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We have a Marxist racist homophile in the Oval office who is truly attempting to transform a great nation into a third-world hellhole.

Low-information voters believe he is their savior while high-information voters know him as a surreptitious divisive destroyer.

Low-information voters view the EEOC as a vaunted Federal Commission incapable of unjust pronouncements – Federal Commissions have veracity and insure the public good. They protect us and insure fairness and equality.

High-information voters suspect the usual corrupt evil intentions of our manipulator-in-chief so they do their basic follow-up and find the EEOC continues O’Screw-me’s malevolent transformation.

All five Commission seats and the post of general counsel to the commission are filled by the President of the U.S., subject to confirmation by the Senate.

In 2010, Obama made “recess appointments” of three Commission posts: Jacquelin Berrien, Chai Feldblum, and Victoria Lipnic – no Senate needed.

Jacquelin Berrien, head of the Commission, is a black ex-NAACP lawyer who was program officer of the Ford Foundation Peace and Social Justice Foundation. She is married to Brooklyn social activist and community organizer Peter M. Williams, who once authored a report, “Why New York is Falling Behind in Food Stamp Registration.”

Chai Feldblum is a progressive author and activist for disability and LGBT rights. (This is good, otherwise disability payments might skyrocket and LGBT issues might take on inordinate import in American life).

In 1993 she was the legal director for the Campaign for Military Service, a group which lobbied to overturn policies forbidding gay and bisexual people from serving openly in the U.S. armed forces. More recently, she was the lead drafter of the Employment Non-discrimination Act, which would prohibit employment discrimination based on someone’s real or perceived sexual orientation (I thought I was a woman but my mustache has me confused – can I use both bathrooms – hire me anyway).

Victoria Lipnic is a lesbian law professor who campaigns for LGBT issues.

One commissioner position was vacated Jan. 30, 2013, leaving the fourth position filled by lone Republican appointee Constance Barker, the only chicken left in a coop of foxes.

If they are not homosexual, black, or driven by hypocrisy and a Communist Manifesto, they will not be chosen – or they will be terminated – by the most despicable unholy president in American history.



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