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Non/Anti-Catholics please skip this thread. I have no interest in debating the Catholic faith with those who despise or reject it.

As long time members/lurkers know, I am a TRADITIONALIST PRE-VATICAN II Catholic. Or, what was until the 1960's known as a regular Catholic.

I've long described myself as 99.999% Sedevacantist, because while it has been clear for almost five decades that the 'new' Catholic church celebrating the 'new mass' has strayed mightily from the TRUE teachings and the TRUE Mass set down for all time at the Council of Trent, I always held out hope that God had somehow managed to maintain the succession of the throne of St. Peter even through the tumult of the latter half of the 20th century.

Of course, mystics and visionaries through the centuries have written about a time when a false and evil 'church' would occupy the Vatican and that the 'true' Pope would be concealed, I've always hoped that they were NOT speaking of the present Novus Ordo/nervous disorder (ahem) 'Catholic' church...

Well, today that very last little speck of hope in me died.

'Pope' Francis today directly contradicted Pope Pius XI's DIVINI REDEMPTORIS with his Marxist attack on the greatest engine of wealth the world has ever seen - the free market! Since PREVIOUS Popes have declared Marxism incompatible with true Catholicism (and it IS!), it is a settled matter, and yet Mr. Bergoglio (the pretender to the throne of St. Peter who styles himself Pope Francis) presumes to advocate for Marxism!

Clearly Mr. Bergoglio did not pay attention to what has been done to his native Argentina by the Marxist/Feminist (sorry for the unnecessary double labeling there) President Kirchner, and the condition of the poor in his home town of Buenos Aires, much less the total elimination of the middle class and wealthy by the vile machinations of this sadistic statist ****.

Anyway, there is no point to this rant other than to say that it is now clear to me that the throne of St. Peter has been vacant since the (ahem) selection of (ahem) 'Pope' John XXIII, since a heretic cannot be Pope according to long standing Catholic law, and every man who's presumed to use the title of 'Pope' since then has been a manifest ****ing heretic (with the possible exception of the conveniently murdered John Paul I.)


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[Concerning a man who tricked his pregnant girlfriend into taking an abortion pill, causing her to miscarry.]

What is the actual hot button issue here?
Woman's birth control "fails' . Birth control was supposedly being used yet mysteriously when the "accidental" pregnancy happens , no move is made to correct the situation , the man expresses his desire not to go through with this , the woman despite all her precautions failing suddenly has a change of heart and decides this is what she wants to do .I must contemplate that if the woman had intended not to have a child and planned thusly and it failed that she would wish to not go through with this , also add in that the man in question is not on board with this . I feel this was a staged or planned failure or negligence on her part in an effort to have his child without his consent ( as if a man's consent is even an issue either way in these things) .The man in question I feel saw through this deception and decided that he would compound her scheming with a scheme of his own to disarm her plan , and it appears to have worked . He deceived her into ingesting a poison , she hi-jacked his reproductive power against his will . Both are despicable human beings , both have committed acts that are amoral , one in a selfish scheme to create a beneficial scenario centered around her own desires , the other due to an unwillingness to accept having his earnings and potential future hi jacked by this entitled person . Is one worse than the other ? Does the reactions of the man out weigh the actions of the woman or vice versa? the courts heavy handed approach to a male is nothing new this is the standard pussy stroking anti testicular beat down on an unlicensed penis carrier . The obvious double standard of it is wrong when the man does it because he lacked her consent , yet if he wanted the baby and she didn't it would be 100% acceptable for her throw this in the chipper is typical . i'm so numb to it I don't even get angry anymore . -DM- gonna wrap my hand around a rye n coke

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[About an article on Fox News called "5 Things you can only put in a man cave."]

WTF? Now a man can't even have a SINGLE god damn room free of twat influence in his house (which he probably pays for), while she takes over the rest of the whole damn place? Absolutely disgusting. Feminists have the nerve to say that women are oppressed by men but write articles like this and don't see what this does to marginalize men? This is almost like satire. Men are just stupid, make no sense, and can't do anything right. So we lady folk have to step in and fix their dumb mistakes in their petty stupid little man caves.

Only in the mind of a dumb feminist does a SINGLE ROOM inside a house that man makes his own, while the women has free reign and control all over the rest of the house, "dis-empower" women.

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While you may be "technically" correct in saying [all women are not like that], the reality is that most are.

All rattlesnakes do not inject venom every time they bite. Is that a chance you are willing to take?

There is not truly all or never, but the reality is that is doesn't matter. If you do find one of those very rare women, and she remains decent, by all means you have a keeper. There are a few. However, we are all human and flawed.

Don't let your biggest flaw be......... "They're not all like that".

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Women do not war. They do not shoot the enemy. They don't kill by the dozens.
No no no... they are the ones who TRIGGER" wars and they are the ones who reap the benefits of war.

If womn ran the world, they would turn every man against all other men so their benefits
would be much higher and they would blame men (of course) because the ones who fight and the ones who do all the dying
are men.
Don't be blinded. Many (almost all) women rulers made war. A world, totally under the yoke of women would be a world of death.

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The Pussy Riot group was funded by outside of Russia organizations, to push feminist agenda. The Russian people rejected communism in its bureaucratic form, and recognize propaganda when they see it. It is no wonder that they got what they deserved.

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Maybe because I have daughters that I really worry about but I am not liking this line of thought. Granted they are female and thus evil but I would hope that if some nutjob attacked one of them and there were people around that could help without putting themselves at risk that they would help. They are just too many crazies out there for us to have this callous attitude.

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Succinctly, hypergamy is amoral, and impervious to reason.

A man has caviar once, but his experience doesn't lead him to assume that he deserves caviar every day. Meat and potatoes will do just fine.

A woman, on the other hand, gets her world rocked by a guy with nine inches, and from then on, in her mind, every other man falls short.

Men must run civilization because the hypergamous instinct that drives woman, if left unchecked, cannot help but run civilization into the ground. This is what we are witnessing all about us. The advanced technology we enjoy will cushion the fall, at least for a while, but fall this civilization must.

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SLPC is a communist front that operates for the communist party (Democratic Party) to silence or intimidate individuals that do not along with their party line. I will personally fight these Communists until the day I die. I am so sick and tired of their retarded rhetoric that goes against logic. The communists want to control every aspect of your life. Feminism is nothing more than a hate movement backed by the communist party to destroy the family unit. Women have made a deal with the devil and will reap what they sow.

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Religions are funny.

An ordinary religion tells men to crash a plane into a tower full of joos and we will bang 72 hot virgin teenagers in paradise.

A secular religion tells men to be good little slaves for the possibility of some aging 37 year grudgingly settling for them.

I think I'll take the more boxcuttery religion.

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At 52% of the population, they [women] now control our society. When a child with little control over their life, desires, little ability to plan for the future and little ability to even see the future beyond minutes has more control than you do over your countries future you are screwed.

Politicians may be males overall (even women don't want to follow women) but they know where there votes come from. Effectively we live in a gynocracy, a democratic matriarchy, where women get the children, the house and a lifelong meal ticket with every divorce, preferential hiring quotas and treatment at work and school, same salaries as males for much less work and earlier retirement.

This is why women were told to stay inside and STFU.

Women control our culture, consumer markets and government today. The result:

- Political correctness is more important than common sense
- Bureaucracy is more important than expedience
- Feelings are more important than fact
- Poorly build designer crap is more important than solidly build to last tools
- Rewarding the group is more important than rewarding the individual
- Special interests groups (defined by race, gender and sexual orientation) are more important than the best man for the job
- Wealth redistribution is more important than earning it

And then people wonder why young men aren't up to much these days... Over the long run, after a few generations, men see the playing field is uneven and a majority will decide it's not worth it to play. This will occur at a level we will no longer be able to ignore within 10 to 20 years and some Western countries are already starting to feel this (Japan's parasite singles and herbivores for example).

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I gave up on reasoning with women a long time ago. Few women have the capability of reasoning. It's not evolutionarily advantageous for women to be reasonable. .

In fact, it actually hurt them during the early days of our species because youthful naivety would fool a man into thinking a woman was chronologically younger, therefore, more virile. Evolution has decided a long time ago that women aren't meant to be reasoned with.

The "Girls are Icky" Award

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Gotta agree with ratslicer. I have had some bust ups of biblical proportions on there. I've probably garnered a reputation for being a nasty fucker. I'm not actually. I just hit back extremely hard when I am attacked. The problem with LS.com is that the mods do not come down hard enough when they need to. Women have too much of a say over there. I just CANNOT accept that a woman can have ANY idea of what it's like to never have sex or even date. For the simple reason that even the fattest, ugliest women can get dick. If you are a man, however, unless you are in the top 20% for looks, it is nigh on impossible to get women to even treat you as a human being, let alone date or fuck. As a result of my continued lack of a partner, I have become a very cynical man indeed, to the point where I now actually dislike women. I have also had my name, AND my picture plastered all over whamburgler's blog. According to him, I am not only a drug addict but a pedophile. (perfectly okay for women to lust after teenage boys of course).

The bottom line is, LS.com has gone from a place where a guy like myself could find some kind of solace, to a place where you either toe the part line or you ain't liked. And the way to keep this place secure is to simply not let women in NO MATTER WHAT.

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It is said that, when a man dies, that part of him which is of this world returns to it, and that which is from the Lord, called 'soul,' returns to Him, or is banished from Him. Women show no evidence of having a soul, and so it follows that they cannot be banished, nor can they be exalted, after death. Like everything else that is of this world, they simply decompose, and so it should follow that women have no fear of Hell.

This belief is common in many ancient religions, and is still the belief of a sect of Islam in central Iraq.

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(Part of a much larger post)

Women do not "love" men ... women do not "love" their parents ... women do not "love" each other ... women do not even "love" their own children ... actually, women are totally INCAPABLE of "love". Even the ancients knew and wrote extensively about this unspoken truth. They are creatures whose sole purpose is self-preservation. Like the shark, they have small brains, no higher self/consciousness, no shred of humanity, and yet are masters of survival and have no enemies other than themselves.

Only men are capable of this concept we call "love" and this is a fact, when was the last time you heard of a woman jumping in front of someone to take a bullet for them?


Women think ONLY of themselves 24 hours a day 7 days a week in a rather narcissistic manner, and this mindset is NOT conducive to chemical reactions such as "love".

So guys, don't feel bad if women do not "appreciate" your "kindness", "love", or "personality" ... you are just dealing with a creature whose walnut-sized brain simply CANNOT process or reciprocate any of the things I just mentioned. That is all. The creature does not mean to "hurt" your feelings, what's happening is that your "kindness" simply does not register with it's ancient reptilian brain. It's nothing "personal" really.

In short ... It's not you, it's them

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"I feel"

As opposed to "I rationally and objectively think"

Ever since I read about this "I feel" thing I've noticed many many girls say it. And I have never once herd a man say it, ever.

Men don't feel. We analyze data and observe then come to a logical conclusion. Women make statements backed up by nothing and men are expected to shut up and deal with it, or give them an intellectual pass because deep down we know they have the minds of children.