Cat's Paw #fundie

Laws that would benefit incels

Legalize prostitution.

Stop subsidizing abortion and birth control.

Ban abortion except when it threatens the life or health of the mother, rape, incest, or fetal defect.

Abolish privacy laws. Women should not have the right to sue people who redistribute their slutty photos.

Abolish defamation laws that makes slut-shaming illegal and abortion-shaming illegal.

Abolish medical privacy laws that protect the knowledge of a woman's abortions or birth control medications. Taxpayers subsidize abortion and birth control so they have the right to know which women use those services.

Legalize discrimination against sluts, against women who is on birth control and against women who has had or is planning to have an abortion.

Make adultery and premarital sex illegal.

End alimony.

End the welfare state that makes women dependent on the state rather than letting men provide for them.

Make paternalist testing mandatory.

Outlaw all material (including TV shows and music) encouraging promiscuity.

Censor feminism and anything that is pro-abortion.

Ban all women from voting.

Outlaw all tattoos, "emo haircuts", immodest clothing, and anything that is contrary to monogamous culture.

Ban women from working. All women should stay at home to support their husbands and children.



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