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The constant bickering and fighting with progressives is tiresome and droll. I actually think the formation of conservative cities would be a blessing for we Americans that would simply say no to the alphabet offshoots of the gubmint, taxation without representation, overpaying civil servants and the forced extortion to give them what we can't afford for ourselves, Section 8 housing, welfare, medicaid, abortions, Monsanto, freebies of all kinds, and a host of other crimes against our nation that the federal gubmint forces upon our earned incomes. I would like to see entire states opt for "conservative only" status. I can envision the hoards of "refugees" from neighboring states begging to be allowed entrance after they ran out of other people's money. Of course, they would be turned away because of their own stupidity. Let's move on this idea....it is the perfect solution to the condition our condition is in.



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