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I think its weather only, but who knows? Reason for is that the Soviets also had multiple HAARP systems which some facilities are abandoned now. If HAARP would manipulate time, I doubt the Soviets would just leave them to abandon, even with no financial backing after the collapse. But, who knows? I think there are seperate projects for that, because supposedly the Soviets were building a time machine (that even back then information got leaked, which was a rarity), but I wouldn't be surprised if HAARP can manipulate physics and matter.

Just writing in general events of which I know about:

Confirmed HAARP use:
-Russia during 60th anniversary of Victory day (may 9th, 2005)

Unconfirmed HAARP uses:
-Russia on Hurricane Katrina
-US from Alaskan HAARP base to thwart off Phobus-Grunt (Dec, 2011)

But god, so many secret technologies during the cold war, its amazing. Many technological prjects were lost or abandoned after the end of the cold war



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