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It behooves the world, now, to have a method analyze a fake and a fraud, in this in relation to hoax shootings, suicide bombs, or other staged ‘killings.’ A real crime scene is just as described, in is a scene of a traumatic event, here a person or persons are violently wounded or killed. Certain protocols are necessary to deal with such scenes, particularly if there is blood and tissue parts in association.

In take killings and bombings there is no need to follow any rules. There is no need for crime scene control: no requirement for forensics, HAZMAT, fingerprint detection, or detectives for reconstructing the crime elements.

Here is an actual crime scene, with HAZMAT cleaning blood stains on the wall, real blood following the pattern of arterial spray. It is a health hazard and must be purged from the surroundings. It’s hazardous, or dangerous, and that is why the call the workers “HAZ”-MAT. Notice the precautions being taken. Notice it well. These individuals are fully covered and even bear respirators (they are likely using strong chemicals, including bleaching agents, for this decontamination).

It’s hardly worth even analyzing the images, though. The scamming is obvious. The facility was up for renovations, which had, in fact, already begun. Thus, it is reported:

?Ahmed Elrefai, one of the mosque’s administrators, acknowledged that for some, it will take time until they are ready to pray again at the mosque.

But he said he and his fellow administrators are planning to do renovations and change the look of the space.

NOTE: Shame on them for associating prayer and devotion to God with scamming and defrauding the people. This is a gross violation of the teachings of the Islamic faith: completely corrupt.



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