Stephen Green #fundie

So these are the only two examples you can find of Christian ‘extremism’. But the Westboro Baptist People are not bombing public transport or murdering infidels. Witchcraft is a big problem in Africa. And so is the corruption of young people by western sex tourists.

It is pandering to the evil of sodomy which results and will result in misery. Opposing it and delivering people from same-sex attraction is a good thing.

The only ‘hilarious’ thing about our post on Michael Gove forbidding teaching of Creation or Intelligent Design was how all the evolutionists promised ‘mountains of evidence’ for evolution and when pressed, didn’t have any at all.

Atheism is even more superstitious than the worst non-Christian religious belief. Despite the evidence, atheists retain a blind faith in the goodness of man. Atheists also put themselves above other human beings as a supposedly more ‘highly-evolved’ or more intelligent class of people, who alone have the right to boss the rest of us around.

As for you, yes, you are a sinner in need of repentance and a new life in Jesus Christ. But you clearly believe in the power of prayer. That’s a start.



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