Sye TenB #fundie

Matt dick said: Why should I, as a non-Christian, see your faith as the one true faith?

Simple Matt, because if Christianity were not true, truth would be without meaning. Christianity is the only faith that can consistently support the preconditions of intelligibility, such as truth, knowledge, logic, and reasoning.

Atomic chimp said: Ray every day you and your minions talk in absolutes concerning or connected to unsupported assertion you make.

Is that absolutely true??? That’s the problem, you talk in absolutes but don’t even realize it. The only way one can know anything is by or through revelation by someone (God) who knows everything, and this is exactly what we claim. Sure, you can disagree with that claim, but any knowledge claim you make in doing so, will be inconsistent with your worldview. If you doubt this, please tell us how it is possible for you to know anything according to your worldview.



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