autistcel123 #sexist

It might seem to us that it's obvious, but just to lay it out there. If both genders were equal and were treated equally by society, then society would end up creating a bunch of female incels just like it did for males. "B-BUT THERE ARE FEMALE INCELS" says a normie?

Let's assume for a second that this is true, even despite that you still see that 99.9% of incels are male. Why aren't the numbers even close to each other? Why don't they have their own community like us? When people complain about alleged "creeps" why are 99.9% of these creeps male? You would think that males and females would be incels in similar numbers if we had equal treatment but they're not even fucking CLOSE to equal.

It's clear that society treats males and females very differently and males are getting the shit end of it. If you're a chad you can avoid most of this bs. The rest? You're fucked. It's fucking amazing that femoids have the audacity to get degrees in useless shit like gender studies and art while men for the most part do the opposite and then complain about the 87 cent wage gap afterwards.

Meanwhile practically any woman can easily find a betabux and be set for life. Have no skills? Jump in front of a cam, go tee-hee for a few hours and do nothing useful, and make thousands of dollars. How many men can do that? Every fucking conscious day is suicide fuel.



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