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Also, something the OP said, that both Progressives and Nazis want him dead because he is a Jew. That might be technically correct, but Nazis have much less power than Progressives in the current society. I often talk about politics and how presidential politics in the US is irrelevant etc. And that much is true, but had Hillary won Progressives would have had much more power and she did came very close. One can only hope that Trump will continue with his policies that amount to nothing less than ethnic cleansing of its voters to at least slow down the Democratic Party.

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The whole rise of the modern “boyfriend and girlfriend” thing is not healthy for society. It allows women to engage in the practice of “serial monogamy,” which is their preferred method of realizing their hypergamous sexual strategy. It also prevents normal family life, because formal marriage implies a commitment to a shared household, unlike bf/gf-ism. Feminists want to prevent normal family life from being the norm in society, because they want women engage in careerism, which is also why Feminists advocate so strongly for prolonged ‘education’ for the females; what the Feminists seek is to destroy the family for the purpose of making society a more “comfortable place” for their mutant androgenized-dyke lifestyles. Therefore, Feminists are very fine indeed with the modern situation of widespread bf/gf-ism. These female mutants hate the formal institution of marriage for a reason.

(In a previous post I wrote that I don’t seek to de-humanize the Feminists, but you know what? I’m gonna de-humanize the shit out of them)

While there is no reason to be principally opposed to all bf/gf situations, and while bf/gf situations in some cases may lead to marriage, the truth of the matter is that a strong marriage culture is vastly superior to the current state of affairs. In a society where formal marriage is the norm, we know which woman belongs to which man, and so women can’t play their manipulative tricks on society – their power is diminished when sexual anarcho-tyranny of gynoicentrism is replaced with a pro-male sexual order. Formal sexual order in the form of marriage cuts through the bullshit of women, whereas the informal bf/gf-ism situation with which we are now dealing makes it all too easy for women to determine how the sexual landscape would look like; the results are not pretty, to say the least, with widespread involuntary celibacy, skyrocketing divorce rates when marriage does occur, and an overall feeling of sex-based antagonism between men and women – a “sex war” by any other name. I believe that to win the sex war, we men must institute a formal sexual order in lieu of the current sexual anarcho-tyranny, and that means that marriage — be it monogamous or polygamous — must become the norm.

I consider monogamy to be vastly superior to polygamy, because in a monogamy each man gets laid, while in a polygamy only some men get laid. And monogamy has to be Patriarchal, which means that — essentially — women must be made to serve men, the heads of the household; it is men who organize society itself, because we are capable of doing that while women aren’t, and we certainly should be the organizers of our own families. And additionally, marriage has to be young; I think that the average age of marriage should be 10, meaning that many marriages will occur at considerably younger ages than that. A society with young, Patriarchal, and monogamous marriage as the norm is infinitely superior to the current situation of old, non-Patriarchal, and “serially monogamous” (not actually monogamous) bf/gf-ism being the norm.

Women should by-and-large be married and thus propertized, and the minority of chronically un-married women should serve as concubines, harlots, and pornstars, contributing in this way their services to us. Of course, some wives may also do prostitution and porn, with permission from their husbands. That’s not really advisable, because cuckoldry is something that most of us are upset about, and so child prostitution and child porn — occurring in before marriage, which, again, will be at a young age — may become more prevalent. A 7-year-old un-married pornography slut may get some hot jizz on her face in front of the camera, then settle down at the age of 10 as a housewife, and from then onward only ride her husband’s cock. I support that.

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If you wanna win, you must not care about the opinions of White/Blue Knights, just as I don’t care about what society thinks about my marriage to a woman 20 years my senior. Hey, Prophet Muhammad married Khadija bint Khuwaylid even as she was 15 years his senior, and as I keep saying: Muhammad did nothing wrong – he was not wrong when he married Khadija and he was not wrong when he married Aisha. Point is: you really, really, really have to not give a flying fuck about what society tells you, and then your T-levels will rise and so will your sperm count. I promise you that. It’s all in your mind. I keep impregnating my wife because my mind is free of Puritan-Feminist virus. The feminization-cuckism-faggotism goes away once you get it through your head that your sexuality is natural and legitimate.

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Prophet mohammed sahilahy wasallam married aisha when she was six but waited until she was nine to vaginally consummate the marriage because Aisha was too small at age 6 to fit on the prophet sahilahy wasallam. Mohammed sahilahy wasallam was exemplary in care for his wives and he didnt want to hurt Aisha. No authentic hadiths i have ever found specify prophet’s dimensions. However as muslim i know prophet was the exemplary charachter so he knew how to treat his wives the best of any man.

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Make Testosterone Great Again (By Legalizing Rape)

A society in which a man is not afraid to put a women in her place (by raping her) is a society where you can fuck a 12-year-old teenager just to know what it feels like. In other words: White Knightism and Blue Knightism are inseparable. And both are directly correlated with the ongoing sissification of society.

We are living in a low-testosterone, high-estrogen world. My point in this is not to promote some silly “machismo” or something. Rather, it’s a simple and even obvious proposition: the modern modes of communication and more importantly the very thought-patterns have become womanish. People today are passive-agressive, petty, uninspiring, catty, and snarky. It used to be that women were bitches; now men are also bitches.

MRAs talk a lot about “the war on boys,” and while they are correct, the issue is much bigger than that. There is an all-pervasive thought-police, run for the benefit of Feminists and serving their interests, that has completely obliterated any healthy expression of male sexuality; now men are in the passive position, because women hold all the power – “power” meaning the ability to have one’s will done.

Right now, as I’m sitting on the bus, I can remember all the recent instances when women have “bagspread” against me. It’s always women who do the bagspreading, isn’t it? Yet everyone talks about “manspreading” (they don’t even call it legspreading – it’s specifically men who are accused of it) as if that’s the only issue going on.

In reality, #MeToo has been going on for several decades straight. And all along the way, it is “beta males” who suffered the most for it; the alphas play by their own rules, while betas do what society (read: women) tells them to do. And you don’t have to tell me that what I’m saying is nothing new. I realize it perfectly well. The question is: what does the alternative look like?

To me, it looks like an environment that accepts the full scope of male sexuality is one where I can actually use my hand to touch the knee of the woman currently sitting on the bus seat to my left and get away with it. In such a society there is no issue of men being commandeered by women, nor is it illegal to disregard the word “no,” which is more often than not merely a token gesture, anyway.

Legalization of rape is the single most effective way of eliminating the phenomenon of Knightism in all its manifestations. When I know that a woman’s only means of resisting my advances when we’re alone in a secluded area is her physical force, which is inferior and outright meager compared to mine (statistically speaking), I know that indeed, I am a man, and she is a woman. And she would know it just as well.

Legalization of rape can bring the backbone of masculinity – back. Sperm counts will rise sharply. Women will get pregnant again (one way or another). The TFR will make your run-of-the-mill alt-righter contented. The sissification of male behavior will stop. Legalization of rape, as outlined in that post that I wrote, is as pro-social as it can ever get. Political Correctness doesn’t stand a chance when I can legally assert my masculinity by forcing the neighbor’s putative teenage daughter to suck me off.

Far from constituting a “problem,” rape is an integral ingredient of the solution. 90% of social ills would be gone with this one simple trick. Everything falls into place when there is no law in the book of laws that says “a man can’t compel a woman to fuck him.” There shouldn’t be any such laws, whatsoever.

Rape is good. And raping 12-year-olds is perfect.

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Would I let Michael Jackson (or his apparition; the real one is, of course, dead) babysit my son? No. I would not entrust my 15-months-old toddler to the care of Michael Jackson’s ghost, if ever such a prospect arises.

{holocaust21: But why ever not? If, as you assert, there’s no harm coming from “sexual abuse” then why such a statement? Besides, Michael Jackson always seemed like an eccentric but actually relatively nice guy. So any sexual abuse from him would be the fun kind ??}

“But why ever not? If, as you assert, there’s no harm coming from “sexual abuse” then why such a statement?”

The thing is, I’m not sure if pederasty is entirely harmless. Now, as I alluded to in my post about the boylovers, I want pederasty to be legal; but just because I want it legal, doesn’t mean I want to engage in it or have people I care about engage in it. The reason is that usually people grow up to be attracted to one sex and not attracted to the other, and in particular, men who are straight (at least 95%) are grossed out by gayness. That means that if my son is straight, like the overwhelming majority of men, sexual contact between him and other men could be as repulsive to him as it’s repulsive to me.

If Michael Jackson was Michaela Jackson, a woman who loves to molest little boys, perhaps I’d think differently. Pretty sure I’d be fine if a female babysitter molested me with blowjobs and so on when I was a toddler. In similar vein, if I had a daughter, I would probably not mind that much about letting a male pedo babysitter molest her by e.g. jerking off over her or something similar. But when a boy who is (presumably) straight is made to endure gay sex, which is similar to the gay sex that occurs in the prison showers, that is potentially harmful, because unlike straight sexual contact, gay sexual contact goes against his nature, statistically speaking.

If (1) my son actually were born to be gay; and (2) I could know about it in advance, then I wouldn’t mind letting (the ghost of) Michael Jackson molest him all night long. But so far he doesn’t exhibit the behaviors of a little faggot, so I’ll stick to my “only females are allowed to molest you” policy regarding him.

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Women become horny for sex with men at 8 or 9, and become very horny for sex with men at 11 or 12. But men often miss on the former stage (8-9) of female horniness, and only notice the latter stage of it (11-12), because by the latter stage the women have developed the SSC needed to attract most men. (and are also hornier than at the earlier stage)

And the AOC in Delaware in 1880 was 7, because “adulthood” or lack thereof have to do with whether or not what one should have sex. This idea that sex must necessarily be tied to “adulthood” is a very modern idea, and the very sharp distinction that people in the modern age make between “children” and “adults” is traced back to the Enlightenment period; before that, the issue of child/adult was much less prominent in the public mind, as people viewed other categories — not age, which is an arbitrary notion — as really important.

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One of the points that I believe should be constantly repeated — both because it’s true and because it’s a strong “talking point” for our propaganda — is that all men, universally, find women who show signs of puberty to be sexually attractive.

Furthermore, I think that, having become pubescent, women enter the phase in their lives when their sexual allure is at its strongest. And one of the reasons many men today fail to realize it is because the media, in its “entertainment” branch, keeps showing us older women (women in their twenties and thirties) rather than teenagers. Because teenagers are rarely shown by the modern entertainment establishment as valid, legitimate ‘sex objects’, i.e.: “look at her, this teenage chick is very hot, you should find her attractive,” it can be said that we are actively being programmed to find older women attractive rather than younger women.

For the past several decades, teenagers have been consistently de-sexualized by the entertainment business, while women in their twenties and thirties are presented as “the” most appealing sexual entities. It is no surprise that teenage sex and teenage pregnancy are falling down rapidly. This de-sexualization campaign is happening all at once, coming from all directions: the schools, the political establishment, the entertainment business – everywhere you look, teenage sexuality is being suppressed.

There is nothing natural about this state of affairs. If you look at paintings from the 19th century and early 20th century, you can see that sexy teenagers had been depicted all over by the painters. I’d say that the artists preferred their works to show teenagers rather than older women. They realized the immense appeal of teenage beauty, and they certainly weren’t trying to “program” their audiences to mentally respond in certain ways contrary to their inborn nature, as the modern entertainers are doing, consciously or not.

I sound like a goofball when I write about “lizard brain versus mammal brain,” but this is a crucial concept, and Heartiste — a genius — recognizes it as such. Basically, there is an older part of our brains that controls our instincts, such as the FFF (Fight, Flight, Freeze), and yes – our sexual responses. This evolutionarily older brain doesn’t give a damn about ideology or some such; it is purely animalistic. And it ought to be said, again and again, that if you’re a heterosexual male, your lizard brain is telling you that teenage females are sexually attractive. It is universal, plain and simple.

This may or may not be in contrast to your mammalian brain, which controls social behavior. If you, a heterosexual male, are opposed to teenage sexuality, and wish to see it denied and eliminated, it is because your mammalian brain is telling you that this is how you should feel. Don’t get me wrong: the manmal brain, albeit new in terms of evolution, is mighty strong. It can actually convince you, firmly, that you don’t find teens sexy at all. (If you’re into HBD, that is Human Bio-Diversity, you can argue that among certain human races, there’s an especially strong disconnect between the lizard brain and the mammal brain)

This lizard brain (hindbrain) vs. mammalian brain (forebrain) notion is important, because it helps us understand why people act against their own nature. Simply put, they ignore those older parts of their brain telling them: “this female is fertile so you should impregnate her,” and instead listen to the newer parts of their brain, which may tell them: “you are a bad person if you’re attracted to teens.” And as I said, your mammalian brain can literally play a trick on you, using various emotions, to believe that you don’t find teenagers sexy, even though “deep inside” you do find them sexy.

The entertainment establishment is working non-stop to pit your mammal brain against your lizard brain, brainwashing you to think that only women above 16 or 18 or 20 or 25 are attractive. In your ‘guts’, you’re a hebephile/ephebophile just like me. This is the reality, like it or not.

As I write down my thoughts, I am 23 years old. And, being someone who is very aware of his own inner feelings, I can tell you this: the impression left on my mind by the horny chicks from my elementary school (around age 12) and from middle school (ages 12 to 15) is the strongest of all. Yes, I find women in their late teens or early tweens attractive. Of course. Yet, in my fantasies, I often encounter those lustful teenagers from the past, girls that were either sexually active back then, or at the very least exhibited clear signs of being very horny. A whole decade has passed since then, yet I still see those exact slutty girls in my imagination.

My mind is strong enough to resist media brainwashing; my lizard brain is fierce; and my memory is well-functioning. All these factors combined make it so that the impressions I had from those teenage sluts may never vanish. I sometimes imagine a parallel reality, in which I was married at the age of 12, to a girl of the same age, and grown up having sex with her the whole time. In my case, that shall forever be but a figment of my imagination; but I wish that one day, such things will again become normal. Maybe under a new world order, maybe under Islam – I don’t know.

And as I keep saying, imagination is still legal.

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You old hag. “Childern” want to consensual fuck with adults.
https://www.newgon.net/wiki/Testimony:_CSA_(Children%27s_Sexual_Advances) Sexual experiences in which the child or youth made a clear advance.

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I think both of you go too far. The OP proclaims to be a half-troll but I like his approach and much appreciate his blog so it matters less if he’s serious or not but I’ll assume you certainly are, Chinzork.

It would be a folly to just teach women to be sex slaves and prostitutes. Once feminism collapses there will be millions of sluts and feminists who will be just that for a loaf a bread and a glass a water a day and, believe me, you will not have to teach the first generation anything about fucking and sucking anyway.

But in order to maintain the current level of industrial civilization in a non-feminist society (which will soon be surpassed once male creative energies are released and sexual frustration and PC are no longer a hindrance) you’ll need women for jobs like teaching, maids, nursery, probably even doctors. I agree that they shouldn’t be allowed into basically any STEM fields because they just create dissension between men and exchange sexual services for career advancement but they must do some jobs as well.

What’s really important, even more than the STEM thing, is that 1. they get no right to vote – it is impossible to have a civilization with this 2. are married off to good men young 3. aren’t socializing with men outside of families.

With this you have already solved 99 percent of the problem.

Btw, daily, is there any way to donate to you? Loving your blog !

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If a female is younger than 8, and you want to fuck her, then you must have the permission of the male authority who owns her: a father, a husband, or another male relative. If for some reason no man owns her, perhaps because she’s an orphan or whatever, then you can rape her at will.

If a woman is 8 or older, and you want to fuck her, then either she is married and you have to ask permission to fuck her from her husband (and why would you? men don’t usually agree to becoming cuckolds), or she is not married, meaning she is under no one’s authority, being no one’s property — because the hitherto recognized authority of fathers or other male relatives no longer applies after reaching that age — and, therefore, she is “fair game” and you can fuck her at will.

An 8-year-old woman ceases to be the property of her blood family; she can only belong to a husband. Otherwise, if there’s no husband to own her, she doesn’t legally belong to anyone – RAPE HER ALL YOU LIKE.

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I think female education should only focus on teaching them to be good sex slaves or prostitutes.

Any further education for nearly all females would be detrimental IMO, both for civilization and for the females themselves.

The very few females who would benefit from more education can get it from their owners, if the owners choose to let them have it.

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My name is Tom Grauer and here at the Daily Antifeminist I’m going to advocate and propagandize for a genuine pro-sexual worldview. I’ll stake out the most extreme (and most correct) position about the issue of “Pedophilia” and call for the absolute abolition of all “Sex Crime” legislation, including and especially Age-of-Consent / Statutory Rape laws, “Child Pornography” laws, and “Underage Prostitution” laws. I also support the conmplete abolition of schools aka “kid prisons.”