Kpt Tightpants #racist

Re: Ideal world

As a CI believer, I wouldn't want any contact with other races, as this almost always led to the white Israelites being punished. Since I've stated that I'm a CI believer, this should say a lot about what my ideal world would look like - no gays, no other races, no 'jews', etc. However, I don't believe that the best solution is to kill all other races - I just want to be left to my own devices.

I also wouldn't define my preferred type of segregation to be of the 1960's, where blacks lived among whites, but couldn't take advantage of everything the whites had. I would rather have separate communities with strict borders where everyone else could have whatever rights they wanted and the same for us, and just kind of let time go forward and see who prospers and who doesn't (my money is on the whites).

I believe whites would be far ahead by now, had we not dragged all of this other luggage (Jews jewing us, blacks taking our tax dollars, mexicans working for the dime, etc.) with us. I can't wait for the breaking point where a new post-America world starts to cherish white heritage again, instead of insisting that it just fade away. As far as timelines, though, I guess I'd like to see it in my lifetime (so, the next 50 or so years), but I'm afraid that most first world countries don't just rise up and forcefully change for the better like they use to. So, being realistic, I'd like to think this would all take place in the next 100 years, but even more realistically, whites would have to be backed into a corner (be made into a minority and mistreated because of it) before we took things into our own hands and forced this separation. Might be too late by then, as even now most whites sympathize with the other races. So, even though whites aren't the minority yet, the ones that care about the white race and have pride in it are most certainly a minority.

The Jews used their magic to get whites on the mongrel race's side, and left us hard pressed to get them on our side (pro-separation, that is).



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