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Because science is a false religion. It is a disguise used by anti-God conspirators to indoctrinate people into abandoning truth and serving a false idol. They wrap their faith in words that make it seem "neutral" but it is not at all neutral. It is anti-God, anti-truth, anti-human.

Those who accept their teaching and bow down to it can have their indoctrination recognized and move up the heirarchy.

Other "Scientists" that is those that bow before the false god "scient" will award their proteges with diplomas and jobs. That is why the medical profession is rife with professional killers. They call for more and more killing all the time to serve "scient" his blood meals.

Abortion, Euthanasia, Infanticide, depopulation are the fruits of the scient worshippers. Each of those requires the death of people.


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