Bryan Fischer #fundie

The director of issues analysis of the fundamentalist anti-LGBT American Family Association (AFA) on Wednesday refused to answer a “simple yes or no question” about whether he had ever had a “gay impulse.”

Liberal radio host Alan Colmes pointed out that AFA’s Bryan Fischer could set an example for gay men and lesbians by explaining when he had chosen to be straight.

“Have you ever had a gay impulse?” Colmes asked.

“Alan, I am not going to talk about that,” Fischer laughed. “Alan, I’m not going to go there! Give it a rest!”

“It’s a simple yes or no question,” Colmes observed.

“We’re not going to talk about that,” Fischer insisted.

“Because maybe if you’ve been able to overcome your gay impulses and you’ve been successful in doing it, you could be a model for other people you’d like to see act the same way,” Colmes pressed.

“The focus here, Alan, is that everybody experiences sexual impulses that if they acted on those impulses, it would destroy them,” the anti-LGBT crusader declared.

“Well, can you give me an example from your own life? What would be some of yours?” the liberal host wondered.

“You’ve experienced them, I’ve experienced them. Every man, every woman has experienced certain sexual impulses that, if they acted on them, if they conducted themselves by yielding to those impulses, it would destroy them,” Fischer replied. “Ask Tiger Woods about that.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever had sexual impulses that would destroy the society or the culture or make me a deviant in some way,” Colmes quipped. “I wonder what impulses you’re talking about. If you’ve had them, I’d love to know what they are.”

“Well the focus Alan is on sexual conduct, sexual behavior, not on sexual impulse,” Fischer explained.

“So you won’t tell me whether you yourself have been able to overcome a gay impulse?” Colmes tried again.

“Alan, give it a rest,” Fischer snapped.



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