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Amen! The term kind is also used when God tells Noah about gathering the animals, which makes getting them on the ark reasonable, since there are way less kinds (categories like feline, canine, etc.) than species. Although God could make it happen even if it was every species.

People try to use the Galapagos birds as “proof” for evolution but it doesn’t prove anything other than that animals can adapt to their environment — which really only proves how awesome God’s creation is.

The more I read the Bible, the more amazed I am at how much God has revealed to us through His word. I am so glad we don’t live in the Dark Ages and we can read it any time we want.

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Here's how moronic the whole climate change thing is. They are demonizing carbon with no thought that this is a carbon-based existence. So if all life is carbon-based and we go and wage war on carbon, then aren't we shooting ourselves in the foot? Everything recycles down here. The pressure underneath the ocean floor spews out oil into the ocean and the ocean recycles it daily. That is a natural function of the earth. If the earth did not recycle, we would be toast.

For example, they worry about air pollution (as well as many other things because they are just a miserable lot of people). Polluted air is heavier than pure air. If you shut down all factories and automobiles, then the polluted air will settle to the ground and it will recycle. In cities where pollution is a problem is because they keep pumping it into the air every day. The problems these crybabies whine about are not real.

Let's look at what God says:

Gen 8:22 "While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease."

So He's promising us that while we're here that He will ensure things continue so we can live. Notice He first said "seedtime and harvest?" This is a firm statement that He will keep the climate working normally so that we can grow crops - that we can farm and have food. If the climate ever got out of whack all life would perish eventually.

I mentioned very little here. There's a lot more that debunks this nonsense. The point is, they don't think anything through. They are just a bunch of parrots (useful idiots) that only follow the narratives they are given because they won't think for themselves.

So . . .I'm pro-carbon

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Waiting on China to call Joe and tell him to knock it off with the development of actual weapons and stick to having fagg*tz, dykes, queers, and sissies as their "deus-ex-machina". Hmm, on second thought perhaps sending AIDS/STD-infected soldiers to battle against a foreign enemy might be the latest and greatest in biological warfare...

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Just like January 6th was a planned infiltration..so I believe the 20th will be..I believe the Dems have planned for BLM and Antifa to dress as Trump Supporters and wreck havick just as they did last week..and of course Conservatives will get the blame..again..and then we will lose our right to own guns..which is what, among other things, a lot of this has been about...I really wish God would big time show up..I miss God..

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Notice something here? Banta came to the protest well-armed with military grade weapons. Those are not cheap! By contrast, a Glock 17 sets you back $500, but we're talking some sweet gadgets here that would cost thousands of dollars. Where does a basement dwelling mama's boy who's an expert at video games get the funding for all these fancy toys? The answer is that some evil rich people are funding him and these riots. His peers mentioned in the latter sentence are outfitted only with common melee weapons, some things that any American family can afford.

BTW, a great number of the same basement-dwelling video game experts turned BLM/ANTIFA-supporters in Kenosha were also sporting firearms. Where did all of them suddenly acquire the cash for that?? SOROS!

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On July 31, 2019, at the end of the Democratic primary debate, Joe Biden (former senator and vice-president of the U.S.) told viewers to “go to Joe 30330 and help me in this fight”. Most viewers assumed this was a website name, but it turned out that wasn’t the case. Joe was just doing what Joe does best, he misspoke. He evidently meant to tell the audience to text 30330 to get involved in his campaign. This was just another gaff among dozens in the career of the former senator from Delaware.

I started thinking about the number 30330 and why Joe Biden and his campaign advisors picked that particular number. You know good and well Old Joe didn’t think that up for himself, as he doesn’t think very clearly these days. I believe he takes the advice of someone, either person or principality; that tells him he should put his faith in the United Nations and world government, instead of God, to bring about “change”. As with Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, Satan knows he can control, enslave, and kill people more effectively if he can do his ungodly work through just one government or man, instead of hundreds.

As for the number 30330, I can only speculate on why it was chosen. I believe the “30” at the start and finish of this five digit number represents the U.N.’s Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, which most progressive Democrats believe in. Agenda 2030 for S.D. has 17 goals for curing all of the world’s problems under the leadership of the unelected officials of the United Nations by the year 2030.

The next two digits in the number 30330 make up a very special number. “33” is a very significant number in religion, numerology, and the occult.

However, for Bible believing Christians, the numbers 30 and 33 represent something entirely different than it does for the new age guru’s and new world order radicals. The number 30 is a special number in four ways according to the Bible.

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So the Equality Act passed, and airline pilots see UFO over California during a flight bound for Phoenix.

I don't believe this is coincidental. I think UFOs are demonic/associated with demons. The leaders of the U.S. have capitulated to evil and put it in writing for all to see. The Phoenix is a pagan religious symbol.

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Blue Check marked CNN reporters are on twitter saying if Trump nominated a SCOTUS to “burn it all down”

not one or two or ten. They are promising riots if he nominates.

I was surfing the internet first thing this morning and stumbled across a Smith and Wesson AR-15. I put my phone down for the hour to make sure it wasn’t a impulse buy. Ended up purchasing it and it gets delivered FFL arms dealer this week. Bought ammo.

2 hours later RBG announced dead and I went back and the AR-15 is sold out at that store so glad I moved.

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My physiotherapist told me a long time ago that she has more and more incontinent patients. For one very old man the consequences of WW2 were the cause, for all others sex.

What will they teach the children next? How to live with incontinence diapers and anal dysfunction in everyday life?

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“Now if this is, in fact, the Lord’s doing, we should be tremendously thankful because He’s answering many years of prayers for this nation by Born Again Believers. Just when it looked impossible, God gave us a bit of a reprieve from Satan’s endless march to take over the world.

Think about it, we were only three states and 70,000 votes away from the last nail in the coffin for Christians having any rights left in America. The horse had the bit in its mouth.

Had the Democrats taken over, you would never have heard about the deep-state government operating inside our government. It would have never been revealed how the FBI and State Department conspired to keep Donald Trump out of office.

But that’s not what God wanted. For whatever reason, He put the brakes on the world takeover by Satan. Oh, it will come, but apparently not just yet. For now He is exposing them for what they are—Satanic lies.

Every minute God delays Satan’s takeover and delays the Rapture, it gives us the opportunity to reach others with the Gospel Truth. Every minute someone gets saved from the death and destruction of the Tribulation and the eternal horrors of hell.”

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Look how the liberal cult and its feminist herd treated Sarah Palin when she was nominated to be Vice President. And look at how closely the liberal and Islamic cults are tied together, by their mutual war on America; they even embrace the most absurd oxymoron of our time: the sharia-compliant feminist. Liberals don't care about women's rights any more than they care about any rights; they simply claim to do so as part of a dive and conquer strategy, telling gullible women that they are being oppressed, and to end the oppression they must vote liberal.

Liberals want a woman president because they assume she will be a communist like Kamala Harris. Give them a woman candidate who is a loyal American and Christian and they would vote for the Ebola Virus before voting for her.

Liberal doctrine demands that women know their place and stay in their place, that place according to orthodox liberal dogma being in the Democratic Party, supporting racism, communism, and satanism. Those who do not know their place are subjected to discipline, in the forms of excommunication and mass public hate campaigns. The hate campaign waged against Sarah Palin shows just how vicious and ruthless they are, and it sends a signal to all women that they better not forget their place, or they might end up getting the same treatment.

This is the reality of so-called feminism. It is doublespeak at its finest.

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The diseases that have surfaced in the past years since 2001, I believe, have been trial runs imposed on the human race by a cabal of global elite who wish to reduce human population. It may be that humanity as a whole has been treated as their own personal guinea pig laboratory to test pathogenic weapons of increasing lethality. With these trial runs, they're learning what works and what does not, what is effective and what still needs to be improved. Perhaps the next pandemic unleashed on the planet will be worthy of the name "Captain Tripps", or "zombie apocalypse".

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It's simple, actually. Most in the left are unbelievers and most unbelievers are offended by the obvious superiority of the Judeo-Christian values among other worldviews. They look at history and they see the overwhelming positive influence and achievements of countries with Judeo-Christian underpinnings, so they embrace anything and everything that goes against it.

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There is also a strong element of bullying in pushing the homosexual agenda. Just like the men of Sodom, modern homosexuals are into forcing everyone to conform. you don't conform, you risk losing your job/home etc. Just look at how they go after bakers and artists to force them to promote their agenda.

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study researchers led by Mark Hatzenbuehler of Columbia University polled more than 30,000 11th graders in different counties. Results showed that about 20 percent of LGB teens attempted suicide in the 12 months before the survey, while only about 4 percent of heterosexual teens had. This isn't because of bullying, because it's widely excepted. The suicide rate is even higher in the 20-35 age and domestic violence is extremely high. Why all the unhappiness?

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The lgbq want ever the letters are this week are pushing this and people are afraid of them! Why I don't know except satin is behind this full force! Just a few years ago this was not out in the open. Just look how people are talking and doing things now. INSANITY rules. Its going to get worse! COME QUICKLY LORD JESUS!!

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Because this generation has been deceived to believe that homosexuality is just another way to love someone. They also believe that some are born as homosexuals and this is their only means of expressing their love. So people and even some Christians feel sorry for them.

First of all, no one is born attracted to any sex, as sexual attraction does not begin in anyone younger than a year old. Someone may or may not be born with that tendency, but they certainly are not born as a homosexual. Well guess what, we are all born with a tendency of some sin or another, but that does not mean we should engage in it.

Second of all, homosexuality is not love! Let me say it again, homosexuality is not love! The name itself tells you what it is about, which is sex! That's why part of the deception was to cleverly change the name "homosexual" to "gay".

Look I don't care if two guys love each other and I don't even care if they live together as long as they don't engage in sex or passion. There are actually a number of heterosexual men that love each other and live together. No problem with that. If two so called homosexuals love each other and want to live together without passion or sex. No problem with that either.

So to me the biggest reason there has been such a swing to accepting homosexuals is deception.

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In my minds eye, I already see extreme women, getting pregnant,
just to seek Christian doctors, and force them to perform late-term abortions.
If those doctors refuse, they’ll hound them, like they do Christian bakers etc.

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I think those women, one being the newest youngest and really dumb member elected to Congress, are wearing white to show solidarity against the oppression of women in history. Which was really put in its place in Trump's speech when he said this year we have the most women elected in Congress ever in our history.
That's some oppression. Poor dears.

I'm so sick to death of this black face nonsense. But you notice it is getting a lot of legs in Left media because this month is black history month? Coincidence? I don't think so.
People want the VA governor to step down because over 30 years ago he supposedly wore black face while in school. Really? A 30+ year old "offense" and they want him to step down now nearly 4 decades later as Governor? But not a peep about his supporting and describing how infanticide would be practiced in his state should the new abortion bill have passed. And which he promised to sign into law.
He maybe wore black face nearly 4 decades ago! Off with his head!
He described how infanticide would be performed by law in Virginia after he signed the law as Governor. (crickets)

How about all this talk about equality and equal rights put up? Let's start with the Wayans Brothers. Years ago they made an entire more than hour long racist movie where two black men, Wayans brothers, wore white face. And, cross dressed as women.
APOLOGIZE! Donate all the net proceeds to St.Judes Children's Hospital so as to make amends.

Harvey Levin. Owner and creator of the Hollywood Gossip TV show , TMZ. Fire the racist who appears in your daily broadcast. His name is Van. Fire him for wearing white face just a few months ago during your Halloween costume show.

Or is it a matter of black privilege that they're entitled to wear white face.
While the Democrat party whom Irreverent All Sharptongue, (The "reverend" Al Sharpton) during Obama's first campaign stated in his speech before the DNC, that the Democrat party was the party choice of the black community.
Really? Black Democrats have voted for over 50 years for a party that has kept them enslaved since slavery was abolished. The chains are gone but the policies still hold firm.
And yet, the Dem's call Republican's racists?

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According to a 2013 *very pro-gay* study (data is from 1982-2011) in Denmark, (legal same-sex marriage since 1989) married lesbians were more than six times more likely to commit suicide than married straight women. They were also at a 60 percent increased risk of death from cancer, for reasons not yet understood.

It is well known and inarguable that gay men are the main victims of AIDS. 2016 data from the CDC shows that gay men aged 13 to 34 account for 64% of HIV diagnoses. Gay men also have a much higher suicide rate than even single hetero men.

It is also well known that transgender people have a horrible mortality caused in part by a verified 41% suicide rate.

NONE of the above facts are from far-right or religious group studies! If anything they understate how deadly dangerous these lifestyle choices are. And that fact has been known for well over 2000 years!

Romans 1:26 For this reason God gave them over to degrading and vile passions [...] and in return receiving in their own bodies the inevitable and appropriate penalty for their wrongdoing.?

And yet the left demand that CHILDREN are taught that there's no reason to fear these practices.

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My theory is that he calls a National Emergency, it immediately goes to the courts, he reopens the government, and life returns to normal for the time being. His base will be happy that he did something and stood up to the Dems and the unpleasant optics of our TSA and other government workers getting donated food will stop. We will see!

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Might Govmint Someday Delete the Bible and other Christian documents from all Devices?

The other day I was sitting in a booth at the local McDonalds, soaking in the ambiance while I took an occasional small bite of my sausage biscuit, and sips from my large diet coke. It was an early morning like most of my early mornings. I'd gotten up at Oh Dark Thirty and drove to the Big Dipper Ice Arena where I proceeded to jog indoors in little ovals for 35 minutes while listening to a Christian fiction audio-book. Why 35 minutes? Research and testing determined that I would lose my marbles if I didn't stop at 35 minutes... running in little ovals is pretty boring, after all. 'Peers I got side tracked from what I wanted to share in this thread.

While sitting at McDonalds, eating and reading from an e-book, sometimes wondering what kind of lives the folks behind the counter lead... They're always nice to me. One of them calls me biscuit on account of that's what she prepares when she sees me come through the door. They used to all know my name because they would ask for it when they took my order. Then they switched to numbers... now I'm just Biscuit...

Without warning a thought popped in to my mind... I have several copies of the Bible on my smart phone and it occurred to me that it would be very easy for the govmint, after they abolish the Bible because it is supposedly full of hate speech, to delete without permission all copies of Bibles and other Christian writings that are on our phones and tablets and computers. I pondered that thought for a while and concluded that e-copies of the Bible will become quite vulnerable as we approach the end of this era, and will certainly be in grave danger during the Tribulation years.

I've got oodles of hard copies of the Bible at home but have pretty much switched entirely over to e-reading the Good Book. After it occurred to me that it would be quite easy, technologically speaking, for a govmint authority to simply delete the Bible from devices, I next wondered how e-copies might be protected somewhat. I guess having copies in .pdf format where you could change the name of the file to Aunt Bertha Recipe Book or some other such thing to throw off the hounds might help protect the file from big brother.

Seriously, until now it hadn't occurred to me how vulnerable e-books could possibly become. It would be a simple matter to search out and delete whatever books have been banned from devices, servers, etc. Given that mankind is going over more and more to e-books and books in audio format, hard copies will become increasingly unavailable to people... meaning after the church is gone the Word of God may become hard to come by for brave new Believers during Tribulation.

Additionally, the antichrist could conceivably replace Bible files with altered ones that when studied would lead people to believe he truly has come to save the world... How confusing and difficult those last years will be.

Maranatha, come soon Lord Jesus!

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(Everlasting Life said:
I think we're seeing some of the fruits of college edumacation.)

Yes we are. University and college is where children and young adults go to be educated into the most destructive pernicious Satanic philosophies like Derrida's "Deconstructionism".

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Anyone pastors, cake makers, etc who speaks the truth of God's word will be called bigots and haters. We are to hate the sin, but not the sinner. If you don't agree with them, they come against you to lose your job. This world hates us because we are in the world, but not of it. There are 2 fathers our heavenly father, and Satan the evil one!

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I've read a article that showed that Government is the leading cause of death worldwide, which makes sense since Satan controls all the governments of the world. And it's evil in governance that forces Moloch worship on the world. This is just one reason of many for the descent into darkness sweeping the globe. Please come quickly, Lord Jesus!

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Honestly if anyone says this I automatically know they either haven't read genesis or are bold faced lying. The bible says plants were made the day before the sun and birds were made before land animals, and that the earth is older than all of the stars. No evolutionist I know has ever made any of those claims. It is always that the order is sun>earth>plants>ocean animals>land animals> birds

The bible says the order is earth>plants>sun>ocean animals=birds>land animals.

From a standpoint of literal ages it just doesn't make sense, so the next thing is to allegorize it or to say it is picked up from folklore in the area. Of course you don't have to perform the mental gymnastics if you take God's word at face value

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Not only do homosexuals commit pedophilia at 16x the rate of straights, they are responsible for 55% of new AIDS cases each year. A very small segment of our population is responsible for wildly disproportionate rates of pedophilia and AIDS. And yet they are still protected by PC.
Yes, I know the prog/libs will consider this post as "Hate Speech" but it is the truth.
Source: US CDC.

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In my neck of the woods a high school trans female wrestler won "her" weight class against a real female. It was excited to win the championship while the real female (seemed to be a gracious young lady) wept. If the trans kid and his parents want to continue the charade, more power to them. But their charade created an unfair competitive advantage that I can't believe the high school athletics board would allow. Maybe it's little feeling would get hurt??

I am in no way condoning bullying, but if a kid or adult is making the wrong choices, their peers will most definitely let them know what they think. IMO this is not bullying, but it has got to the point where no one can criticize anyone about anything without being accused of being some sort of bully, phobic, hater, ect.. When I was growing up in the 60's and 70's everyone was bullied/teased, no one was exempt. You quickly learned to act correctly, wear acceptable clothing, bathe regularly, and so on or the teasing would continue. We have what we have today because of this PC culture. It's very wrong, and these kids are going to be in trouble when they get into the real world w/o their safe spaces.

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One way or another, I think the plan is for the US to no longer be a major factor in world affairs, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that Europe is moving towards arming themselves and preparing for their role in the future world government. Whether the decline in the US comes as a result of all the efforts to destroy us from within or by the Rapture (really praying that's it), Europe will need a force to take control after whatever period of upheaval and re-arranging is in store for the (near?) future. That we see them starting to move in this direction is yet another sign of how late it's getting...

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I've been trying to produce an appropriate alternative for LGBT that may be useful in some secular contexts, especially in online forums. It could be useful to help stimulate debate or even just a helpful way to speak the truth.

The best I have so far is:
I've also seen "Lettuce, Gherkin, Bacon and Tomato" posted by someone online.

Please help by posting any useful suggestions that we might all be able to use. I think both truth and humour have their uses in the right circumstances.

[Other letters are used as well, such as LGBTQI, but I believe that it's best to stick with LGBT only. In particular, the "I" needs to be avoided as this relates to "Intersex", which unfortunately is a genuine medical condition and not a lifestyle choice.]

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(Kallah): It was only a matter of time before people began to fight back. So very sad indeed.....

But there is certainly so much anger and resentment. As in the US people are going to be inclined to take matters in their own hands if they cannot trust their leaders.

(billiefan2000): I know and with many on both sides riled up a civil war in the UK is likely inevitable.

(Hidden): Peace is fast eluding this world. Why is the media so quick to label this as an "attack on muslims" but when it's the other way around, they're pretty much mum about it... sigh...

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[On Trump Winning]
I think totalitarianism is what is needed to fix this mess, honestly. Not a totalitarianism that ruthlessly and violently crushes its opponents and starves the people into submission, but one person who can make the right moves without being overruled by those within the government who seek to cause this country harm.

Remember, Jesus' Kingdom will be totalitarian! But He will rule with perfect Truth and Justice. Totalitarianism itself as a form of government isn't inherently evil. It's the heart of the person in power that makes it evil (or awesome, as in the case of the Millennium).

Billiefan 2000 #fundie raptureforums.com

[In response to the killing British MP Jo Cox.] not shocking

the far left in the UK is trying to smear the British version of the Tea Party

aka Britain First

by blaming them for this, even though news reports are debunking that it was a Britain 1st supporter

and that people on the far left are making stuff up to smear those against the Islamization of the UK

Daymond Duck and Rachel Duck #fundie raptureforums.com

A Satanic Rampage

The Bible clearly teaches that a satanic kingdom will rule over the entire earth in the future (Dan. 7:23; Rev. 13:7-8). It will be after the Rapture. It will be ruthless and multitudes will perish.

It is common knowledge that a document titled, "Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" was unanimously approved by the UN on Sept. 25, 2015. [...] Simply put, this already approved document calls for a world economic system, a world government and a world religion to be established by 2030. Its preamble says, "All countries and stakeholders, acting in a collaborative partnership, WILL (not may) but -WILL, implement this plan."


These goals include wealth redistribution, population control and reduction; government control of all population, a reduction in the consumption of goods, the use of fewer and smaller vehicles; the use of less heating and cooling at home and at work; the construction and location of smaller houses and apartments; land confiscation; land use restrictions; and more.

The "Master Plan" goals will lead to the loss of freedoms, new building codes and new zoning laws to control the size and location of buildings and communities; artificial shortages to control consumption, new taxes to redistribute wealth, new monitoring systems to reduce the use of energy, new surveillance systems to monitor compliance, and sinister threats of penalties and incarceration to force compliance.


Obviously, God is on control and He is not bound by UN goals or the under- lying influence of Satan. God can speed the UN agenda up, slow the UN agenda down, or change the UN agenda in any way He wants. But if He lets the UN have its way, the world is on the brink of a satanic rampage.

Every government will soon become more aggressive and assertive. Every government is soon going to force a different (evil) lifestyle on the world.


This is what to expect in the near future: No more printing of money, a cashless society, negative interest rates, a depression and debit cards to facilitate the tracking of all buying and selling. [...] After the world gets control of the money, it will be easy to get control of the people.

Terry James #fundie raptureforums.com

First, the most glaring similarity, with regard to Sodom and Gomorrah as compared to the United States today, is the matter of homosexuality. That was the great sin emphasized in the Genesis account of God's dealing with that culture in judgment. I don't have to go too deeply into the similarity, because we are all familiar - totally - with things going on just in the past couple of years in this country. The God-ordained union between a man and a woman has been changed by the courts of this land to pervert the God-given institution called marriage. Sexual activity that the Creator calls "abomination" the lawless, God-defying of America call "gay." and, this is not to diminish the equally abominable sexual activity within the heterosexual world - fornication and adultery.

Secondly, the matter of abortion comes front and center in the comparison. Babies in the womb and small children in that ancient society undoubtedly cramped the style of the deviants of the time. The products of the unbridled sexual activity made it easy to sacrifice those babies upon the altar of convenience. The deeper that people went into debauchery, the more self-absorbed and willing to go to any lengths to make their next thrill more exhilarating.

Pamela Geller #fundie raptureforums.com

[From the article, "3 Biggest Mistakes America Ever Made"]

1) Slavery

At the time of the American founding, slavery was common practice. Blacks were sold into slavery by other black tribes. Africans and Muslims sold slaves to European and American slave traders.


Capitalism is the only system incompatible with slavery. Our Founding Fathers knew this, and they fought long and hard with the slave states, but those states were having none of it [...] so they compromised.

In any deal between good and evil, evil profits. Ayn Rand said, "In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win." And so it did. Slavery led to the catastrophic Civil War. Approximately 650,000 Americans died so slaves would be free, to the great honor of this country (something the haters never mention). That horrible wrong was corrected at an unfathomable cost.

2) Jimmy Carter

Before Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter was easily the most disastrous president this country ever had. Many of the troubles we have today in the Middle East, and the rise of the global jihad, can be attributed to his policies. [...] It established that America would underestimate, misunderstand and downplay the threat from jihadis and pro-Shariah Islamic supremacists - another precedent Obama has faithfully followed and expanded upon.

3) Barack Obama

Nothing has ever happened to the United States that is worse than the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. A committed Marxist collectivist, he has stood throughout his presidency against the very principle of individual rights that made America great. In abandoning our allies and aligning with the Muslim Brotherhood and other sinister groups, he has aligned with the most evil forces of the 21st century and overturned the order of the world. In abandoning and even actively turning against our allies (most notably Israel), he has made the United States of America, for so long the beacon of freedom in the world, into an untrustworthy ally, a nation that cannot be taken at its word.

We will be paying for Obama's presidency for decades to come. The fully dimensions of the damage he caused - the gutting of the economy, the new polarization of the races, the Iran nuclear deal and more - is likely only to be known once he is out of office. And America may never recover from this catastrophe.

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I wrote an article about the United Nations and the Lucis Trust not long ago. This satanic organization was birthed by a woman named Alice Bailey, a known occultist and spiritist. Through her work, the New Age philosophies permeated the United Nations, and to this day is their "religion."

Bailey wrote extensively about waiting for Lord Maitreya, whom anyone associated with the New Age movement knows is their messiah. He is known to Christians throughout the world as Antichrist.


Now, although they do not speak of Satan, you will find many who talk about Lucifer. Alice Bailey and other occultists in the U.N. believe that Lucifer is to be exalted and revered. To them, he is a source of enlightenment and the first "rebel" which they see as righteous, and a wonderful role model.