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I will choose my words here very carefully.

The United States of America is a Christian nation and its Christian constitution has been violated by the current president Barack Obama. Did he actually say that he was a Christian in order to gain power? Did he then apparently renounce his Christian faith? He has stated that he is a Muslim.

In other words, if the above is true, he has committed treason against the USA and its people. He is a direct threat to the national security of the USA. He has gained power under false pretences. Does his so-called dithering on sending more troops to Afghanistan endanger the troops in that country directly because of his own indecision and delay?

I can't reveal what we are doing in Britain for security reasons except to say that I am bringing direct charges of high treason against my own country's PM. But what you Americans need to do is to bring charges of treason against your current president quickly and swiftly in order to force him to step down. You can do this by contacting the FBI and Secret Service and start an official complaint against Obama accordingly. If you wait to try to impeach him through Congress, you will take to long ... and by the time they act it may be too late! Start the legal process now.

The USA is now in a position of actual civil war against Islam within its own borders and has been since the day Obama gained power. May God help you!

If you don't act immediately, Obama will bring in Sharia law making the murder of Christians, Jews and infidels legal. You have been warned.



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