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Bruh sometimes I just scroll through pornhub or any other popular pornographic site and just look at the sheer amount of videos. Videos made by big studios, amateur videos, videos recorded on cell phones, on $50,000 cameras, videos from Los Angeles, videos from bumfuck nowhere Romania, and everything in between. Just thumbnail upon thumbnail of a woman bent over, a woman with her legs behind her head, a woman with a giant dick in her mouth, a woman with a viscous white substance covering her face, bleeding her make-up. And I feel not a single gram of lust, attraction or desire. Just astounded repugnance. The sheer amount of videos/photos of women being fucked is gobsmacking. I scroll through the videos looking like Mr. Incredible during that computer scene.

Lads, I am in awe of the sheer number of pornographic videos on the internet. And this is not counting IG hoes, cam girls, titty streamers, etc. Just so much fucking content. So many girls getting fucked on camera. I used to think to myself "How many girls walking around have been in a porn video? What is the percentage?" And scrolling through the infinite list of thumbnails that go on for eternity I used to always think "The percentage must be higher than you would think..." Now seeing this massive outcry reacting to some random stemcel's personal project (that likely doesn't even work) I'm starting to think I was correct. I think the percentage is a lot higher than you would think.



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