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Top 3 questions that nor(zucc)mies absolutely CANNOT answer:

1. Show proof of the existance of a woman who wants a boyfriend, but has literally zero guys interested in her. (Including ugly guys too)

2. Name a right that men have that women dont. (There are many that women have that men dont)

3. If a single man and single woman both like each other (as people) enough to be friends, and they're not dating, what exactly is stopping them BESIDES physical attraction? (If you say they're not "compatible", then why the fuck are they friends to begin with?)

Edit: More questions:

1. Why exactly do women's shirts have a "low cut" right where their cleavage is, IF NOT to show off their cleavage. Do you genuinely think it's just a coincidence? Additionally, what exactly is the purpose of women wearing skin-tight pants, IF NOT to show off their legs\ass\curves.

2. Is the amount of sex someone has a reason to shame them or not? (Referring to "virgin"\"slut")

Any braincel or non braincel is free to provide explanations for this. I'll even allow fem"""cels""" to pitch in.



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