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A creationist and an evolutionist arrived at this scene from opposite directions.

The creationist exclaimed "Look! A young vehicle which was created recently crashed into this tree which also had a creator".

The evolutionist laughed and scoffingly replied "You foolish religious fanatic. I am educated and trained to study this type of thing. It is obvious that this vehicle has evolved over long periods of time from a common ancestor. It must have evolved far away and long ago. Then over long periods of time, an ice age occurred which formed a glacier which slowly pushed this vehicle to this very spot. Then also over a long period of time, the ice melted and the grass grew and this tree slowly grew up and slowly crushed the front end of the vehicle."

"But" said the creationist, "the engine is still hot and steaming, and there is also grass growing underneath the car. It couldn't grow in the shade".

"There must be something else that is generating the heat after all these years" said the evolutionist. "And the grass is an unconformity. Some other process must have more recently moved the grass underneath the car. We will study that later".

"How about this owner's manual I found in the glove compartment?" the creationist continued. "It is from the car's creator and tells how to operate and maintain the vehicle".

The evolutionist continued making his notes and said "Oh that was written long ago by ignorant people who don't know anything about science".

And so the very next day all of the news media reported the evolutionist's version as fact and without question:

"Yesterday, a scientist discovered a vehicle that is an ancient ancestor to all modern vehicles. It was dragged nearly 200 miles from the north to its current position by a glacier formed during the last ice age. It is in remarkably good shape considering how old it is, but has been damaged slowly over the years by a tree growing up in front of it.
And now for the weather..."

And the evolutionists write the books that are used in the schools to teach young minds how the universe really works.



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