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[DSA = Democratic Socialists of America]

final insults, final injuries... Trump administration wants to deport Vietnam war refugees

You are correct in that they are going through files trying to figure out how to revoke citizenship. And sending back those who were Montagnards or AmeriAsians (Vietnamese and GI hooked up and produced a child) is literally sending them back to starvation and/or death. There is no love loss among the Vietnamese now in control (NVA/VC) with those two groups.

Interestingly, my husband often gets “thank you for fighting for us” from Vietnamese who are living here. They see his Viet Nam campaign pin on his hat and are so appreciative of his service. That means more to him than other Americans who say “thank you for your service”.

Those Vietnamese were the ones who fought for the French against their own people. Then fought for the Japanese against their own people. They then fought for the US against their own people. By the way it was the US who betrayed the Vietnamese in WWII. When Japan surrendered, the Brits came in to take control AWAY from the Vietnamese who were now in charge. So the resistance forces who were fighting on our side in the war, were put in prison by the Brits and restored the French collaborators and traitors to power! You have very poor judgement of who are good people.


I am a long time leftist by the way and a member of DSA. I simply tell the truth about things. [...] These individuals are getting preferential treatment because they are right wingers.



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