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RE: Stanford Rape Case: Victim Letter Going Viral

I'm a recent alum of Stanford, so this case is particularly amusing to me. I think the 6-month sentence was too harsh.

Since when did fingering become rape?

As the post above indicates, this was clearly just a hypergamous slut wanting to cheat on her boyfriend with an "alpha male" star swimmer. Stanford is a fairly isolated campus. She was NOT a student...those girls only came to frat parties to fuck jocks and frat boys.

Then we have the 2 white knight male graduates students (likely virgins) who reported the incident. Grad students on this campus basically get no action, and are looked down upon by the undegrads as total nerds...these 2 guys were acting more from jealousy than a desire to help.

Finally, the victim's letter...classic attention whoring.

So many game lessons in these "20 minutes" of action.



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