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I started thinking of Marxism as a religion in the 1980s. It has a set of holy books, schisms, revered leaders, an exclusionary attitude toward all other beliefs, fanatic followers who believe they're entitled to win converts by force, its own set of codified moral values, rituals, a hierarchic priesthood of annointed leaders, et cetera. It's since occurred to me it's not a religion, but an anti-religion. Marxism mimics religions in many ways, but considering its only actual purpose is to put and keep Marxists in power rather than improve or uplift the lives of its followers, I've had to refer to it as an anti-religion. Is that a worthy distinction to draw? Is that quibbling, or a significant difference?

I started to doubt the purported "science" behind so-called "anthropogenic global warming" almost as soon as I heard about it and saw the proposed "solution." Carbon dioxide is supposed to be toxic when that's what plants use to generate oxygen? Fossil fuels are going to wreck the planet, so we need governments the world over to take charge of even more aspects of our daily lives? It sounded like a con, a scam, a hustle, an elaborate pseudo-scientific lie—which is what it's turned out to be, of course.

Is AGW a religion, or a cult within the Marxist anti-religion? Is self-styled "environmentalism" actually a whole and complete belief system in and of itself? Much as Germany's numerous, well oranized nature worshippers of the 1930s jumped on the Nazi band wagon, I have a hunch "environmentalism" or "greenism" is more like a cult than a whole religion or anti-religion. If it's not a cult, would it add clarity to regard it as a sub-set of Marxism or a Marxist front that masquerades as a respectable ideology? It seems to me "environmentalism" supports Marxism in an indirect way: collective "thinking" and tyranny are the goal, and the fake "scientific" means is almost interchangeable with Marxist fake "history" and fake "scientific socialism."

I doubt I'll ever understand why so many people embrace lies when facts and genuine scientific hypotheses are so much simpler.



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