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Filthy Zionist Jews Plot to Provoke World War III by Murdering Russian Ambassador

Updated, 12/20/2016

Is it not enough that the vile, hideous agents of world Jewry have murdered some 2 million or more Middle Easterners, all in a span of a mere decade? It was pay-back and more by the Zionist criminal minds to murder the progressive Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, doing so in a most cowardly act. It is surely revenge by the Mossad for its losses in the murderous yet catastrophic war plot against the people and government of Syria. Nevertheless, while the world is fixated on the death of Mr. Karlov, the endless murder of innocents in the Middle East, in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and more, goes unnoticed.

What a horrific act it is, wretched to the extreme. A gunman, poised behind the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, fires a fatal shot at this unsuspecting emissary. By no means did the ambassador have any clue regarding this. Rather, he was several minutes into a speech at a photo gallery in Ankara Monday Dec. 19, 2016, moments before he was shot dead by a gunman, identified as Mevlut Mert Altintas, aged 22. Turkish officials confirmed earlier reports that Altintas was himself a police officer, working riot detail in Ankara. The patsy inspired by his Zionist masters is himself an embedded spy, an agent of the Turkish special forces. How they provoked him to do so is unknown. Yet, without doubt, the gunman is their man, not an agent of any ‘Islamic’ group.

Yet, who can fathom the degree of this crime? While performing his seminal duties as a foreign dignitary, Mr. Karlov was senselessly gunned down, God rest his sole. An exit explosion from the arch-cowardly gunman’s filthy crime can be seen blasting through the victim’s left chest. No one but Zionist criminal minds would plot this, setting up an ambassador for an assassination, fully in public view:

Even so, regardless of who is the gunman this is a Zionist provocation, and it serves only the schemes and conniving of world Jewry’s plot for world domination.



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