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Re: So women think their dates are rapists at first glance, good to know.



Female chauvinism is eerily similar to white chauvinism when it comes to painting the 'other' as evil or delinquent. Is this bigotry part of toxic femininity?

Yes, there are many parallels between what is chalked up to "white privilege" and the privileges of being female. People trust women more, consider them safer and less threatening, tend to want to help them more, the police favor them, far less likely to be held accountable for a crime, etc.


Certainly there are similarities with regards to privileges as well as chauvinistic ideas.

White supremacy was compatible with early Feminism. It started when the abolitionist movement linked up with the suffragists to build a coalition of support for universal suffrage. This was to combat the fact that most women felt they had enough legal rights, and when polled, actually didn't care about the voting franchise.

After the Civil War, Lincoln only put Black male suffrage on the table, and the abolitionist took it. The suffragists, apparently feeling that women being considered equal before the law was worth jeopardizing the chances of Black men being murdered, and also completely oblivious of the fact that no women were actually required to die in the war, felt betrayed. So they started with anti-Black male propaganda. Implying that emancipated Black men were rapists and a more oppressive force On their wives than White supremacists.

Abolitionists like Frederick Douglass continued to write in support of female suffrage, but obviously distanced himself from the greater movement.

So she's saying, men risk their lives to save others and make a better life for their families while women risk theirs for a free meal?


Maybe it's just the OP that knows those kind of people but I don't know any girl that does that before a date

It's a very specific community these feminists belong to and they don't even realise it themselves to the point they push it onto everybody else and assume everyone is the same.

My favourite thing is because they surround themselves with the worse sort of men possible since they're all from posh upper class communities where men really do get away with a lot and particularly with the Hollywood actresses this is the case. The me too movement has just been a place for rich white actresses to complain about how bad their dates went in a lot of cases and revealing they hung out willingly with some genuine scumbags.

They then extrapolate these experiences to 'men' as a whole and go around making stupid twitter posts like this expecting everybody to agree with them. These people are not normal, they are rich white feminists with too much time on their hands that live in very self-segregated communities and people need to call them out on their delusional bullshit more often.



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