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Exhibit 16: Reproductive Systems (Sex)

Sex is a great problem for Evolution! Per evolution, all living things had a common ancestor. If this is true, every living thing should be sexually compatible and able to produce fertile offspring! That's because if any new specie did come about by mutation, it would have to mate with its parent specie. Yet, none of the major kinds of life can be crossed to produce a fertile offspring!

The reproductive system is a faithful reproducer of its parent kind. You never see an elephant giving birth to a horse or anything other than an elephant. When there is an error in reproduction, it is almost always harmful or at best neutral. Any mutation would have to be included in the genes in order to be passed on to future generations.

The Bible says that God created all living things, male and female to reproduce after their kind. He did this within the 6 days of Creation. If you don't believe God created all males and females within 6 days, how many millions of years was it between the first male and the first female?

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The following is a fictional example of a series of transitional forms that would prove Evolution. Frame A is a typical horse. Frame E is a horse that has evolved fully functional wings. In between are examples of what would be millions of individuals over millions of years until the wing was perfected.


If you can identify a series of transitional forms like the above, see the Reward for Proof of Evolution page.

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Students, give this test to your teachers. When they fail it, ask them why they are teaching this nonsense!

Teachers, give this test to your students if you really want them to know the truth about evolution!

1. Which evolved first, male or female?
2. How many millions of years elapsed between the first male and first female?
3. List at least 9 of the false assumptions made with radioactive dating methods.
4. Why hasn't any extinct creature re-evolved after millions of years?
5. Which came first:
...the eye,
...the eyelid,
...the eyebrow,
...the eye sockets,
...the eye muscles,
...the eye lashes,
...the tear ducts,
...the brain's interpretation of light?
6. How many millions of years between each in question 5?
7. If we all evolved from a common ancestor, why can't all the different species mate with one another and produce fertile offspring?
8. List any of the millions of creatures in just five stages of its evolution showing the progression of a new organ of any kind. When you have done this, you can collect the millions of dollars in rewards offered for proof of evolution!
9. Why is it that the very things that would prove Evolution (transitional forms) are still missing?
10. Explain why something as complex as human life could happen by chance, but something as simple as a coin must have a creator. (Show your math solution.)
11. Why aren't any fossils or coal or oil being formed today?
12. List 50 vestigial or useless organs or appendages in the human body.
13. Why hasn't anyone collected the millions of dollars in rewards for proof of evolution?
14. If life began hundreds of millions of years ago, why is the earth still under populated?
15. Why hasn't evolution duplicated all species on all continents?

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According to the Evolution model, life evolved by chance from molecules thrown together in a primordial soup. However, it is now known that oxygen would destroy the very molecules necessary for the generation of life! Therefore, the Evolution model requires that the early earth atmosphere was free of oxygen.

Without oxygen however, harmful rays in sunlight would be fatal to these building blocks of life!

There is no evidence of a reducing (oxygen free) atmosphere when the earth was young.

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Family tree charts are illustrations that show the supposed connections between species and their ancestors. Here are some questions to consider:

* Do these charts show transitions from one specie to another, or are there distinct gaps between kinds?
* If the connecting lines are erased, is evolution evident, or are we left with a picture of fully functional life forms?
* Are any "transitional" forms shown really "mosaic" forms?


Notice at the bottom that there are millions of missing links between the microscopic life forms and the thousands of fully formed creatures that appear suddenly without any ancestors!

See the same chart below with all of the imaginary connecting lines removed.


Now look at the same chart with all of the imaginary lines removed.
All you see are fully formed creatures with no transitional forms whatsoever.
The very thing that would prove Evolution (transitional forms) are conspicuously absent!
This is a picture of completely different species that could have lived at the same time.

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As you can see in the chart above, the human population recently passed 6 billion. Population always follows a sharp curve like this because it is exponential rather than a straight line, fixed rate of increase.

If life began 3.5 billion years ago, the world would have been overpopulated millions of years ago!

The current world population at the present rate would take only a few thousand years to attain! In fact, the current population is consistent starting with 8 people (Noah and his family) about 4,500 years ago at the time of the Genesis Flood.

Even conservative rates cannot stretch the origin of life to billions of years ago.

This picture from space shows lights at night around the world and illustrates how crowded the planet is getting:

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Exhibit 20: The House That Evolution Built!


Well, is trying to build... On March 7, 1998, we dumped some toy bricks onto this table to see what kind of house Evolution could build with them. The light is on 24 hours a day to provide an energy source. Note that we gave Evolution a big head start by providing the bricks which were already created by a human creator. So far, there has been no change since the bricks were first dumped. How many millions of years do you think it will take for Evolution to build a house?

If Evolution could build something as complex as living organisms, it could more abundantly create far simpler things like houses and cars.

(This is not really a live video capture. If it was though, these bricks would just be gathering dust.)

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The following is a fictional example of a series of transitional forms that would prove Evolution. Frame A is a typical horse. Frame E is a horse that has evolved fully functional wings. In between are examples of what would be millions of individuals over millions of years until the wing was perfected.

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A creationist and an evolutionist arrived at this scene from opposite directions.

The creationist exclaimed "Look! A young vehicle which was created recently crashed into this tree which also had a creator".

The evolutionist laughed and scoffingly replied "You foolish religious fanatic. I am educated and trained to study this type of thing. It is obvious that this vehicle has evolved over long periods of time from a common ancestor. It must have evolved far away and long ago. Then over long periods of time, an ice age occurred which formed a glacier which slowly pushed this vehicle to this very spot. Then also over a long period of time, the ice melted and the grass grew and this tree slowly grew up and slowly crushed the front end of the vehicle."

"But" said the creationist, "the engine is still hot and steaming, and there is also grass growing underneath the car. It couldn't grow in the shade".

"There must be something else that is generating the heat after all these years" said the evolutionist. "And the grass is an unconformity. Some other process must have more recently moved the grass underneath the car. We will study that later".

"How about this owner's manual I found in the glove compartment?" the creationist continued. "It is from the car's creator and tells how to operate and maintain the vehicle".

The evolutionist continued making his notes and said "Oh that was written long ago by ignorant people who don't know anything about science".

And so the very next day all of the news media reported the evolutionist's version as fact and without question:

"Yesterday, a scientist discovered a vehicle that is an ancient ancestor to all modern vehicles. It was dragged nearly 200 miles from the north to its current position by a glacier formed during the last ice age. It is in remarkably good shape considering how old it is, but has been damaged slowly over the years by a tree growing up in front of it.
And now for the weather..."

And the evolutionists write the books that are used in the schools to teach young minds how the universe really works.