the corporate-owned media in the Western world. And those that work for these corporate-owned media cannot be any more accurately described than simply ‘the scum of the Earth.’

Marie Colvin and Anthony Shadid could pay lip service to the fact that Arabs are suffering at the hands of their dictators, but they could not hide the fact that they worked war-mongering corporations that propagandized their readers into supporting immeasurable death and destruction in the Arab world. Death and destruction caused, in large part, by the United States and Israel.

Good riddance, I say.

Thomas Yanoti #fundie examiner.com

So, for the time being, America remains a world power. But the great American experiment is taking on leaks, slowly sinking in secularist ideology and popular idolatry. And though we still have the bombs, and the boots for the ground, we have lost a lot of our moral authority. For we are weak, decadent, and the proof is in the American pudding.

Barack Obama is exhibit A. Unpatriotic and weak, he is a baby killing, drone dropping Nobel Peace Prize winner. He is a rhetorical wizard, short on authenticity. He is a class divider, strong armed socialist, anti-Christian pseudo-Christian, anti-American military, Democratic fund raising, golfer.

Exhibit B is American cafeteria Catholicism. Pro-Choice, Pro-gay 'marriage,' Pro-illegal (yes, illegal) immigration, pro-socialism, pro-entitlements, and pro-throwing mud at Church hierarchy in Rome, this group of well polished, pious, miscreants has dragged our nation into immoral muck. All in the name of Jesus.

Exhibit C is power Protestantism. With Mega-Churches, the gospel of prosperity, envy of Holy Mother Church (the Roman Catholic Church), and an all too compromising mentality toward the popular culture, the original spirit of Protestant revolt has turned into the great American sellout. But don't tell Joel Osteen that, he's turning a very big, quick buck!

Exhibit D is the continuation, to this very day, of abortion on demand, and the continuing promotion of abortion and contraception and promiscuity, under the PC banner of 'women's reproductive rights.' Exhibit D is the whoring of Mexicans, Central and South Americans, through illegal immigration, for the sole purpose of keeping Democrats in power through entitlement dollars. Exhibit D is the diminution of American exceptionalism through the wimpy foreign affairs policy of Barack the wimpy. America is no longer the light upon the hill, shining liberty, justice, and truth for the world to see. Now it is just a used care salesman mooing and belching forth a sales pitch for profit.

Third World Christianity is ready to take over. Maybe Obama's evil plan to infiltrate our Southern Border with illegal, entitlement dependent, Democratic voters will backfire. Maybe God will reopen the American vineyard to a new Judeo-Christian Spirit of faith, hope and charity.

Jared Taylor #racist examiner.com

I've read that you describe yourself as a "race realist." What is a "race realist?"
Race realism is rejection of the agreeable fantasies about race that have become orthodoxy since the 1960s. First, it is obvious that most people prefer the company of others of their own race. Forced integration therefore causes tension and resentment.

Second, race is an important element in individual and group identity, which means it is impossible to build a society in which race does not matter.

Third, people of different races build different societies. Blacks—wherever they are found in large numbers—establish communities with certain characteristics, and whites and others do the same.

Fourth, the combination of the first three factors means that racial diversity is a source of constant conflict. This is blindingly obvious, yet one of the requirements of respectability in this country is to pretend—and to repeat loudly at every opportunity—that diversity is a strength.

Fifth, the evidence is overwhelming that there is a substantial genetic contribution to well-established racial differences in average IQ. North East Asians living in America have higher incomes, better test scores, and more education than whites because they are, on average, smarter. Whites are smarter than Hispanics, who are smarter than blacks. It is vital to recognize this because otherwise “society” (meaning whites) is blamed for the failures of blacks and Hispanics.

Finally, race realism recognizes that whites have legitimate group interests just like everyone else.

Cindy Murdoch #fundie examiner.com

To this end, is it not possible that God created the Earth with all the fossils in place making it appear as if the Earth had been here for much longer that the 6000 years that the Bible documents. God could have even created fossil records that would lead some to believe that man had indeed descended from apes. In fact, on August 8, 2012, a new article was published entitled, ‘New human species identified from Kenya fossils’ that spoke about fossil records in Africa indicating that at least three distinct species of humans co-existed in Africa at the same time, two million years ago.

God could have created an earth that appeared aged to not only challenge our minds, but also to test our faith. The Bible documents many times where man’s faith is challenged by even greater things than a theory such as this. This is only one theory, but it is as possible as the Earth being millions of years old and the dinosaurs being wiped out by an asteroid strike, or any other number of theories you can read about.

insectman #fundie examiner.com

So, you cannot name a NP based upon evolutionism. Even if you could, I can show you that it is only in the imagination of the claimant. As I show (with insects) at http://www.insectman.us/articl...
peer reviewed papers based upon evolutionism are meaningless.

There are peer reviewed creation science journals such as http://www.creationresearch.or.... The so-called mainline journals censor anything that deviates from the party line on origins.

If it is relevant that a lot of living scientists believe in
evolution, it is more relevant that the founders of science did not. Nevertheless, beliefs are irrelevant. Things that matter in science (real products, inventions, etc.) have nothing to do with evolutionism. Arguments, such as antibiotic resistance, are
easily answered from the reality of creation science.

Please slowly, with comprehension, reread my above comment about a toothpick as well as the other points.

This is my last post in this thread because evolutionists are all hot air and the Life Science Prize http://www.lifescienceprize.or...
proves it. Endless Internet debate is all you can do. If you or the over 100 evolutionists listed on Dr. Mastropaolo’s website had any science to back up your beliefs, you would have relieved Dr. Mastropaolo of his money just to shut me up.

Your problem is not in your head—it’s in your heart.

Everything in the universe is devolving. That includes you.

Read Romans Chapter 1.

Dean Chambers #conspiracy examiner.com

Barack Obama's press conference from the White House yesterday spoke volumes about what kind of man this president truly is. Our narcissistic, manchild, petulant president used terms like “holding hostage,” “ransom,” “burn down your house,” “chaos,” “a nuclear bomb,” etc. Obama was unhinged and barely in control, lashing out at Republicans in Congress (that he refuses to negotiate with) because they won't just roll over and give him everything he wants. Simply put, the press conference yesterday was a temper tantrum from a very narcissistic baby.

Early this year we read about the theory that perhaps Barack Obama's absence the night Benghazi burned could explained by the notion that the president was getting high on cocaine with his pal Reggie Love. This theory was put forth by a blogger named Kevin DuJan, who suggested the president's behavior was consistent with what he knew of the behavior of someone who is addicted to illegal drugs, perhaps cocaine. Obama himself, in his autobiography, admitted to past cocaine use.

I have no doubt that yesterday's behavior at that press conference could well be the behavior of a cocaine addict. This web site, in part says such an addict would, “Over time, crack/cocaine abusers may become secretive, unreliable and dishonest. They may exhibit dramatic mood swings, depression, or psychotic behavior, due to the neurological effects of the drug.”


This president is not only addicted to drugs, but he's addicted to power. He must control everything, regardless of who is victimized by it. Giving power to this president is exactly like giving a bottle of booze to an alcoholic. This is precisely the reason why this president needs to not be president. Republicans in Congress need to show some spine and propose the impeachment of this president.

Yemen #fundie examiner.com

[Emphasis added]

September 9, 2013

An eight year old bride in Yemen died from internal injuries on her wedding night, bleeding to death after deep vaginal tearing caused by sex with her 40 year old husband.

The girl, identified only by the name Rawan, died in Hardh in the governorate of Hajjah in northwestern Yemen, according to a report issued by UPI on Sunday, Sept. 8.

Activists in the region want to put an end to the practice of marrying young girls, and have called for police to arrest the girl's husband and family. Nevertheless, the forced marriage of child brides in Yemen remains a socially accepted custom in many rural areas.

Indeed, the practice has deep cultural and religious roots, and is widespread in Yemen. A February 2009 law set the minimum age for marriage at 17, but it was repealed after some conservative lawmakers called it un-Islamic.

Joel Furches #fundie examiner.com

“If God is real,” asks the Atheist to the Apologist, “then why are we having this debate?” The point being that, if an all-powerful, omnipresent being is real, then his existence should be obvious enough to be beyond debate.

Of course the question could be flipped on its head. The Apologist could ask “If God doesn’t exist, then why are we having this debate,” meaning that if there is no God, then where does the idea of God come from, and why is it so prevalent? After all, people are not natural atheists who, through excessive thinking and study, begrudgingly admit that there may be a God. Rather, they are natural theists who, through a series of mental gymnastics, manage to have reality and morality without a God.

Michael Salla #conspiracy examiner.com

The search for an explanation of what caused the Super Bowl power blackout just got deeper with live camera video feed of a UFO filmed over the Louisiana Super Dome minutes before the blackout. Yesterday, the International Business Tribune, published a story featuring the video titled: “Did Red UFO in New Orleans Sky Trigger Super Bowl Power Cut.” The video shows two mysterious red lights floating above the Superbowl stadium minutes before the blackout. The video is a record of the live camera feed from the Online Weather Center for New Orleans on the day and evening of the Super Bowl. The power outage lasted 34 minutes, only slightly longer than the global power outage caused by extraterrestrials in the Sci Fi classic, The Day the Earth Stood Still, aimed at sending a message to world governments. Was it all just coincidental, or was the UFO an extraterrestrial vehicle sending a message to humanity?

Professor James Tracy #conspiracy examiner.com

A Prof. claims that the Newtown tragedy didn't happen as it was reported by the media. On Jan. 8, Radar Online reported that a Florida Atlantic University communications professor named James Tracy has suggested that the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School last month was actually a planned hoax put in to play by the Obama administration.

"As documents relating to the Sandy Hook shooting continue to be assessed and interpreted by independent researchers, there is a growing awareness that the media coverage of the massacre of 26 children and adults was intended primarily for public consumption to further larger political ends," Prof. Tracy wrote on his blog, memoryholeblog.com.

The Prof. who claimed Newtown didn't happen the way that people believe it did says that the Obama administration planned the hoax to sway people's opinions about gun control -- a hot topic in today's society. Tracy feels that there was a "political agenda" behind the shooting and he urges people to look at the event more critically.

"While it sounds like an outrageous claim, one is left to inquire whether the Sandy Hook shooting ever took place -- at least in the way law enforcement authorities and the nation's news media have described," Prof. Tracy added. While some people are calling the professor "crazy," others are actually agreeing with him.

Russel and Brandi Bellew #fundie examiner.com

In Oregon a husband and wife received probation after pleading guilty to negligent homicide in the faith healing death of their 16-year-old son. According to reports, Russel and Brandi Bellew allowed their 16-year-old son to die a painful and agonizing death from an infection caused by a burst appendix, choosing to treat their son with prayer rather than modern medicine.

The couple pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide on Tuesday, September 18, and were sentenced to five years probation after reaching a plea deal with prosecutors.

16-year-old Austin Lewis Sprout died after his appendix burst in December. Because of religious beliefs Sprout’s mother and stepfather watched the boy die rather than seek medical attention. Sheriff's Office deputies from Lane County, Oregon, arrested Brandi and Russel Bellew (Sprout's mother and step-father) in February after a seven-week investigation into the teen’s death.

Brandi and Russel Bellew are members of the General Assembly Church of the First Born, a faith healing church that has been implicated in the death of numerous children over the years. And apparently, the faith healing church is also implicated in the death of two other members of Sprout’s family.

Last year the Oregon House or Representatives voted to end legal protection for parents who choose faith healing over modern medicine to treat their sick child. The Oregon State Medical Examiner's office has estimated that in the past 30 years, more than 20 children of faith healing church members have died of preventable or curable conditions.

Anonymous #fundie examiner.com

[Response to a billboard promoting American Atheists]

I hope your children are raped by a herd of goddamn N$%#ERS and then their throats are slit and they die a slow painful death. Now that would be fun to watch. I hope it happens to all of you atheist parents.

Pradeep Tilak #fundie examiner.com

Christians believe the following:

-God exists
-Everyone knows that God exists
-The unbeliever suppresses that God exists because he prefers sin
-The unbeliever makes up reasons to justify his unbelief, implicitly or explicitly
-These excuses seem perfectly fine until God reveals himself to the person individually
-This revelation is present to us in the Bible

Christians cannot hate atheists. They cannot marginalize them either. Every Christian knows that he himself was a God-hater, in subtle or not-so-subtle ways, before God saved him.

The Christian is grateful to God for saving him and hopes for God to save the atheist as he hopes for God to save everyone believing in false gods.

Atheists put up reason as their strong face in opposing the Christian norm. But is atheism reasonable? The secularization of America has provided a seed-bed for a God-less world as the basis for life today.

Yet, even the atheists must borrow a Christian worldview in order to think and act rationally. Atheism has no way to ground reason. If we came about by chance, our reason and thinking is a random product of chance, with no strong foundation for thought.

Bryan Fischer #fundie examiner.com

So the people who brought slavery to an end, the Tea Partiers, evangelicals; they are the ones; that's the type of American that brought slavery to an end. Why? Because we rejected Sharia law and its legitimization of slavery and we said, "look. uh, slavery, the slave trade is wrong. It is pernicious. It's wicked. It's evil for people to be bought and sold like that; like chattel. It's a horrible offense against God and against His law." It was evangelical Christians that led the drive to abolish slavery. Don't ever forget that. That's a moment for which we, the evangelicals of the church of Jesus Christ can be justly and rightly proud. Don't let anybody take you away from that. The credit for the abolition of slavery goes to evangelical Christians.

Maryann Spikes #fundie examiner.com

A common claim of many atheists is that atheism is not a belief, but a lack of one. You can see this claim being debated in the discussion of the article, Atheists: They Exist in Modesto, California! posted on Friendly Atheist.

However, a lack of belief in either a theist or atheist direction is apisticism (a lack of knowledge is agnosticism)—someone who lacks belief about god(s) believes neither that god(s) exists (theism), nor that no god(s) exists (atheism). So to claim the title ‘atheist’ is to believe there are no god(s) (positive belief) at the same time one disbelieves in the existence of god(s) (negative belief). Negative belief is belief nonetheless.

Ivan Roberts #fundie examiner.com

The Almighty God made Noah’s Ark and its passengers survive the Biblical flood that killed all of the dinosaurs. The Biblical flood is why we have so many dinosaur fossils. Even the water dinosaurs it would seem needed to rest on land periodically and could not swim perpetually. When there was nowhere left for them to rest they died. Without a cataclysmic water event we would not have all of these fossils. (Get a book on fossilization and evolution.)

The science community says that all of the fossilization events happened at different times over hundreds of millions of years. They say part of their belief in evolution stems from different animals being in different strata. Less complex animals are in lower strata and more complex animals are in higher strata, with those in the highest strata being man and birds. Well… if there were a global flood who would get to high ground better? More complex animals would, and at the top would be man and birds. Scientist say the Biblical flood is illogical or unscientific. Do they watch the news? Do they see how easily many places are flooded after just one storm? Creatures that were exclusively sea creatures survived the flood. That is the reason that science shows that sea life is older than life on land.
The Biblical flood offers an explanation for fossilization; the strata that fossils are found in, in general; and for the fact that sea creatures are older than land creatures. There is even more science in the Biblical flood but that will be in later articles. Remember, an Almighty God, if He Exists, can do anything.

Terry Hurlbut #fundie examiner.com

The Bible is the most exact "Holy Book" of any of the world's widely-practiced religions. The Qu'ran is mostly a collection of high-flying oratory; the writings of Buddha are a collection of essays on how to live ("Noble Eightfold Paths," etc.). But the Bible is, first and foremost, a Collection of annals, including genealogical annals (like the Annals of Adam and the Annals of Noah), royal annals (the Books of the Kings), and more specific historical documents (like the Annals of Shem, Ham, and Japheth, which include the Log of Noah's Ark). Contrary to Giberson's dismissal of them, these records make the most highly specific claims of historical events of any "holy book," and indeed closely rival contemporary "secular" histories in the specificity of the claims they make. And unlike those other records, the Bible is scrupulously honest about the causes of the rise, and fall, of the military and mercantile empire known initially as the United Kingdom of Israel and then as the Kingdom of Judah, as well as of the breakaway "Kingdom of Israel" to Judah's north.

Terry Hurlbut #fundie examiner.com

A team of planetary scientists has now found water ice and organic compounds on two asteroids. The team leader asserts that this shows that the asteroids seeded the earth with the elements of life. But the real answer is that the asteroids came from earth, and carried water and germs with them, on the occasion of the Global Flood.

Jihad for Jesus

YHWH demands blood!

Neal Horsley #fundie examiner.com

[Neal Horsley, t]he creator of the Nuremberg Files[,] also says that terrorism is sanctioned by the Bible.

In his list of "Aborted Doctors", he refers to the names of the people who killed these doctors as "terrorists". Because his site has been pulled down so many times, he says he copied the list from a pro-choice sight, and claims that he has listed the names, somewhat disingenuously, to show the "victims of legalized abortion." So we ask if he would call their killers terrorists.

"Yeah. I call Paul Hill a terrorist," Horsley says. "The Bible says that ministers of government was given the sword of terror for those who has done wrong. The idea that someone uses terror to enforce the law is a Biblical concept, and I’ve never hesitated calling all people involved in terrorism for anti-abortion causes terrorists." He says those people would object, but it's BS. He's going to use whatever terms allow him to speak the truth.

Is he saying terrorism is sanctioned by the Bible? He gives an emphatic yes and refers us to Romans 13 that claims gives ministers of government the sword of terror to stop law breakers. "As Paul says, government is not made for righteous people...the law of God is not made for righteous people, it’s made for law breakers." Somehow, I get the feeling that those who deserve the sword of terror are not the "good Christians", but "law breakers" like you and me, who follow the laws of the US, but not the laws of God. "All the people on the Nuremberg list were law breakers. George Bush is on there. If I was consistent, I would put my name up there, because I’m just as much a collaborator with this nation as everybody else is, I’m just contesting it."

Bryan G #fundie examiner.com

[an ID proponent's response when shown the Butler College "Clergy Letter Project", a document signed by 12,000+ Christian clergy and which states that Christianity can coexist with science in general, and evolution in particular.]

You've got to be kidding me with that excerpt from Butler Clergy. If that is for real, which I'll assume it is, then those "clergy" are just a bunch of liberals that have tried to pick and choose the parts of the Bible they want to believe, if any. To try to say that Christians hold that viewpoint is ridiculous.
July 13, 10:02 PM

Michael Salla #conspiracy examiner.com

The prospects of removing the oil polluting the Gulf of Mexico are not good, and it may be years before the toxic oil and dispersants used on it will be removed using current technologies available to the oil industry. Now some have begun to ask whether the solution lies in advanced technology being released that is extraterrestrial in origin, and has been kept secret in classified military projects. Some go a step further and are calling for alien intervention to stop the leak. A petition calling for extraterrestrials to show up and assist humanity on a range of global problems passed 10,000 signatures around the same time as the Gulf oil leak appeared. Signatories believe that a request by the general public for assistance will be heard and answered by extraterrestrials monitoring Earth, who are waiting for public requests to intervene to assist in global problems such as the Gulf oil leak.

John Rackliffe #fundie examiner.com

[Regarding Charleston’s first ever gay pride parade, in which Mayor Keith Summey has agreed to appear as Grand Marshall]

I moved to the south because I loved the independent spirit and Christian values here. However, like most places, the hedonism of the northern communities is finding its way into the Bible belt. Like Sodom and Gomorrah, our Holy City is fast becoming a cesspool of gambling, drugs and now deviant sexual behavior sponsored by its political leadership. Business as usual in Washington DC has now taken root in our fair city. Shame on you Mayor Summey, for becoming just another pandering politician, I thought you were different.

TheGospelWitness #fundie examiner.com

Regarding a teacher in the UK who is facing disciplinary action for after repeatedly proselytising to a student, even after being asked to stop by the girl's parents

I'm just appalled when I hear stories such as this. I have yet to hear in the news that a muslim or an atheist or an amoral person who shares his philosophies in a western country received some sort of treatment like this. Anybody can just highlight words but the sad fact still holds: In today's democracy,free speech is free speech only and only if Christianity isn't in the speech. This is pathetic. Many biblical Christians have been subjected to as much verbal harassment in the school or at the neighborhood but we take in stride because we purposely adhere to the individual soul liberty. As much as you honor and tolerant of words from atheists, amoral and immoral people, there should be also a tolerant of Christianity. Do remember this. Democracy is an application NOT by Islam, nor by atheism, nor by liberalism, nor by amoral practices, but by Bible-practicing believers of Jesus Christ. That's the truth and that's the fact!

December 24, 3:12 AM

John Rackliffe #fundie examiner.com

Much discussion has flooded the internet over whether or not the United States is a Christian Nation. Most, who do not believe it is, argue that the neither the Constitution nor the founding documents specifically declare, “We the people are forming a Christian Nation.” Obviously, our founders were not so straight-forward and likely left out such a statement because it was unnecessary. For Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin to declare “America is hereby a Christian Nation,” would be like saying, “shoes, from this day forward, are to be worn on the feet.”

Bill Belew #fundie examiner.com

An article titled "The ABCs of Evolution"

Being the studious type that many evolutionists are, I reckon it is time for the evolutionist camp to go back to school to learn some basics, the ABCs.

Let me see if I can help out.

A - absurd, amusing, asinine. That theory of evolution that is trying to be passed off is pretty amusing if you think about it, absurd at best and down right asinine if you think about it too hard.

B - bull hockey, baloney, B.S. Baloney, I say. You expect me to believe that bull hockey. Evolution theory is nothing but B.S. from the getgo.

C - Cinderella, cute - Evolution reminds us of Cinderella - pumpkin seed (don't know where it's from) becomes pumpkin (don't know how that happened) then the pumpkin became a carriage (sans the fairy godmother, of course.)

The list continues D-Z

Jake Jones #fundie examiner.com

Many of us remember the fairly recent photos of some of our troops in the Middle East serving our country who were photographed praying together in groups, and other photos of the brave troops saluting the American Flag. However, there are those in our country who view the words "Under God" in our Pledge of Allegiance to be something to be hated because God is in conflict with their perception of right and wrong. They wrongly assume that those words violate the so-called establishment clause, when in reality, the "establishment clause" does not exist as portrayed by these God haters.

Jake Jones #fundie examiner.com

[Regarding the tragic mass shooting at Ft. Hood]

Just prior to the attack, Hasan shouted "Allahu Akbar" (God is great) before opening fire on defenseless soldiers. And, we are told not to jump to conclusions or rush to judgment over the rampage committed at Ft. Hood. After all, the greater tragedy would be the crumbling of America's idol of tolerance. That said, the question needs to be asked "should Muslims be allowed in the military of the United States"? There seems to be the possibility of "conflict of interest" on the part of Muslim's.

This cowardly assault by a radical Muslim is only the effect, the cause is political correctness! America needs a reality check when it comes to political correctness. Whether it is in Congress, a state, our communities or eve in our own homes, Islam is not necessarily the peaceful religion that 'they' portray it.

There are those who say (including George W. Bush) that Islam and Christianity worship the same God. We do not, and by doing so and saying so, we have taken a step backward from the REAL GOD! Are we willing to sell our birthright as Americans so we can be just as sophisticated and enlightened as the Socialistic and soon to be 'Muslim' European nations. Are we willing to tell our children "this is what you get because we needed to be more politically correct when it came to other religions"?

Radical Islam has no scruples, no guilt, and no remorse for their actions. Mostly because they (Radical Islam) falsely justify and interpret the writings of the violence of Mohamed, who wrote a book called the Koran centuries after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

It's time to get off the pot and stop taking a back seat in order to be politically correct. We need to call things what they are in America. If they are terror, lets call them terror. Let destroy the "idol of tolerance".

IN #fundie examiner.com

The real criminals are those that love to expose there bodies in the internet, magazines and tv. Women walking around half naked every where you go. The brain is like a computer and it absorbs everything. Then you have children that were abused as children and molested by family members. Eventually you get a bunch of sex offenders everywhere. Whos really at fault?

Michael Salla, Ph.D. #conspiracy examiner.com

President Obama has a number of advisors and Cabinet officials who are familiar with the existence of extraterrestrial life, and the six decades long cover up of the reality behind UFOs. These include his Director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair; his National Security Advisor, James Jones; his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton; his Director of Central Intelligence, Leon Panetta; and his NASA administrator, Charles Bolden. These officials have at various stages received briefings, either formally or informally, concerning extraterrestrial life. Behind the scenes of the Obama administration, there has been an ongoing attempt to lay the foundations for disclosure of extraterrestrial life, possibly as soon as the end of this year.

On February 12, 2008, it was first announced that the United Nations had began a series of meetings where UFOs and extraterrestrial life were secretly discussed. 2009 was agreed to be a year of openness on UFOs, but UN diplomats were pressured to keep this new policy a secret. The new “openness policy” on UFOs has been evident ever since with the widespread global media coverage of UFOs; and nations such as France, Britain, Mexico, Brazil and Denmark releasing previously classified UFO files. The ground work has been laid for going to the next step beyond UFO openness; that is, formal disclosure of extraterrestrial life. Such an announcement, if it emerges, would focus on the advanced technology of extraterrestrial visitors, and the peaceful relations needing to be established. As the newly crowned Nobel Peace Prize winner, President Obama will have the necessary prestige and opportunity in Oslo to announce to the world the truth about extraterrestrial life. Doing so would open up the ultimate peace frontier - peaceful relations with galactic visitors.

Bill Belew #fundie examiner.com

Evidence of Jesus' resurrection from the dead was witnessed yesterday. Granted it happened in a church. Yet from a simple historical cause - effect relationship there is only one way to explain what was witnessed.

The effect - A new mother and wife of one of the members decided she wanted to become a Christian, to confess in front of the bunch (about 50 folk) that Jesus was her Lord and Savior.

Having done that, the walls were slid left and right and the preacher, her husband and she walked into a pool of water about waste deep.

She then was baptized, laid prone under the water (immersed) and caused to stand up again.

The picture is clear. She stood (alive as a sinner), laid prone (was buried in the water) and stood up again (born again, raised from the dead).

The cause - The event is testimony to a historical happening some 2000 years ago - the physical resurrection of Jesus. What other historical explanation do we have for the 2000 year old presence of baptism by immersion in the church?

Indeed, evidence of Jesus's resurrection was witnessed today.

Bill Belew #fundie examiner.com

[Regarding an archaological find of ancient coins bearing the name and likeness of Joseph]

Conclusive evidence that Joseph was a real character? The he could interpret dreams? Indeed.

I wonder how Joseph could do that?

Right, the power of God, the same God who takes credit for creating the universe in the same book that we read about Joseph. Seem Genesis 37-50.

When science doesn't agree with the Bible, the Bible doesn't have a problem, the scientist does.

PHILIP #fundie examiner.com

The real problem is that everyone wants to believe in evolution because is discredits God our creator. Its feels much better to put the blinders on, for now anyway, and think that we are not to answer to a creator. Then we can live just as we want because we are just animals and the God of the universe is a fairy tale, right? By the way, universe means a single (uni)- spoken sentence(verse). "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth". Choosing to reject God and accept evolution takes more "faith" than believing in the Bible and understanding creation as it is given to us. Sin is the problem, men like darkness and the Bible is a Spot light. One day God will let people have their way in rejecting Him and there is a place for those sadly. Heaven will not be filled with people who don't want anything to do with God. Repent and accept Jesus Christ as your only means of salvation. Read your Bible, seek God and he will reveal Himself!

Bill Belew #fundie examiner.com

Evolution is religion. It has never been seen, only pieced together by best guesses everywhere.

Production, creation - always done by some form of intelligence, happens in laboratories everywhere.

Creationism is thinking scientifically.

But dang it if we are going to give up on the evolutionary idea because we really really want to believe it -

Doug Billings #fundie examiner.com

[Regarding the lawsuit brought by the FFRF to prevent religious engravings at the US Capitol Visitor's Center.]

Congratulations FFRF, you’re correct about one thing – but wrong about another. First of all you’re correct that the engravings will exclude you. This is the intent. We want you excluded. Keeping idiocy out of the mainstream is a healthy goal.

Jake Jones #fundie examiner.com

For those who say we are not a Christian nation, you are in the minority. America was founded as a Christian nation and the Founding Father's made that as plain as the nose on our faces. All we have to do is look at the information with reason and without malice to Christianity or those who promote Christianity, and of course, they will need to receive the information without hatred of those who believe in God, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost (Spirit). Once non-believers can get by that, then perhaps they will have the ability to see the information and digest it in a meaningful manner.

Alfred Lambremont Webre #conspiracy examiner.com

The planned October 9, 2009 bombing of the moon by a NASA orbiter that will bomb the moon with a 2-ton kinetic weapon to create a 5 mile wide deep crater as an alleged water-seeking and lunar colonization experiment, is contrary to space law prohibiting environmental modification of celestial bodies. The NASA moon bombing, a component of the LCROSS mission, may also trigger conflict with known extraterrestrial civilizations on the moon as reported on the moon in witnessed statements by U.S. astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, and in witnessed statements to NSA (National Security Agency) photos and documents regarding an extraterrestrial base on the dark side of the moon.

If the true intent of the LCROSS mission moon bombing is a hostile act by NASA against known extraterrestrial civilizations and settlements on the moon, then NASA and by extension the U.S. government are guilty of aggressive war which is the most serious of war crimes under the U.N. Charter and the Geneva Conventions, to which the U.S. is subject. The U.N. Outer Space Treaty, which the U.S. has ratified, requires that “ The moon and other celestial bodies shall be used by all States Parties to the Treaty exclusively for peaceful purposes. The establishment of military bases, installations and fortifications, the testing of any type of weapons and the conduct of military manoeuvres on celestial bodies shall be forbidden.” 98 nations have ratified and 125 nations have signed the U.N. Outer Space Treaty.

Christian-Minister #fundie examiner.com

Atheists getting married is WORSE than gays marrying, since atheists can have babies and raise them to be more atheists. But gays can't make babies (at least not naturally) and thus their genes will mostly die out and we should eventually have less gays. Thus, I agree that we Christians should make our Christian U.S. government BAN atheists from getting married.

Jake Jones, the "Evangelical Examiner" #fundie examiner.com

First, the left side of the political world would have us believe that because 30% of Americans approve of gay marriage, that we absolutely need it. Then there those few churches and denominations that approve of gay marriage. But what about the majority of Americans and American Christians who disapprove of gay marriage. The last time I checked, this was still (at least for a few more months) a Democratic Republic. And that would mean that anyone who has a basic High School education that the majority rules. We should be following what God tells us and deny gay marriage nationally.

The government and the scientific community have been sleeping together for decades. Why else would Congress do the silly things they do and say the stupid things they say? Because they receive their information from so-called credible sources when in fact they are questionable sources. When the scientific community says that gay people were born that way, there are those in Congress who grab that statement and attempt to force gay marriage laws on the entire American population, even though there are many scientists who disagree with that analysis. The audacity of government and science!

Jake Jones, the "Evangelical Examiner" #fundie examiner.com

Where anyone ever got the idea that the term or phrase "Separation of Church and State" comes from the U.S. Constitution boggles my mind. Oh, wait,..... it's the ACLU and other Liberal organizations, that's it….I almost forgot! There are people who truly believe that this phrase actually appears in the U.S. Constitution. But, is it really in the Constitution? No it is not! The correct phrase that they refer to is "building a wall of separation between Church & State".

Jake Jones, the Evangelical Examiner #fundie examiner.com

Atheists and their organizations interpret the First Amendment ‘their way’! Based on the verbiage in the First Amendment, they interpret it to mean that the use of the Bible, God, or Jesus Christ in any government function is the ‘establishment of a religion’. How wrong they are! But it serves their godless needs.

Saying a prayer at a public meeting, in school or on the Court House Lawn does not "establish" a religion or promote one religion over the other, it is simply the exercise of "A" religion, free speech, and peaceable assembly; all covered and guaranteed by the First Amendment.

The First Amendment does not chide the government in advance from establishing a religion as many would have you believe, because they did not need to be scolded in advance. America was already founded by people who were of similar beliefs in just who the boss was/is, and they knew it was not them, they knew it was God! Our Forefathers were not stupid and they knew what they were doing. If they were fearful of the government starting their own religion, they would have worded the First Amendment in a completely different manner.

What the First Amendment says when interpreted correctly is that; lets say that I want to start a new religion called “Online Worship”, perhaps it’s not even a Christ based religion. The government is not allowed to prohibit me from doing so. This clause kept the government from favoring one religion over another, i.e., Presbyterian over Baptist, or a new religion over an old mainstream religion. Additionally, the government is also prohibited under the First Amendment from keeping me from the ‘free exercise’ of my new religion in the public square, or anywhere else. This would include prayer, the Bible, the use of the name Jesus Christ, God and the reading of any scripture.

Hope #fundie examiner.com

[Regarding Pagans who objected to an anti-occult article.]

I think your warnings are very much needed. These cults are not religion in any form but they are a perverse, backward and may very well be the largest part of our great nations downfall and what it should stand for. People listen to yourselves! You actually had to be looking for this article to find it. I literally googled "is the occult growing" to find this. You pagans are just voices for your leader satan. Don't you go trying to attack the man of God knowing that what he says is true and being fully aware that your father the devil is the liar. Jesus rebuke you! Mr. Jones pay no mind to these evil ones but keep up the good works of God by exposing the devil and his attacks on our children. May the angels of God bless and protect you.

debalazo #conspiracy examiner.com

To all the left-wing zionists and obumanation handlers: the zionist puppet and manchurian candidate is not even a citizen of this country. All the parasites surrounding him, his puppeteers, are zionist jews working for the glory and terrorist achievements of parasitic 'israel', and the beastly mafia of the Rothschilds. The beast and its subversives will be stopped cold, it's only a matter of time. The Republic will be restored, Christianity will breathe again, The People will restore its long lost freedom, and the Talmudic-Zionic abomination (ZOG) will be dumped into the deep ocean.

Joe Godlewski #fundie examiner.com

[Retired barber, tired of hearing about Kosher salt, decides to market Christian salt]

Godlewski said his salt, packaged in containers bearing bright red crosses, has at least as much flavor and beneficial minerals as kosher salt - and it's for a good cause.

"The fact is, it helps Christians and Christian charities," he said. "This is about keeping Christianity in front of the public so that it doesn't die. I want to keep Christianity on the table, in the household, however I can do it."

Jonathan #fundie examiner.com

Wow, a President that stands for freedom, liberty and is a Christian...and people don't like him? What a surprise.

Those that like this idea [impeaching Bush] are either ignorant or misinformed of any absolute truth found in the world and lack a good sense worldview.

We don't live in a vacuum...and there are absolutes...

Thank God for a man like Bush who has stood up to these pressures. God help us in the next 4 years, if America lasts that long.