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In a public talk given in Jerusalem this past Sunday evening, messianic expert, international speaker and Torah scholar Rabbi Mendel Kessin speculated about why the three countries hardest hit by the coronavirus are China, Iran, and Italy. Is it a coincidence? Or could it be Divine punishment?

There is a theme, well established in the Hebrew scriptures, that God judges the entire world.


Rabbi Kessin has [url=https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/144693/coronavirus-god-destabilizing-world-economy-for-arrival-of-messiah-leading-rabbi-says/spoken in the recent past[/url] about how China’s unethical economic practices are linked to their role as the catalyst for the worldwide coronavirus epidemic. According to Kessin, it’s as if God is saying to China, “You want to be one of the instability factors in the world economy? Then I will begin to destroy your economy.” Kessin calls this “a measure-for-measure retribution that God is doing.”

According to Rabbi Mattiyahu Glazerson, the coronavirus is also connected to the common practice in China of eating live animals, a violation of one of the seven Noahide laws. Chinese people also commonly eat many animals that are Biblically unclean.

Kessin reflected on Iran in its role as an international sponsor of terror. “There are so many places in the world that are intensifying their evil,” he said. “At the same time, there are so many places in the world where evil is being punished.”

Iran appears to be collapsing. The government is shut down. The New York Times is reporting that there are at least seven government officials who have tested positive for the virus. Outside of China, Iran has the highest death toll from the virus.

“The two greatest nations contributing to the instability of the world are Iran and China. China is filled with thievery. There comes a time when God says, ‘Enough is enough, and since we are before the Messianic era, I’ve got to clean up the place.’”

But what about Italy? Outside of Asia, Italy currently has the highest number of people diagnosed with the coronavirus. Why might that be?

Kessin believes it’s connected directly to the Catholic church, which has been a breeding ground for replacement theology and anti-Semitism. “I believe Italy is some type of punishment for Christianity. It’s not Italy per se. It’s Catholicism. What Rome has done to Jews… they’ve been killing Jews for 2000 years. You would not believe the number of Jews who died because of Christianity,” he asserted.

Kessin also made the case that the Bubonic Plague, which began in 1347 CE and brought death to a third of Europe’s population, was Divine punishment for the Crusades when innocent Jews were viciously murdered by Crusaders.



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