The Invisible Man #fundie

[About an article on Fox News called "5 Things you can only put in a man cave."]

WTF? Now a man can't even have a SINGLE god damn room free of twat influence in his house (which he probably pays for), while she takes over the rest of the whole damn place? Absolutely disgusting. Feminists have the nerve to say that women are oppressed by men but write articles like this and don't see what this does to marginalize men? This is almost like satire. Men are just stupid, make no sense, and can't do anything right. So we lady folk have to step in and fix their dumb mistakes in their petty stupid little man caves.

Only in the mind of a dumb feminist does a SINGLE ROOM inside a house that man makes his own, while the women has free reign and control all over the rest of the house, "dis-empower" women.



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