Ecgbert #conspiracy

There is no such thing as a Section 4(2) of the Contempt of Court Act 1981, and any judge who applies a bogus statute is effectively an enemy of throne and country. We are being controlled by a criminal underworld, there has been no constitutional parliament since 1972, after Queen Elizabeth the Second abdicated the throne when Her parliament of Great Britain placed the realm under the control of a foreign power called the "European Communities". All subsequent elections and parliaments and Acts of Parliament since 1972 have been constitutionally unlawful, this includes the "Contempt of Court Act 1981".

Since Scotland has now violated the Treaty of Union and reformed its own national parliament, the very notion of a "Statute of Great Britain" having any legitimacy in the country of England, is beyond laughable. Tommy Robinson, and all other such protectors of the English people in their country, who are placed in prison, are being unlawfully imprisoned under International law. The judge who has jailed him is technically an "international outlaw", he is neither protected by national municipal law nor international law.



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