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Imagine that you have a Petri dish in front of you. Here now is a biological experiment for you to conduct. Make one small drop of water. Begin with nothing in the dish, and don’t use any existing materials.

You will first need to produce hydrogen atoms from nothing, and then oxygen atoms using the same process. Then combine one oxygen atom for every two hydrogen atoms. This could take you some time as there are an estimated 1.67 sextillion molecules of H2O in a drop of water.

Step two—You will need to make an amazingly complex phenomenon called “surface tension.” This gives the water the ability to resist external forces. In other words it will allow certain insects to land on the surface without sinking. The liquid needs to be drinkable, to be able to evaporate, freeze, boil, cook, cleanse, as well as be able to be used for swimming, surfing, waterskiing, ice skating, ice hockey, snow skiing and snowboarding. Also, make it so that it will quench human thirst.

Just this manufacturing of one drop will make you instantly rich and famous, because it will mean an end to droughts, and the billions of acres of dry soils around the world will become fertile and therefore food-producing. It will mean an end to starvation.

Here’s a quick intelligence test for you to do before you start the experiment. Do you believe that water is intelligently designed? If you say that no intelligence was involved in its construction (and yet you haven’t a clue how to begin to make water yourself), where does that leave you on the intelligence scale?



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