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The European Union, NATO, the United Nations, the World Health Organisation, the World Wildlife Trust - I could go on and on with the numerous 'world' organisations that form the basis of 'globalism'. The fundamental problem with globalism is that it puts a wedge between Man and Nature. At first this may not be obvious, but those who promote globalism have no identity, but more, they have no link to the soil and to the earth. The folk-nation is rooted in the concept of Blood and Soil, of the mystical link between the Blood of the Folk and the Soil of the Folkland. The people behind globalism have no ties of nation, and thus no ties to the land occupied by a nation.

There is a hidden global elite who wish to break down all boundaries, all nations, all states, and recreate the world as a 'World State' which, rather obvious from what is happening today, will be a World State ruled by tyranny and violent oppression of all freedom. In order to do this, to create a slave-state, all barriers of boundaries, race and gender have to be broken down, cast aside, in favour of a race-less, root-less mass of slaves, ruled over by an 'elite' who have no ties whatever with the land, no ties between Blood and Soil.


The ancient heathen religions were not the cause of wars since each group, tribe, clan, nation had its own particular version of the Ancient Tradition or Ur-Religion. There was no need for conflict since these tribal religions were never forced upon others, never 'preached' to others. Religion does not cause wars, it is the three slave-religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam that have caused wars.


We hear the cry of the cuckoo in the spring; this bird does not make its nest, does not work and toil to create a home for its offspring. It is a kind of parasite that uses other bird's toil for its purpose. It is not alone in this world; those who have no link between a Folk and the Soil are inevitably parasites who live off the toil of others. Those without an identity cannot link with anything natural, cannot create that bond between the Blood and the Soil. The rat feeds off the waste products of man, it is a parasitical animal that lives in squalor and filth. Its name means 'to leave the falling house', because when it has done its dirty-work and destroyed its host, it moves on to another host! This is a secret of the Rad-Rune in its negative side.

The root-sounds AD-ED-ID-OD-UD which form the basis of the Edel-Rune all mean 'noble'. The Greco-Roman term for our people is the 'gentile', a word rooted in *gen- which means 'clan' or 'tribe'. The 'gentile' is the one who belongs to a group, a clan, a tribe, a nation. This is the same as 'kin', and the secrets are held within the Ken-Rune. It should be noted that 'kin' (blood-ties), 'king' (of the kin) and 'kind (Nature) are all linked as one within the wholeness, all parts of the heildom. The 'Gentiles' are the 'Nations', the ones who form the mystical link between their Blood and the Soil they dwell on and work. The Folk-Nation sets us apart from the Globalists, and infers a people and a land, not just a people with no land and no ties.


This struggle is not political, it is an Eternal Struggle against the Forces of Darkness and Matter, the forces that seek to halt the evolutionary drive of Man - Aryan Man. Against the Joten, the 'Eaters of the Souls', the forces that seek to drag everything back into the Primal Chaos. This is a War of the Gods and the Joten! A War of the Gods against the Demons, against the Monsters of Chaos, spawned by the 'Evil Brood' mentioned in The Hooded Man Prophecy. This war cannot be fought today on just a material level, it has to become a Spiritual War and a Spiritual Revolution. It is a war for Blood, and a war for Soil.



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