Three Crosses #fundie

[I can’t help but think that committing fraud, getting convicted, and going to jail is quite a strange way to spread the gospel.

Besides, Kent Hovind’s conviction got a high profile in the press, and I fear has confirmed the opinion of many Atheists and Christians that evangelists are just crooks. Kent would need to witness to half the US jail population to make up for all the people he has driven away from Christianity by his fraud and conviction.]

Sir I’m so so so… sorry for the position you will be in when what you’ve said comes to bear. Why didn’t you say “I can’t help but think that preaching the Word ,getting convicted, and being hung on the cross to die while beaten and ridiculed is quite a strange way to spread the gospel.” I don’t mean to imply that Kent Hovind is the same as Jesus Christ but if you beleive that loving your brothers is a crime and that teaching the truth is a crime ….



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