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God is the Immaterial, Demiurge is Matter, That is the Duality furthermore The Spiritual and Material, it is indefinitely seperate and opposing not one in the Same.

Metaphors and allegories are rightfully metaphors and allegories but how do you expect salvation. Gnostic Salvation is the Escape from matter and the reunification with the true God, I believe this is literal for there is no point in claiming we are obtaining salvation and "Gnosis" if we are just constantly reincarnated and recycled into the parameters of material suffering again, never able to achieve our goals, why? Because the material, the contrary to us does not allow us to achieve our goal or Transcendence cunningly.

Don't be A Nihilist who believes in no meaning and that all is subjective and impossible to comprehend, that all is metaphors and allegories for something we can operate or institute into reality. The Universe and it's grand space, stars and functions is a Cosmic machine designed and created by the Demiurge, it has objective codes and elements to it constructing what it is and how it operates, Science, Paranormal and Supernatural. When man Advances making the unknown the known, the darkness light then we may begin to understand and uncover the Supernatural functions of this world in turn finding Gnosis, hidden or unseen knowing that is now to be known. When the puzzle pieces of Gnosis are put in the Objective order it will complete the puzzle revealing the bigger picture, meaning and ultimately Gnosis.



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