Weirdstuntedcel #sexist

I’m just gonna jump straight to it: I used to jack off to cuckold porn. I pictured myself as the often tied-up cuck. It made me hate myself hard but it made me cum even harder. Every woman I felt attracted to, I imagined getting her and then having her stolen from me by a “better” man. My heart hated it but my cock loved it.

I see a lot of misconceptions about cucks here. A lot of people think that cucks genuinely enjoy it, and that they’re doing it because they love pleasing m’lady at all costs. This isn’t true. It’s not about the woman, it’s about themselves. They HATE themselves so much that they want to punish themselves. They need to validate how inferior they are. That’s how I felt. I hated my self so much that I got off to embarrassing myself. It was sick.

Cucks are sad, and not just in the “pathetic” way. They’re genuinely sick. They’ve been shat on so much that they developed a defense mechanism to believe they enjoy it. That shit doesn’t turn me on anymore because I worked my ass off to see myself as a worthwhile human being. Laugh if you will but I forced myself in front of a mirror multiple times a day and said things like “You’re just as good as everyone else. Not a single human being is better than you. You deserve respect. You are worthy.” I would even go as far as to tell myself I was BETTER than everyone else. Walk into a store, see a Chadlite? “I’m better than him. I bet he can’t do ____ like I can.” Soon, the thought of being cucked angered and repulsed me and I can no longer get off to it.



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