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Anyone with a mortgage or bank-loan is a willing participant in this Satanic scam.

[I cant get a loan now? as a grad student i guess i'm majorly screwed.....]

No...you're already being majorly screwed by the Satanic system to whom you will likely be enslaved through debt for the rest of your life.

The time you will spend working to pay off those debts is precious time you could be spending promoting God's works, appreciating His creation, being with your family, fighting Satanism and so forth. By working you to the point of exhaustion through debt, the system ensures your compliance and prevents your rebellion.

Even if you personally are fortunate enough to end up without any debts, your federal and state authorities have debts which they will pay by taxing your labor. So one way or another, you will probably end up working for them and for their master Satan. Most people do.

Most education is corrupt and un-Christian anyway, with many universities teaching a range of satanic trivia while perverting students into an "anything-goes" eclecticism. Such parasitic and pointless universities should be abolished immediately and destroyed, or turned into poor-houses, in my opinion. Students should start again with a Bible, a piece of paper and a pencil.



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