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Would I let Michael Jackson (or his apparition; the real one is, of course, dead) babysit my son? No. I would not entrust my 15-months-old toddler to the care of Michael Jackson’s ghost, if ever such a prospect arises.

{holocaust21: But why ever not? If, as you assert, there’s no harm coming from “sexual abuse” then why such a statement? Besides, Michael Jackson always seemed like an eccentric but actually relatively nice guy. So any sexual abuse from him would be the fun kind ??}

“But why ever not? If, as you assert, there’s no harm coming from “sexual abuse” then why such a statement?”

The thing is, I’m not sure if pederasty is entirely harmless. Now, as I alluded to in my post about the boylovers, I want pederasty to be legal; but just because I want it legal, doesn’t mean I want to engage in it or have people I care about engage in it. The reason is that usually people grow up to be attracted to one sex and not attracted to the other, and in particular, men who are straight (at least 95%) are grossed out by gayness. That means that if my son is straight, like the overwhelming majority of men, sexual contact between him and other men could be as repulsive to him as it’s repulsive to me.

If Michael Jackson was Michaela Jackson, a woman who loves to molest little boys, perhaps I’d think differently. Pretty sure I’d be fine if a female babysitter molested me with blowjobs and so on when I was a toddler. In similar vein, if I had a daughter, I would probably not mind that much about letting a male pedo babysitter molest her by e.g. jerking off over her or something similar. But when a boy who is (presumably) straight is made to endure gay sex, which is similar to the gay sex that occurs in the prison showers, that is potentially harmful, because unlike straight sexual contact, gay sexual contact goes against his nature, statistically speaking.

If (1) my son actually were born to be gay; and (2) I could know about it in advance, then I wouldn’t mind letting (the ghost of) Michael Jackson molest him all night long. But so far he doesn’t exhibit the behaviors of a little faggot, so I’ll stick to my “only females are allowed to molest you” policy regarding him.



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