Al Kelz #racist

Re: Super-viruses could be engineered to exterminate certain ethnic groups, expert warns

I’m not joking .

I am well aware of the threat of this being used on us which is why I want us to strike first . Technology has made the world a smaller place . To small in fact .

It may no longer be adequately possible to seperate different and incompatible species of humans on the same planet . Even Darwin predicted that advanced races would hunt the more primitive humans to the point of extinction .

Darwin essentially advocated a Turner Diaries solution a century plus before Dr. Pierce even started writing .

Other races do not share our compassion . Some may aspire to and attempt to emulate us but when the chips are down they invariably reveal their true nature . That true nature is a product of their DNA .

I would prefer such weapons never be contemplated much less developed but that is not up to me .

Others have already explored the idea . There are internet postings about Chinese officials debating the possibility of biological attacks to depopulate North America . And there were rumors of experiments on captured American soldiers in Korea / Vietnam wars to develop such weapons and of course articles about Israel developing them as the final solution for the Palestinian problem .

All of these should be taken with a grain of salt . Even if they were true those in position to actually do anything aren’t going to be broadcasting their intentions all over the internet .

But eventually the power to do so will likely become a reality . Right now there are no Pro-White goverments so we are at a disadvantage in a biological arms race . But most people smart enough to do this are White . They could sabotage or steal the formula or release it on their own .

If I had the power to kill our enemies and biological competition I would act unilaterally to do so . Without a White Goverment , and with most Whites conditioned from birth not to be on the side of their own species , something no race but ours has to cope with and with a impending genocide loooming .

If I could kill them all , I would and hope for the best . Any viruses developed would be living things and living things evolve . So a weapon designed to kill one group may well evolve and once it evolves there is no telling what it may do ? Once it runs out of hosts it will die and it may not take its impending extinction any better then I do . It may look for a new host ? but at some point that may be a risk we have to take .

But with the deck stacked against us so bad . And with so many people unwilling to lift even a finger to help us . At this point , something like this may well need to happen for us to survive .

Sorry . My .02 .



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