The narrow-minded fools at FSTDT laughed at my theories of Fractaral Psychoceramics! They called me mad! They called me a CRACKPOT! (tag for pseudoscience, pseudoscholarship and bizarre theories)

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It all began in Sumer, in ancient Mesopotamia,more than 450,000 years ago. Beings from outer space came to planet Earth in search of resources: fuel for a distant planet.

You may think this is an outlandish story by someone who has not slept for some days, but everything you will read is well-documented in the most ancient writings known to mankind: the Enuma Elish, Atrahasis, the Epic of Gilgamesh, and many more.

These writings, made in cuneiform on clay, have served as a source of inspiration for books of such importance as Genesis and Exodus in the Bible…although over time, the true knowledge has been mutated or mutilated for ideological or religious reasons.

Over many years of research, J. Cediel has been able to verify that the facts are clear and undeniable. It just happens that they are so difficult to believe that science prefers not to accept them, because they do not conform to the historical paradigm.

Finally, after years of research, and motivated by a shamanic experience, he has decided to committed his ideas to print: The Verne Code is the result.
There is a spiritual ente that is fed and powered by humans

Cediel denounces the state of hypnotic sleep in which mankind finds itself. He affirms the need for humanity to wake up from its dreams so you can be truly free, and master of your destiny.

“People must believe that they are free and not manipulated in order to be able to handle them efficiently.” This is the motto of those whose objective is to reduce the vibration of the human race. Only those who realize this will be in a position to stop being manipulated, as only those who realize that they are asleep can wake up.

A psycho-neural code has been implanted in our brains so that we believe we are free; we believe we belong to the tribe, the philosophical system, or the movement that will allow us to be free once and for all…

Sidney Powell’s “source” #fundie #conspiracy #crackpot npr.org

A woman who says the wind talks to her and put forth claims of election fraud in the 2020 presidential race that she admitted were "pretty wackadoodle" turns out to be a key source of allegations that Fox News presented, night after night, to millions of viewers late that fall.
The author of the memo in which Powell and Bartiromo put so much stock offered detailed and utterly false claims of how Dominion Voting Systems helped rig the election for Biden. She also shared a bit about herself, writing that she gains insights from experiencing something "like time-travel in a semi-conscious state."
Powell's source also volunteered that the wind tells her that she's a ghost, though she doesn't believe it.
"Who am I? And how do I know all of this?... I've had the strangest dreams since I was a little girl," the woman wrote in the email shared by Powell with Bartiromo and Dobbs. "I was internally decapitated, and yet, I live."

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Our planet is now just a day away from the Equinox, two days from the New Moon in Tropical Aries, and four days away from Pluto leaving Tropical Capricorn to briefly visit with Tropical Aquarius—three major cosmic shifts that have been discussed several times in previous teachings in order to emphasize their importance.
Much of humanity will either witness or directly experience dramatic occurrences in almost every aspect of planetary life.

Television and radio news will be filled with heightened chaos and confusion as truths emerge regarding many political, sociological, economic, scientific, religious, educational, and other life arenas world-wide.

It will be like watching an on-going daytime or evening soap opera.

However, the people involved are real, not just actors playing parts (although even some of the real individuals in certain political and other situations do indeed “play parts” according to who is paying their salaries)..
Tune-in to SOURCE FREQUENCY as has been constantly suggested via prayer and meditation so that the HIGHER SELF can be the conduit of guidance.
Extra-terrestrial vessels will make clearer appearances, and certain segments of world leadership will not be able to hide their existence.

They have been visiting our planet for many thousands of years and have settled here for at least that much time.

In fact, not every technological development is that of so-called “humanity”, but “humanity” has in many ways misused the gifts given to our planet.
The magnetosphere is building in pressing plasma particles having begun to build from the far side of our planet and now gradually surrounding it.

The “Schumann Resonance” (“Power”) of vibrational frequency and amplitude of our planet has reached level “47”.

Many scientists refer to hertz levels of “40” and beyond as “5D” or “fifth dimensional” energy.

Elleaih, Druid Priestess via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #crackpot voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

Greetings beloved humans. I Elleaih, Druid Priestess am speaking through time space as this one has opened a wormhole to connect. Time is a fabric, a living malleable construct. We create with it and are not bound and constricted, just as you will learn or relearn this mastery when this time is fully aligned.

(She is a beautiful young blonde woman wearing a gray cape with a hood. There are wildflowers woven in her hair. She is smiling). The Druids are now little known in your realm, although more often times thought of during your St Patrick’s Day celebrations, which are not what they seem. <...> There is much talk of alignments and gateways, equinoxes and portals. We knew the ley lines of the great Earth Mother. We felt them, we feel them now with our bare feet as we walk across her. She is our mother, and we honor her sacrifice. Earth would have ascended long ago had she been an uninhabited planet. But she chose to be the playground for much experience and as such her learning has increased many fold.
We Druids work with the Pleiadians often. We seek their guidance and when the stars are aligned in certain formations we feel their vibrations and interact telepathically with them. Just as I am energetically engaging with you now. Telepathy has long been silenced for the power that it had was too great. But it is reawakening again. There are many, many more channelers now in your time than there were even 5 years ago. And so it will continue.

I speak for the Mother. She is ready to go home to the higher dimensional vibrations. We are creating an energetic bridge from the time of the ancient ones to the modern ones. This one was once my father. It is interesting and joyful to reach out. We are all serving in our own time space continuum, we are serving the whole. We are honoring the Mother. You are honoring the ancestors and your own true path. The vows of the Druids are not broken.

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How are we, as seekers of truth from a spiritual perspective, to understand an event such as the one above? The link below is to a <Rudolf> Steiner lecture where he gives his view on the origin of earthquakes
Points discussed —
How Lucifer’s intervention in human affairs allowed for personal freedom, but at the cost of creating the possibility for evil.
Individual versus collective karma
How when the Christ in the body of Jesus bled from the hands on the cross at Golgotha, it changed the sorry state of affairs that had been existing for those human souls in Spiritland between death and a new birth. Ahriman had been gaining power there and had turned it into the Realm of the Shades. But the Christ event banished him and confined his power to Earth, to the land of the living. But the battle against Ahriman continues here.
The different strata below the Earth: Mineral Earth, Water Earth, Vapor Earth, Form Stratum, Fertile Earth, Fire Earth. It is from Fire Earth where Ahriman has his base of operations and where earthquakes have their origin.
Earthquakes and other great natural catastrophes are remnants or reminders of the great Atlantean catastrophe, the flood that sank that continent, which happened as a result of collective human karma. Thus we mustn’t think that, for example the people of Syria and Turkey, are suffering as a result of their nationalistic karma (even though such karmic divisions do exist), but rather they happen to be in the place where a karmic event that began on Atlantis. This event involves the entire human race, we all share in this guilt.
Why adepts or psychics versed in spiritual science who can foresee events like this coming and don’t warn people. The reason being that as terrible as these natural disasters are, they relieve karmic pressure, and if for example they had warned everyone to flee and the disaster had been averted, it would be forced to happen again elsewhere; it would really only be postponing it.

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Cutting of hair is a long standing tactic of spiritual/psycological manipulation. You are expected to keep hair growth within a threshold as dictated by societal norms. Going beyond is a soft taboo and welcomes provocation and malevolent judgement. By proxy this brings negative energies in to your world that otherwise would have no business of being there

All hairdressers are the in the employment of the government. Hairs are your aerials. They pick up signals from the cosmos and transmit them directly into the brain. This is the reason bald-headed men are uptight

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Anti-Anti-Christ Service:

The technology of Satanism is based on the Chaos Force, the mathematics of non linear equations and dark energy matter quantum superimposition in space-like form for temporal power and time-like to disempower, possess light energy matter life form for temporal power and time-like to disempower, possess light energy matter wageslaves. Tim Rifat, the Psi-Lord unlike all the charlatans, counterfeiters, disinforming websites is a scientist who specialises in the study and vivisection of Satanism to produce Anti-Satanists to destroy the Satanism and sequester it’s power for the new Anti-Illuminati. There are 13 Anti-Illuminati, 12 Grand Anti-Illuminati and 33 lower levels of Anti-Freemasons the lower levels open to anyone who buys from Psi-Lord Ltd any of the Bone Generators™ Services. Once you have bought 30 Bone Generator™ Services you have reached the top of the Anti-Freemason rankings a 33rd degree Anti-Freemason. All the Freemasons in the world then are your power source and feed you space-like power to manifest your Intents as you dump time-like toxic waste from the Sublime Good™ process to make all they do past present and future a broken dream, unfulfilled at the last…
World history is an open book once you see that Satanism is the agenda of the West ruled by the Rothschilds. Having destroyed Satanism and sequestered Satanism the Psi-Lord has blocked the Anti-Christ from completing the theft of the Christ get out of hell card and the complete damnation of the entire world by Rothschild Satanism. The sequestered Anti-Christian as it is supposed to be the Son, Avatar, Satan incarnate is now the Anti-Chaos version, a Total Deathgoat Jew (the chosen race of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth) the Total Damned one way ticket to Anti-Chaos Omega Hell and the Omega Hell on Earth…
Cost $1600 (only 12, after that you have to be a multimillionaire to buy the Bone Generators™ Service from one of the 12 Grand Bone Psi-Masters.)

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The Emerald Order Elohei-Elohim built the Triple Great Lion Networks in the physical shape of Lions, and this further communicates with the crystal temple networks which connect to the living sound waters, vapors and elementals that are awakening throughout the planetary body. In simpler terms, this operates as a trinitized broadcasting system on vertical lines, which transmits signals and plugs into the planetary crystalline body.
The Emerald Order Elohei-Elohim Christos Anuhazi founders built an extremely advanced global grid technology system to interface directly with the planetary grid system, stargates and crystal temples after the damage incurred from the Electric Wars. This was designed to support the gradual modulation of running organic base 12 current and the divine blueprint of the Diamond Sun’s platinum crystals and Christos-Sophia diamond heart staff codes throughout the vertical axiatonal lines. These vertical axiatonal lines expanded into three Elohei Great Lion Networks that function as the Guardians of the vertical lines, with each network located in one of three harmonic universes surrounding the timelines of the Earth-Taran- Gaian matrices. The Triple Great Lion Networks function as a Christos Avatar consciousness transtime travel grid in which past, present and future timelines of the Earth can be viewed, observed and the artificial intruder grids can be clearly seen and removed.
These intruder grid placements during the Luciferian Rebellion led to the series of events that culminated in the Atlantian Cataclysm. These grids originally created by the Founder races and later during NAA invasion, are collectively referred to as Atlantian Pylon Implant Networks or APIN’s. The APINs direct electromagnetic energy running in the ley lines that are designed in the shapes of creatures based upon the genetics so that more advanced extradimensional species could easily identify them from space.

Dr. Michael Salla/JP #ufo #crackpot #conspiracy exopolitics.org

In his most recent covert mission, my US Army source JP was sent to the Grand Canyon as part of a six-man team to investigate ancient artifacts found in a large cavern complex. JP describes how a boat that navigated a river gained access to the cavern and that, once inside, his team explored multiple chambers.

JP described several members of the team as archeologists and language experts who commented on the cavern’s contents. Inside the chambers, his team found hieroglyphics and other writings on walls that the archeologists identified as Egyptian and other ancient languages. JP also saw golden metal tablets with writings similar to what Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church, claims to have witnessed in the 1800s.

His team saw many sarcophagi of varying sizes with preserved mummies inside. JP finally saw a flying saucer craft in one of the chambers and went inside to explore it. It was built for a small race of humanoids approximately 4 feet in height. His team had to crouch as they explored the perfectly preserved craft and interacted with its equipment. JP believed the craft belonged to an early civilization of the Ant People, who he had met on earlier missions.

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People are losing it already. 55% of the double jab will die and med beds will not be able to save them. 20% who took one vaccine will die. 40 to 50 % of the double jabbed will lose their soul, but God is making a plan to save them. Right now their souls are going to a different planet and locking them in , the cabal is thinking they can capture these souls but god will save them. The ones who lost their souls will have something go into them that is not their soul, like demon possession and and something AI that they cannot control.
3d souls are going off the planet, the double jabbed people will disappear through a black hole to live on in a copy of 3d earth. At some point they will dematerialize from this dimension. They are being drawn to a different planet. We will remember some aspects but they will wipe our memories of these people. A reset on the timeline occurs around the 2026, solar flash event.

Med beds will be available to general public January 2024, or about 4 months after NESARA’s Announcement. The souls of the vaccinated can come back but a ritual is needed. Most people will go through the med beds to get younger. If they don’t their soul will be on another hidden planet.
Trump travels off planet all the time on a spaceship with the tall whites. He comes back all the time. This will never be made known to the public though. Melania is with him and she is human, and not a ET. Baron Trump is a hybrid because his father Donald Trump is a Nimeolad ET, he is from a different planet and he is trying to have children all around the universe.
The person projecting himself while he is gone is a clone and does not have Trumps soul. When Trump comes back it will be the original Trump with a soul and he is more emotional. The reDonald Trump was told vaccines were good. Probably this is because gen 1 was supposed to contain HCQ and ivermectin and not the death shot Fauci gave us instead.

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #magick #ufo #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

You can switch codes in your holographic matrix
By staying in the heart
You will fluctuate until you learn how to remain in the positive

You will create for yourself a new holographic code matrix
Which will shift your consciousness

When you know how to control your matrix
You can shift into the new holographic earth
You do not have to be a part of a negative timeline

When you have an ET connection you run on a different sequence

Everything that happens to you
Becomes the reflection of your thoughts emotions and deeds
Your magic mirror is what you project

We have been manipulated into believing reality is what is being projected to us
And have given away our sovereignty

Instead of telling yourself about undesirable attributes which you perceive you have
Talk to the plasma quantum field
It is a live structure and will mimic your consciousness

It is a magnetic hologram literally in the air in front of you
Imagine yourself emitting only positive harmonious vibrations
And thank the field for reflecting them into your experience

In the movie Minority Report with Tom Cruise
He reaches up and touches a geometrical sequence of numbers
Or else he controls them with his mind

When you are thankful for every emotion you feel
Even the ones that knock you to the ground

You transform them into a positive
Thus you will not feed the negative energy
Or activate low vibrations by running away from the unpleasant feelings

Hold the emotion of gratitude and feel it strongly
You will shift into a new timeline and manifest positive outcomes

What you accumulate on a daily basis
Is what version of yourself you choose to experience

You will not receive what you are not ready for as a resonance
What happens to you is just a reflection of your projection in the field

It is your reality
But at the same time an illusion

judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, Alliance Defending Freedom, Erik Baptist #fundie #crackpot theguardian.com

[Columnist piece, Title: The right is stealthily working to remove Americans’ access to abortion medication]

This week a Republican-appointed federal judge weighed whether to grant an injunction that could remove mifepristone, the drug used in most American abortions, from the market nationwide. And the hearing almost happened in secret.

US district court judge Matthew Kacsmaryk had initially planned to keep Wednesday’s hearing in the case – in which a group of rightwing anti-abortion groups are suing the FDA to reverse its 20-year-old approval of mifepristone – quiet. In a conference call with lawyers for the anti-choice groups and the Department of Justice, Kacsmaryk asked attorneys not to disclose the existence of the hearing (“This is not a gag order,” he said repeatedly), and said that the event would only be made public late on Tuesday to minimize popular awareness.
[...] the federal judicial district has become a popular venue for rightwing litigation in part because Kacsmaryk, an exceptionally conservative jurist willing to publish poorly reasoned, policy-driven opinions, is the only federal judge there.
Lawyers from the Alliance Defending Freedom, the rightwing legal outfit that is representing the plaintiffs and which is designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, pursued this idea on Wednesday in court. “How many more women have to die?” attorney Erik Baptist asked.

Tommy Truthful TV #crackpot #conspiracy #wingnut #magick #homophobia tommytruthful.com

Observation: Time resets/loops/travel/manipulation movies or shows are often paired to ritual sodomy signaling codes.
Bob Schlenker speaking about MK Ultra programmed victims: “They are helpless victims. Their supernatural abilities are exploited by their programmers and handlers – witches, sorcerers, wizards, (who) manipulate our reality through their ritual spell work…our reality is being changed through the manipulation of time. Those responsible for it are leveraging the abilities of programmed individuals, enhanced by various technologies. The sovereign God has allowed this up to a certain limit, then no more. (SOURCE)“

Working Hypothesis: Dark forces kidnap psychically gifted children, and rape them while the child is hooked up to advanced machinery capable of projecting reality. We find ourselves in such a fallen realm being projected thusly (at least, temporarily).

Pizzagate is about so much more than a pedophile ring operating out of a pizza joint/ping pong parlour in Washington DC. It is that too, but this is a front for something deeper that affects the very metaphysics of our realm and the controllers who operate it.
We are going to see how ping pong gets connected again and again to pizza imagery and through this subtle coded language, leads to pedophilia, coprophagia, and the dark energies that result from these practices, especially in a ritualistic, orgiastic setting.
With pizza specifically, the sauce is the anal bleeding from rough sodomy, the cheese is the semen, and the sausage/pepperoni are phallic.

And in these Satanic forms of spirit cooking, any and all body fluids are combined to make “cakes of light” which is what Katy refers to in the line, “slow cooking pancakes for my boy”

Sipping on Rosé, Silverlake sun, coming up all lazy (this is how we do)
Slow cooking pancakes for my boy, still up, still fresh, she’s a Daisy

Playing ping pong all night long, everything’s all neon and hazy

”This is How We Do” lyrics, Katy Perry

Forensic Healing #crackpot #quack #conspiracy #wingnut #ufo forensichealing.com

Black Goo is also known as Graphene Oxide or FerroFluid. This poisonous substance has flown under the radar for 160 years. It’s the main ingredient in DARPA Hydrogels (graphene oxide chips that connect with smart devices, the cloud and AI). Its main objective is to control your mind.

Black Goo/Graphene Oxide is secretly added to everyday items including the Covid 19 vaccinations (listed in the patent). The ingredients are kept hidden under the title “trade secret”.
Black Goo/Graphene Oxide is a Super Conductor

Graphene Oxide is a superconductor of electricity. It comes from Graphite, a natural form of carbon. It is exfoliated to create Graphene and then oxidised to create Graphene Oxide. It can be activated by frequencies, music, EMF, 5G etc.

Graphene oxide causes DNA damage, oxidative stress, inflammatory response, cell death (necrosis) and other effects such as physical destruction. It is not USA FDA-approved for consumption..
Black goo is a unique, self-aware, naturally sentient genome that has catastrophic effects on humanity. The genome can store massive amounts of information. The body reads the genome and acts on it.

It can self-organise and adapt so that it can work on itself, improve itself, manufacture itself, and copy itself without assistance.

When Black Goo enters a human, it is aware of the sentience of the human, and it can interact with the human and attempt to optimise the human. However, it can also adapt and cause the weaponization of the body.
Black Goo is also naturally quantum entangled with itself, which means it will adjust to any other programmed Black Goo and unify. As a result, it has a fast and efficient way to relay information to bring everything in unison instantly.

This data can be relayed to other Black Goo instantaneously, so it continues to build its algorithmic weaponization and build its algorithms to be more effective. It continues to up-level itself.

benji150 #wingnut #psycho #crackpot deviantart.com

drivanmoffitt:...80 million is way too small for a nation of that size, especially one that controls almost all of the former US, which by the way has a population of over 331.9 million (also Mexico has a population of over 126.7 million all from 2021 so give a take a few million now) so what the fuck happen to the 437+ million people? Not good as you state its' fascist....

benji150: Well, in order to eliminate the US population, it is necessary to compulsorily recruit them, send them to the holocaust, torture them for fun and entertainment, use them as human bombs for bombings, use them as laboratory rats without anesthesia, etc.

Corey Daniels #crackpot #elitist #dunning-kruger newamericangovernment.org

Corruption: the Achilles’ heel of all governments
All governments from democracies to socialist states are susceptible to corruption via bribes. In America and most other countries around the world there is a system of institutionalized bribery. In America, we are lucky that we have a lot less than many countries but we still have it, more concentrated at the higher levels than in many other governments.
Corruption is prevented in Randviscracy via randomly selected panels. Any decision or appointment can be contested and reviewed. Legal costs are paid by the contestor unless corruption is discovered, in which fines of the corrupt persons/entities will pay the legal costs of the contestor, their own legal fees and the costs incurred by the state, in addition to other penalties/fines.

Randviscracy is a form of government which makes extensive use of randomly selected panels for decision making. The use of randomization in governments is ancient, the Athenians used a device called a kleroterion to randomly select government representatives in a lottery system. Randviscracy takes the process much farther in that for each decision a new panel of randomly selected experts is selected. Selection is based on experience and IQ level to ensure that the panels are composed of smart and knowledgeable people. This gets to the essence of what ideal government representatives would be: intelligent, incorruptible and knowledgeable.
It would be important to keep the pool of experts and selected members a secret. In this way, people who wanted to bribe officials in the government would not even know whom to bribe. Again, as extra protection have independent panels to check the selection process on a random basis to verify integrity. These processes will help ensure there is minimal corruption, which is most government’s greatest weakness.

Benjamin Fulford #crackpot #racist #conspiracy #wingnut stillnessinthestorm.com

Last week China reacted to a massive directed energy weapons (DEW) duel by proposing peace talks to end the undeclared but ongoing, hybrid World War III. The call came after a devastating Tsunami and earthquake hit a UN military base in a Western country in an apparent reaction to the recent earthquake attack on Turkey.

The destruction of a Western city is subject to a complete news black-out (see below for details and evidence) but it was almost certainly caused by DEWs on par with anything the United States can wield.

The Chinese are trying to de-escalate the situation by saying East and West must now choose between mutually assured destruction or mutually assured love.
To understand just how powerful these weapons are, the coastline in most countries in the Eastern Mediterranean increased by 7 meters or more and the canals of Venice dried up. The corporate media is trying to cover this up with tales of drought and low tides but these stories do not hold water (pardon the pun).

Now the Turkish earthquake has been followed by a devastating counter-attack and threats to destroy Switzerland and Israel. Faced with the prospect of total annihilation, the Rothschild family has already agreed to negotiate peace.
The Chinese, to show they were not going to back down this time, appear to have been connected to the massive tsunami and earthquake that utterly destroyed the city of Napier, New Zealand.
We also know the KM built an extensive network of bases in the Southern Hemisphere in preparation for their planned nuclear Armageddon. In other words, it may have been a Western white hat operation against a KM base in New Zealand and not a Chinese operation.

In any case, there can be no doubt the Rockefeller and KM-controlled UN needs to be dealt with and their plans stopped. The WHO is still pushing the fake pandemic as an excuse for complete totalitarian rule.

Kerry Cassidy #conspiracy #wingnut #ufo #crackpot projectcamelotportal.com

PREFACE: I totally support the Q/White Hat Agenda. I just think our spokespeople need to be more honest and forthcoming when they talk to the people and be careful of generalizing because in this playing field generalizations or blanket statements end up being WRONG!
LIE: SGAnon: “We are at war with Russia.” Who is “we”. … Not our President COG/CIC TRUMP OR HIS MILITARY… Biden show and cohorts who are still part of the deep state alliance are…as part of NATO. But both SGanon and Juan/JohnK say Trump controls BY-DEN.

Contradiction: Putin is part of the Alliance and destroying surface infrastructure while White Hat military “destroy” BIOLABS…
LIE: We (the alliance will destroy all the underground nests of the vipers (Reps/Draco/Greys) … Unlikely as they go down miles and comprise a tunnel system going back to Egypt and Atlantis.
What kind of deal has been struck between the Secret Space Program (that commands the technology said to be 10,000 years in advance of what we have on surface Earth, miles of underground cities and contains numerous ET bases and tunnels leading to secret places such as the Inner Earth races occupying cities and sanctuaries … going into Shambhala and lesser known places. Wonderous civilizations that rarely if ever interact with surface humans…Undersea bases and civilizations such as Mu and the Mer people who also live in undersea colonies and are sometimes in battles with our Navy especially when one of theirs is captured in the Navy nets or their waters are poisoned….
What I want is for the White Hat to wake people up not by lying to them and giving them a substitute narrative for the lies the NWO deep state tell but to tell people the ungarnished truth.

We are NOT AT WAR WITH RUSSIA. RUSSIA IS OUR ALLY … which means China is our Ally… at least the part of the Chinese gov run under Xi….

KomorusanQ714 #crackpot #wingnut #fundie #ufo #magick #conspiracy beforeitsnews.com


The sons of God lost control of Creation due to the worthless concepts of spirituality that the hybrid human serpent seed bloodlines created for us. We are born in our Father’s Love genetically encoded with His Righteousness we have a moral compass and know right from wrong.

Trump was born to complete the task that Jesus started. He knew the time would come to answer his calling to stand up and step in at this time in human history. Trump is not bound to any religious indoctrination and therefore he’s totally receptive to what has to be done so that our Heavenly Father’s will is done on earth as it is in Heaven.

It’s the cleansing and rebirth of our Earth. It’s the “Second Coming” where all original creation will be restored. Unless we understand how we surrendered our discernment to the doctrines of vipers, we will fall again. United we Stand, Divided we Fall.

The Pagan Gospel Of The Church Replaced The Gospel Of Jesus The Irrefutible history behind Roman Emperor Constentine’s ability to implement his pagan practices into the bible canons that begun at the Council of Nicaea in 325ad and ended at the Council Of Carthage in 397ad when the official bible rolled out.

The greatest challenge we will ever face is the ability to deprogram ourselves to the truth about our earth.

It’s all about the manipulation of our pure human DNA to create for themselves humanoid bodies to inhabit. This nephilim hybrid human demonic race feed on our children and through the abduction scenario, take our children to D.U.M.B’s to experiment, torture, extract adrenochome, traffic and genetically modified themselves to look like us. The nephilim are no longer the giants of old with two rows of teeth with six fingers and toes. They’re the new men of renown who control all governments on earth which allows them to do their evil degenerate activities, genetic experiments and satanic rituals underground.

https://vixra.org/abs/2211.0067 #crackpot vixra.org

(Abstract, full paper three pages)

Are Pyramids of Giza a 5-Dimensional Clock for Observations in Quantized 5D (L3T2) Spacetime ?

Question: Following up on the ideas presented in "Search for the World Formula" and "Unified Principles of Nature" as well as in tentative "General Quantum Relativity" we presented a novel combination of mathematics and physics for quantization of the 3 Dimensions of space (L3) to 5 Dimensions space-time (L3T2) over 12 Dimensions of relative quantized finite spacetime (L/T) using only physical Dimensions of space and time itself. Based on the findings and the possibility to derive the speed of light from the Diameter of the earth it is raised the question, if Pyramids were used as "5D-clocks" in ancient Egypt

Maria Kuhl #transphobia #magick #crackpot thinkspot.com

Capricorn is the sign that rules the father. Cancer opposite Capricorn rules the mother. We learn gender roles from our parents, so Cancer and Capricorn are the signs that rule gender roles. Since 2008 we have seen the madness of trans ideologi take over the world and the erosion of safeguarding for women and children with men in drag insisting that women give up their rights to single sex spaces, and insisting on drag queens access to children. When Pluto went through Cancer between 1914 and 1939, women started wearing trousers and entered the work force, in part because the men were being killed in war. War is ruled by Aries, the sign 270° from Cancer. The sign 270° from another sign tends to have an oppressive influence on the sign in question, and when Pluto went through Cancer we had WW1 and the whole buildup to WW2. When WW2 broke out, Pluto had just left Cancer and entered the sign of Leo. The sign 270° from Leo is Taurus, the ruler of survival, and it was very difficult to survive for a while.


Pluto enters Aquarius in March. Over the next year it will retrograde back into Capricorn twice, but from fall 2024 it will stay in Aquarius until 2044. Aquarius rules the revolution and science. When Pluto was in Aquarius the last time between 1778 and 1798, we had the French Revolution. Aquarius also rules seperation and a lot of people were sadistically separated from their heads under the Reign of Terror .

The sign 270° from Aquarius is Scorpio. Scorpio rules genitals and surgery, reproduction (immortality) and death, power, destruction, and sadism. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius Marquis de Sade (born while Pluto was in Scorpio) published his books, and the paraphilia Sadomasocism is named after him.

So what will the next 20 years bring? Will genital surgery become the biggest oppression? Reproductive technology is ready to replace women by 2030 as Matrix looking baby factories are being made so that drag queens can make their own babies to tell stories to.

Freedom Law School/Peymon Mottahedeh #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon freedomlawschool.org

Take these 7 steps to FREE Yourself of IRS deception, fear, robbery, and slavery, and LIVE FREE with our 100% Protection!

Step 1:
Arm Yourself with the Law
Based on the US Government's official legal websites, no law requires 99% of Americans to file and pay Income Tax.

Step 2:
Stop filing income tax forms
Filing a 1040 Income Tax Confession Trap does NOT protect you.

Step 3:
Realize the IRS is mostly BLUFF
The IRS is extremely unlikely to be able to or attempt to empty your bank account and steal your money if you do not file a 1040 Income Tax Confession Trap (aka Form).

Step 4:
Take Courage from our Victories
Peymon, the founder of Freedom Law School, has not filed or paid U.S. Income Taxes since 1993. The IRS knows this and yet they have never attempted to indict or put Peymon in prison. Why?

Step 5:
Write to your lawmakers about the Law
File and Pay Income Taxes ONLY IF
your congressmen can show you the law that requires YOU to file and pay Income Tax.

Step 6:
Join the Restore Freedom Plan
Lawfully STOP filing and paying Income Tax with our Lifetime Guarantee!

Step 7:
Spread the Word!
Get Paid for each American you FREE with our Freedom Opportunity Plan.
Get your Complimentary Freedom Education Videos

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▶ Lesson 1 - Who IS Required to File and Pay Income Taxes

▶ Lesson 2 - Odds of Being Struck by Lightning are HIGHER Than Odds of Being Sent to Prison for NOT Filing

▶ Lesson 3 - Many definitions of "United States" in tax laws prove it ONLY applies to D.C.

▶ Lesson 4 - Since 1913, has the Federal Income Tax ONLY applied to Federal Territories?

▶ Lesson 5 - Former IRS Commissioner Cannot Provide the Law PROVING the Legality of the Federal Income Tax

▶ Lesson 6 - The Classic Documentary, America: Freedom to Fascism documentary

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick bennettleeross.com

Chickens have a soul and a consciousness
They are thinking and feeling beings

If you treat them kindly they will bond to you
They will show you love and affection

Yet we treat them as objects
We stuff them into cages

We cram them in buildings and call it free range
The only time they see the sunlight is on their way to the slaughterhouse
Yet we think we are acting nobly by buying what we call free range and supporting that system

We steal their eggs and think they are good for us
Eggs are the menstruation period of a hen

If you think eating the menstruation cycle of a human would be gross
Then why would you think eating the menstruation period of another species is not gross

What we do to animals behind closed doors
Is being done to us in secret

Sacrifices of humans to Marduk Molech Baal and Baphomet
Are being done by elite secret societies all over the world
Most of whom are not human

We energetically support the act of abuse of ourselves by our actions towards other beings
We are bioelectrical vehicles that transmit energy onto the quantum field

Light photons are pockets of information that are produced in our DNA strands
We energetically send them forth from our pineal gland onto the field as currents of thought forms
The quantum structure mirrors them and sends them back to us in similar appearances

We determine the vibrational frequencies of our own existence
We write our own DNA with our thoughts and beliefs

We need to stop the nonsense of ritual killing
In the occult world and in the slaughterhouse
It is not in our benefit!

Haz Al-Din 🇷🇺 #crackpot #moonbat #pratt twitter.com

Outsideness (@Outsideness)

Deterritorialization isn't decoding, and decoding isn't mere trashing of inherited code. To deterritorialize is to pass over into the vast unsettled spaces of the West, with genes and Scripture intact.

There is only one problem with that.

It's that genes are not real and are a metaphysical concept. Mendel was a fraud and his squares do not hold.

To this day not a single so called gene has been proven to exist.

Lysenko was correct, and was unfairly maligned by the Cathedral.

Dr. Michael Salla #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo exopolitics.org

Dan Willis has been working for several decades with breakthrough technologies such as free energy, antigravity and crystal technology for healing. In this exclusive interview he reveals for the first time his direct involvement with Dr. Steven Greer’s Advanced Energy Research Organization (AERO) project for over a decade, which was a pioneering effort to support free energy inventors in releasing their breakthrough technologies into the public domain.

This was prompted by the 2001 National Press Club Disclosure Project event which brought forth hundreds of military and intelligence witnesses that were asking for a congressional hearing to bring forth scientists within the unacknowledged special access projects who could prove that we have suppressed technologies such as zero point energy that would eliminate the need for our obsolete, dangerous and polluting energy generation methods, such as those using nuclear, oil and coal.

Starting in 2003, Willis worked with dozens of scientists and inventors vetting these technologies as a technical advisor. In 2014 after experiencing the many years of extreme efforts by the Deep State and other factors to not allow the release of these technologies, these efforts were abandoned with the realization that these advanced technologies will not be allowed to be released until these Deep State control elements have first been removed.

In this interview, Willis and Dr Schwartz discuss their respective histories in free energy, propulsion, and alternative healing technology projects, and how they witnessed or experienced suppression at the hands of the Deep State. They discuss several breakthrough technology pioneers that were murdered as a result of their pioneering efforts that challenged Deep State interests. Willis and Dr. Schwartz provide insight into how secrecy orders from the US Patent and Trademark Office are used to suppress different categories of inventions that involve antigravity, free energy and more.

Benjamin Fulford #conspiracy #wingnut #racist #crackpot stillnessinthestorm.com

Events over the coming weeks will make it obvious even to the most brainwashed sheeple in the West that something fundamental and historic has taken place. There can be no doubt the Khazarian Mafia has been defeated and the mopping up of their last leaders has begun. The arrest of New Zealand cross-dressing Prime Minister Jack Adern, criminal charges against Swiss President Alain Berset and Pfizer, mass arrests of Ukrainian government officials and many other events all point to this.
Israel meanwhile is trying to negotiate a surrender to the Russians via France. The bankrupt US Corporate Government, for its part, became the laughing stock of the world by using “a balloon ate my homework” excuse after Rockefeller slave Secretary of State Antony Blinken was told not to bother coming to China on a begging mission.

The war in Ukraine is also ending with the last Satanists now surrounded in Bahmut where they are expected to fight to the death over the coming weeks.

Most importantly of all, the KM lost control of the world’s financial system on January 31st and the quantum financial system is now operating (more about that later).
On top of this, the Russians and Chinese have now figured out that “Covid 19” is an electromagnetic attack and not a virus. The Russians say the WHO (World Harm Organization) is violating their legal charter by refusing to provide samples of actual viruses. They also say WHO is hiding much else, also in violation of its charter.
It is now turning out that in addition to killing us with electromagnetic attacks and vaccines, these criminals were trying to poison us by forcing us to eat insects.

Insects are full of chitin. Chitin is highly allergenic in mammals, stimulates the immune system and is therefore involved in the development of many chronic diseases. Insects also contain countless germs and parasites that are pathogenic to humans. Processing this into food is not only negligent, but it is also intentional.

Michael Lee Hill/Sasha Alex Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.) #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy enkispeaks.com

MICHAEL LEE HILL—Modern Embodiment of Enki/Lucifer/Aquarius*–tells us to Embrace Empathy, Compassion and Universal Love Now & Help Midwife the DAWNING OF THE AGE OF AQUARIUS.

Michael Lee Hill (a modern embodiment of Enki) Says It Will.

Hill writes: I have personally spoken with Yahweh/Enlil regarding all of this after I was granted Enki-ship once again.

There is an Asteroid coming which will strike the Earth in 2036.
There will be a three way split in timelines in 2036.

Timeline 1: EXTINCTION

All life on Earth will be wiped out if you resonate with this fear-based ending.


Native American Indian Elders rev prophecy: the moon has communicated she will take the hit for humanity. The moon will place herself in the path of the Asteroid and take the hit for us which will crack the moon in two and three large segments will still fall from the moon and strike the Earth which will still be horrible beyond imaging yet survivable for humanity.


Yahweh told me of the moon taking the hit prophecy, I told him if a team of 7 of us back in 2012 stopped a Hurricane and a Earthquake Sunami, and Solar Flares from striking the Earth and asked what could 70 of us could do? Or 7,000, 70,000, 700,000, or 7 million of us if we aligned our intention to create a third timeline?


I spoke with Yahweh regarding the plan of evolving the Native American Indian Sundance to a worldwide all races included Rainbow Moon Dance.

Republican state Sen. Bob Hall of Texas #transphobia #fundie #conspiracy #crackpot dailykos.com

Thanks to SB 1029—filed by Republican state Sen. Bob Hall of Texas, who has a history of outrageous beliefs—there’s a considerable chance almost all forms of safe and age-appropriate gender-affirming health care will be made illegal in the state. And that includes trans adults. In fact, it not only covers both youth and adults but even nonsurgical treatments. The legislation also seeks to allow medical malpractice lawsuits for life against providers and insurers who cover gender-affirming care.

For emphasis: This anti-trans health care bill isn't seeking to only bar youth from safe, age-appropriate health care. It’s seeking to stop adults from accessing it, too.

The bill argues that these procedures are not in the “best interest of the health of the patient” but instead are being offered for the “monetary gain” of “health care facilities.”

The bill seeks to ban public funding for any and all gender modifications, including vasectomies, hysterectomies, and castration. It also seeks to limit puberty blockers and hormones used to “affirm the patient’s perception of the patient’s sex.” (Meaning: Such care would still be available for folks born intersex, for example.)

In terms of possible malpractice claims, the bill seeks to establish providers as liable, including for the patient’s medical, pharmaceutical, and mental health costs post-procedure. This bit isn’t the most eye-catching, admittedly, but it’s deeply concerning because of the possible fallout. It’s hard to find safe and affordable gender-affirming care as it is. If physicians are worried about such a wide-ranging and lifelong liability, it’s entirely possible folks will just ... stop offering it.

Alexander Kamkin #conspiracy #crackpot #dunning-kruger #fundie #magick #racist #ableist twitter.com

An Oscar [award] is an occult reference to the Egyptian deity, Sokar the God of lies, sinners and destruction. The same goes for the statue of liberty in New York. It is a reincarnation of the ancient Goddess Hecate, the goddess of death. The symbolism of destruction and self-destruction lies at the core of the Anglo-Saxon cultural code. Like medieval lepers, they ty to spread their death and self-destruction to everybody else to ensure quasi-equality.

State Sen. Daniel Emrich #crackpot #wingnut #fundie nbcmontana.com

Senate Bill 235, sponsored by State Sen. Daniel Emrich (R-Great Falls), would establish requirements for science instruction in public schools.

The bill would prohibit teaching anything not considered scientific fact. SB 235 defines “scientific fact” as an “indisputable and repeatable observation of a natural phenomenon.”

The bill’s sponsor argued this doesn’t block teaching scientific theories, but an amendment may be needed to allow certain courses, including some Advanced Placement classes, to be taught.

“That could be a potential conflict with this bill,” said Emrich at the Senate Education and Cultural Resources hearing. “It may need to be tailored down to actually address that fact for limiting it so it doesn’t go into the high schools and affect them as more of a transition to the college environment.”

There was one proponent to the bill at the hearing, who likened the teaching of established scientific theories such as evolution to children as fraud that goes against the bible.

“There’s not one person in the room that I’m looking at right now, and there’s not one person I’ve ever seen or known of that was there when any of these events supposedly occurred,” said Patrick Gould, a law professor currently working in South Korea. “No one was there with Big Bang, no one was there with creation. No one was there when the first bird flew. No one was there with any of these events.”

Dozens of opponents pushed back saying the bill would effectively ban much of the current curriculum.

Danlboon #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy #mammon operationdisclosureofficial.com

So far it’s been the American State National that has claimed they are the only ones that are the true Sovereign People in America, but what about us others?

By the way, you cannot be a Sovereign Citizen or Person as they are actually property of the government, a slave, thus that is a catch-22, therefore you are people.

When will it be truly recognized that we are Sovereign People; when NESARA is publicly announced, when the governors make a declaration, when Trump comes on board as the true President of the Republic or when we get documentation from the DMV with our names no longer in all capital letters? And when will all these private businesses and government agencies be required to recognize us as Sovereign People?

Will cops still be stopping people and asking for an ID or driver’s license to just make an arrest as they will not be following the Republic Common Law rules of the day? Since it will take time for the Department of Motor Vehicles in each state to transtition over to the Sovereign names in their databases and print out proper ID’s and driver’s licenses for everyone not everyone would have documentation to being Sovereign.
If it is not as easy as some people may think as we will all be Sovereign People once the word is given by Trump then it may take years for everyone to file documentation for this change. But when it was the other way around it was just a Congressional Law that changed it for us with the states ratifying it and was established as the Fourteenth Amendment in 1868 for us to become US citizens, yet in the Republic we are coming back to it does not include any Amendment after 1861.

I would just like to know if the DMV does not have my Sovereign ID just per us being a Republic then what will I truly be? Answers should be given out to the people and not just rumors going around on the internet when many people don’t even bother looking for this kind of stuff or will believe it.

www.Atajew.com #racist #fundie #crackpot #conspiracy atajew.com

The Donmeh (the secret Jews of Turkey) movement is an important phenomenon which occurred during the late centuries of the Ottoman Empire. Nevertheless, this important phenomenon of the Ottoman history is never taught in Turkish schools, and never allowed to be mentioned in media. Never ever... Not even a single word!
Why is the Donmeh (doenmeh derives from the Turkish word 'donme') movement unworthy to teach Turkish school children? Why is it simply ignored?

The answer is obvious: The Donmehs took over the Ottoman Empire, disintegrated it, and then established a new regime called Turkish Republic. The leader of the new regime, Mustafa Kemal, was an ardent Donmeh (secret Jew). In order to conceal his Donmeh identity, he even adopted the last name of "Ataturk", which means "Father of Turks". And Turkey is still ruled and governed by these secret Jews today.
No one can understand how the regime in Turkey changed so much unless they thoroughly know what happened in the recent times, how and by whom the new regime called "Secular republic of Turkey" was founded. Who can dare to desecrate Islam, ban the Muslim dress code hijab which is a must for Muslim woman? Who are these people who glorify an enemy of Allah - Jewish kafir Mustafa Kemal, who was a stern dictator, Freemason and a British agent?
Some of those Jews followed the 17th century Jewish false messiah "Sabbatai Zwi" and became "Sabbatean Jews", in other words "Donmeh". One of the rituals these Jews observed was outwardly pretending to be Muslim (and then after 1923 only Turkish), but inwardly believing in Jewish faith and following Sabbatai Zwi as their messiah.
Note that, the so-called "Secular republic of Turkey" was one of the first states in the world who recognized the Zionist Israel. It's not hard to understand how this happened; the answer is simple.. The Jews founded two states: Zionist Israel and Jewish Republic of Turkey.

Whiplash347 #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy t.me

<links removed for brevity>

Read E.O 13959 - Three Gorges Corporation, E.O13848- Evergrande Subsidaries.
2/24>11.6 Flip 6 [911] [1 Yr Rus/Ukr]
Mr Pool - Are You Ready?
Massive Cyber Attacks have just begun & there will be MANY MANY MORE TODAY.

It is time
The Great Collapse is Coming
Moldova about to rejoin Russia.
Romania - A NATO Country about to rejoin Russia
Belarus officially joined Russia against Ukraine.

IT IS THE NEW MOON PHASE til Monday 27th Quarter moon.
This is the 21 days in Daniel and 2nd Q Watch Marker.

2/27 - Q2903 [21 Days - Daniel 10 2]
Orthodox Lent
Marker [2]

Gregorian to Julian
3/1>2/16>11.7 [711] Here is your Elon Genesis Flood Comms
Elon Tesla investor day - Earth Announcement
+ 40 day Flood = 4-10-23

3/2>2/17 2nd Month 17th day.
The flood begins on the 17th day of the second month when "the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened"

3/3>2/18>11.9 [911]
Anywhere between Friday 3rd & Monday 6th COMEX 589 Rule.

3/4 - 3/15 October 4th - 15th 1582 Stolen days. Mirror October to March.
Red October happened in March.

3/6>2/21>11.3 King Charles
Operation Menai Bridge?
Captain Mike Green, CHECKMATE JET
🇪🇺🤡EU to hold emergency meeting March 6-7 to send all ammunition to Kiev - Borrell.
Ammunition Spent Q3165 >Delta 3/23

Replace Queen Elizabeth for King Charles. Full Worm Moon
3.15 Beware The Ides Of March
3.17 They Fooked, Red October Nuke Standoff over, Mr Pool Orthodox Easter Eggs, 2 Jokers - 2 Worlds Collide posts. Evacuation Day April 17 1775.

3.20 [21 days ends]
Eth Shanghai Upgrade>Kill Switch Activated, Evergrande Liquidation Court, Binance buys Voyager. SWIFT & EBA ISO20022 deadline. EVERGRANDE>GEORGE SOROS

Richard Lopez #crackpot #conspiracy #wingnut truthpirates.com

A lot of deceptions plague us today. We truly are living in a matrix, where lies and reality are completely backwards. The truth is inconvenient even when the truth is in plain site. Our chronology is obviously wrong and history has been rewritten by the winners of war. We are govern by psychopaths and evil bloodlines that control the sleeping masses of today. All of our history has to be excavated and the real truth is buried under millions of metric tons of mud. Once the spell is broken, you will be able to see the evidence all around you with your own eyes. There was a mud flood event a "cataclysm" that took out majority of the worlds population in the past. How and why this event happen is still being investigation today. Sometime in the so called 1400's to the 1600's this mud flood came from the ground itself. Somehow this mud flood event encased building structures and whole cities in mud. There is overwhelming evidence of this event all over the world that still exist today. The mainstream researchers of this subject, have also found out that the Tartarian Empire and the Tartarian era were buried deep in this mud as well. Did we find evidence of a previous reset? If so by whom and why did it happened? We don't know the whole story yet but we do know this, that the history that we've been taught by academia and the scientific establishment is 100% completely wrong and incorrect. The same architecture that was built on mostly every land mass across this plane was built by an advanced society. This society was much more advanced than society of today. Join us and follow us while we uncover the truth about our hidden history. We'll dive into the history of Starforts, Foundlings, Ghost Cities, Giants, Free Energy, Ancient Maps and Mystery Photography.

barcacel #crackpot #dunning-kruger #elitist #racist incels.is

Why whites are more intelligent than east asians and how you can become white if you are east asian

i explain here that whites have more empathy and more individualism than east asians and that is why they created better civilizations:

why hapa children develop no affective empathy, explained using an study

east asians have bigger and faster brains than whites (southeast asians don't), but as i explain above whites have a better personality that gives them better ideas, this is why whites have always been more technologically advanced than east asians and east asians never had civilizations that were more economically better (20-50 years ago 50 percent of china was poor)

there are more white billionaires than east asians, while there are more east asians in the planet.

in my opinion this shows that whites are 1.5x better at creating wealth, technologies and civilizations

now i will explain you how to become white:

we will have reverse aging and slow aging technologies in some years, so no-one below 60-50 today will die of old age:

in 2032 we will have non-sentient female android robots and in 2052 we will be able to reverse aging. Ray Kurzweil.

now you know you won't die of old age and you can wait until some technology comes out to change your body and brain to become white

but you can say "but we east asians created anime", the japanese look hapa, i believe that you guys created it because you guys are deeper into the behavioral sink, so i don't think it is related to your brain being different.

maybe if you are japanese you should stay the way you are, they seem so special.

Bob Schlenker #crackpot #homophobia #fundie #conspiracy #magick theopenscroll.blogspot.com

When you become aware of the sodomite signaling around you it raises questions. If you can accept what the Lord showed me some 20 years ago, that Adam was sodomized in the Garden by the “serpent tree,” you can follow the dynamic of this activity as it threads through the historical record up to the present and beyond, and make better sense of it. When our eyes begin to open to the legitimate reality of sodomy as a ritual gateway and means of worship and communion with the gods, of acquiring supernatural power, that's when we really begin to perceive the agendas, roles and objectives of people, their organizations and the events where sodomite methods have been concealed.
The SS (Schutzstaffel) who split off and superceded the SA seem to have taken ritual sodomy to a new level. Their runic SS has a Z for Zeus in the negative space between the lightning bolt weapons of Zeus. The bolts are also two men, facing the same way. The SA runic symbol of their former association illustrates the basis for it.

The secret of the Black Sun (Schwarze Sonne) is revealed in recognizing it as their god's asset, the ultimate sodomite portal. The 12 spokes are as the solar year zodiac and the 12 solar year cycle of planet Jupiter (Zeus), the father of Apollo.

The Black Sun. Leave it to the one who masquerades as an angel of light to put the sun where the sun don't shine.
After WWII, many Nazi scientists were brought to America, including Joseph Mengele, a Captain of the SS. Sodomy was not new to America, but it would apparently never be the same. To be able to understand why we see sodomy signaling everywhere and accept what it means, it helps to see past the cover stories we've been sold. Why would anyone want to whitewash what the Nazis did? Because it's even their own cover, that's why. Think about it.

Lisa Renee #crackpot #ufo #magick #wingnut #conspiracy energeticsynthesis.com

This month we dig deeper into the dismantling of the complex AI systems that were running the Orion Matrix, which was connected to Orion's Belt, and was gaining power from multiple human holocaust histories connected to the Orion War timelines.

The third stage of the Cosmic Dragon Awakening during the Summer Solstice of 2022 addressed the ancient 9D Essene Tribe Tibetan Buddhist gateways being controlled by Nibiruian nets in the Wall of Time, that were being administered by the top levels of the 9D AI machinery program “Kronos”. Further, this 9D AI machinery Kronos was functioning as the master control programming for the multidimensional systems of sextant matrix and Fallen Angelic Timekeeper mechanisms that are used by the NAA for the management and manipulation of timelines. Segments of this master AI control system were being administrated by the highest level Thubanites in the Draco constellation and their subordinate AI hybrid factions of the Orion Group located in Orion's Belt. The victorious event of defeating the 9D AI machinery and enforcing Nets in Nibiru-Wormwood finally freed the original Universal Melchizedek Logos in his Sirian Maharaji blue human body.
With the newly available Cosmic Melchizedek Blue Sun Triple Solar Masculine hosting shield, along with Elaysa and access into the Elaysian fields, the restoration of authentic Melchizedek blueprint records brought deeper comprehension of the Orion Groups alien machinery called Orion Matrix. Orion Matrix AI had failsafe programs that were covert and hard to track, as the system had several back doors built in for survival of the AI's master programs running in Orion's Belt. This section of Orion Matrix AI was designed to reformat itself through Orion War and Electrical Wars timeline histories, to boot up automatically in case its main server location was destroyed. It also appeared to have a master control access on the planet, underground Westminster Abbey and Cleopatra's Needle in London.

p53 #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy operationdisclosureofficial.com

My name is p53 and I have important lessons on how Freedom Fighters can oppose what RFK, Jr and others clearly state is “mass depopulation and the attempted enslavement of humanity”. As you probably know, to accomplish this tyranny, the Global Predators are using 5G, AI, digital ‘money’, robots, UBI, vaccines, vaccine passports, wars, more plandemics and endless propaganda as well as engineered emergencies such as disruptions to food, energy, internet and banking. I have written something I hope you will read.

But do we who oppose the New World Fascist Order also need deprogramming because we still cling to our lovely ideas of stopping the Great Reset Psychopaths with reason and debate?
People in need of guidance in how to handle a tyrannical quantum Surveillance State (qSS) can benefit by listening to p53 and teammates.

p53 is a part of your immune system, a system which every second is patrolling, ambushing, destroying, and devouring Invaders and Occupiers. I, p53, am just one member of an elite crew of Destroyers For Life, ‘employed’ by your body. Destroyers who destroy dysfunctional parts in order that the whole remains uncontaminated by sickness, disease and suffering. In the place of those destroyed cells new ones are built. P53 is known as the ‘Guardian of the Cell’ because of p53’s ability to unleash destruction on cancer cells and pathogens that are threatening *your* body with uncontrolled or diseased growth.
For the first step you need to take is understanding the lessons of p53 down to the core of your being: Destruction is the flip side of creation. To create new cells in the body it is often necessary for p53 to first destroy harmful cells. On a societal level, the same applies. Destruction is good, destruction is healthy, destruction is life-saving if it is done to stop tyrants from enslaving you. It can be a loving act of kindness if it is done to stop terrible things being done to you, your family and country.