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I first had doubts about the moon landing around 2015, but didn't come to a definitive conclusion. As the years went on, I was sympathetic to moon deniers because it was clear that those in power are lying about everything. If you catch someone in one lie, such as your wife, it's natural to evaluate other things they've stated to you as fact. I started to believe that it was more likely we didn't land on the moon than not.

I'm ready now to come out as a moon landing denier.

(after his moon trutherism is compared to post-modernism)

Denying Biblical teachings and scripture strikes me as a postmodern spirit. Questioning the existence of Holy truth and distrusting established Biblical facts are hallmarks of this philosophy. Ultimately, it has resulted in a rejection of the achievements and collective knowledge of God and His prophets. To call all of that into question seems like a play out of the leftist playbook. Deny the creation of God, glorify man's achievements, cut off your connection to the Holy Spirit, etc.

(After a poster tells him not to underestimate human ingenuity)

This is called "secular humanism", and is what has allowed us to inherit the world we have today. In other words, "human ingenuity" leads to gay pride, feminism, transgender children, deplatforming, fake news, etc. etc.

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Western Protestantism as been facing dangerous upheaval over the last two decades. I still believe Evangelicals are still fighting against the tide of secularism, but the waves strong and there are many.

However, I can also think of few who are more blue-pilled than the naive, devout Evangelical man. The pedestalizing of women I saw in my Baptist church growing up was overwhelming. The only thing expected from a wife was cooking. They were not to be exposed to anything difficult or strenuous.

These were men who professed to be the heads of their household, while their bathrooms were decorated in lavender and flowers, their bed frames white with lace skirts, they drive a minivan or feminine SUV with a stick family decal, their wives buy their clothes and select what they wear in public, determine his style of hair.

You might say this is nitpicking on frivolity and attribute it to the man's apathy concerning domestic affairs. Not true. A man's home is his castle isn't an axiom for nothing. We care and take pride in our surroundings. No single man's house could be mistaken for a woman's, yet married men allow their homes to be overrun with decorations they'd never choose. Same for clothing and hairstyle. A lot of these guys will say the don't care about their appearance, but they do. Their behavior is just indicative of their neutered life and their wive's disregard for her husband's preferences. I find it very telling.

Show me a man with a lavender bathroom and I'll show you a man who does not have the respect of his wife.

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The God pill


If you've been following my work for a while, you'll notice I've been warning up to faith in God over the years, especially the past year. This is due to witnessing the growth of evil in society, my personal experiences with unbridled hedonism, and my sister's death. This reached a climax when I received a message while on mushrooms which cemented that faith further, an experience which I will share in the future after I'm done processing it. Sure of my path, I decided to publicly "come out".


Many comments from men said how the black pill was a gateway to the God pill. There seems to be a progression:

Blue pill: Ignorance, denial of nature
Red pill: Truth through materialism (muscles, women, money, status)
Black pill: Acceptance of one's powerlessness, withdrawal from materialist society
God pill: Submission to God's will

I believe that remaining black pilled is unsustainable because of the high degree of despair, meaninglessness, and hopelessless it requires, which goes beyond the human ability to handle. Some men who are black pilled may just revert back to the red pill, and seek renewed material gains from their masculine efforts and labor.

The God pill does feel like the final destination, where life becomes about asking Him for help and performing His will in a way that embraces good. My mind is currently buzzing with this new perspective, and I wouldn't be surprised if much of my new work will be framed around it.

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(Emphasis original)

I recently made a list of all my dry spells since losing my virginity many years ago.

Before the red pill and game
My 2 longest dry spells were both after LTRs ended.
1 year and 3 months in each case.
....and I was trying really, really hard to get laid, albeit with beta methods,

After the red pill and game
6 months on 2 separate occasions.
Mostly out of laziness, but I wrote about the other reasons for that in this other thread.

Years spent as a virgin

However, the many years I spent as a virgin seem like a real and true CRIME against my happiness and sexuality. I say the word CRIME in the most literal sense. I feel like the whole system or society or way of life needs to be put on trial for making me frustrated and angry and miserable for so many years, and I should be paid compensation for all the years I missed on sexual experiences because I intentionally kept a clueless beta by everyone and everything.

Everyone and everything was conspiring against me getting any sex or female affection, and only teaching me things that were always leading me to failure over and over. I'm talking about movies, television, books, my elders, my parents, teachers, school, university, work colleagues, government legislation, law courts, the police, male friends, and especially girls all giving misleading, totally false and downright dangerous information on interacting with women. I’m not just thinking of myself, but of all you guys here and I’m also thinking of every frustrated virgin who has never been laid, every man who has spent years as an incel, every man who has been cheated on, and every man whose wife left him, destroyed all he built, and took his money and children. If you really think about it, how many male suicides worldwide, or murders across the globe could have been prevented just from teaching men game and getting them laid with some female affection ? Contemplated this way what we have had for the last 50 to 80 years is a crime of epic proportions.

In my grandfathers time every man was guaranteed at least 1 virgin woman in his life and some sex and affection from her provided he got married to her. Back then, even if your if your wife eventually became a total cold bitch or got fat, you still had a family, a home and affection from your children. The men who didn’t get married became monks or priests…this is how old society dealt with the MGTOWS and few gays back in the day. Sluts who had children out of wedlock usually were reformed by making putting them into convents and making them nuns. Society was stable, families were strong, children were plentiful, divorce was rare. Being single and living alone was really frowned upon. The old system ensured that in one way or another, both men and women had some form of company and satisfaction in their lives. Nowadays the only thing keeping men "sane" is endless online porn. Except that it isn't really....it's just keeping them weak and demotivated. In those countries where porn is still banned men act very, very differently.

I wish I could pin the blame on all my sexless years on one group of people or one thing....but the endless cockblocking information was coming from so many different angles and sources that all I can call it is "the system" or "modern society".

I think this is the reason so many of us get deeply political once we start to master game. We see that the way the world around us has been structured since we got our first boners has been always been totally against our happiness and satisfaction, and also taking most of our money in the process. This is the real reason we have the system we have now....it simply produces more much money at the expense of everything else, while keeping most men physically and mentally weak and frustrated & unhappy at the same time.

This is also the reason why today we are considered politically subversive and dangerous by those who want to keep the current system in place at all costs.
If we are ever in real control and the patriarchy returns, many, many people will be out of power forever and all their cash cows will all die at once.

Game makes men feel and act like real men.
Game keeps your body and mind satisfied, healthy and strong

Game saves lives.
Game is power.

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Due to my recent turn to faith, my sense of morality is becoming based on the Bible. I've stopped a lot of behaviors that I've used to do and am in the process of making other changes. I've also realized that the majority of my published materials and online platforms lead men into sin or enable them to partake in sin. I no longer want this to occur, so I am implementing two new rules on the forum that are effective on June 1, 2019.

1 .You can no longer discuss fornication or pre-marital sexual activity

Things you can discuss:

-Meeting women with the intention of entering a relationship with them
-Attracting women
-Going on dates
-How to enter relationships
-Using technology to meet women
-How to maintain relationships
-Sexual activity while married

Things you can no longer discuss:

-Meeting women with the intention of fornicating with them
-How to bang
-Physical intimacy with women you're not married to beyond the act of kissing
-Maintaining relationships with multiple women (i.e. spinning plates)
-Cheating on significant others (adultery)
-Using technology to fornicate
-Discussion of travel destinations which are best for fornication
-Stories of sexual activity while not married
-Promoting masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, etc.

2. You can no longer use pornographic or vulgar language

-Refrain from using terms like "I fucked her" or "I want to fuck her." Do not describe sexual encounters or situations that are beyond the act of kissing unless you are married.
-Refrain from using profanity if a cleaner word would suffice.

These rules will cause great change to the forum

The above two rules will mostly apply to the Game and Travel subforums. I know that I may lose some of you because of these rules, but I can no longer help men lead a life of sin, because doing so is weighing on my conscious.

I created this forum in 2008 to help men fornicate, so I don't know if it's possible to "retrofit" it for another purpose, but it's worth a try. In the meanwhile, I will gradually lock threads that break these new rules if they become active. The fully updated rules that new members see is stickied in the Everything Else forum. It can be viewed here.

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I say way to go cop lady. It's about time somebody starts roughing up these filthy bastards. Homeless people are everywhere. They stink, the make a mess, and the take away from the aesthetic value business try to maintain. Nobody wants to walk into McDonald's and enjoy 20 mcnuggets with one of these filthy slobs staring them down.

I just went to the San Francisco area. There's bums and scumbags everywhere. Then there's all kinds of services going around to help them out, but they don't take them. Maybe if the cops start pushing them around they'll get the point. Get off the street, and if you can't do for yourself, accept the help of one of the thousands of programs out there for you. Also, let's not forget, if that was a black homeless guy, she would have just shot him.

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[Last quote from "Girl Quotes Translated to English"]

Trying my hand at some common dating profile copy:

"I'm curvy" - I'm fat

"I'm a BBW" - I'm very fat and also ugly

"I have (x number of) kids and they're my world" - I regret having these kids which make it so hard for me to date

"I love adventures" - I love selecting a new show to binge watch

"Looking for a partner in crime" - looking for a dick or looking to have food/drinks bought for me

"I love hiking/the outdoors" - I like being in nature no more than once a month but tweet and upload photos incessantly when I do

"I'm a badass chick" - I'm a basic bitch with no intellectual interests

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["Girl Quotes Translated to English"]

What to pay attention to on online dating profile (not from me)

Good fun – right up her own ass, looking for someone else to fund her partying.

Good sense of humour – you’ll need one to date her, especially when you realise the vast gulf between her profile and reality.

Looking for young at heart funny man – I sucked the live out of all my former boyfriends, now I need new blood.

Looking to meet interesting people – I am a fucking princess.

Seeking something real – unlike me, I am completely fake

Looking for a truthful man – I am a lying cunt

Laugh – you won’t, not with me

Looking for genuine kind man – I need a carer

Looking for my soulmate – I am an emotional vampire, this is a variant on the young at heart funny man above

Good fun honest man – I am boring and dishonest

Feeling adventurous – Looking for a shag, to be fair, all women are looking for a shag, but these types will actually put out on the first date.

Looking for good hearted man – are you seeing a trend here yet?

Life’s one big adventure – I am a fucking princess, again

Looking for someone honest and caring – see the trends?

Looking for a guy who is honest – sigh—

Looking for a genuine bloke – sigh—

Looking for genuine, honest, sexy man – sigh—

Looking for genuine, intelligent bloke – sigh, but the inclusion of the “intelligent” keyword means you must not be interested in her looks.. lol

Looking for kind goodhearted man – sigh

Looking for funloving gentleman – the inclusion of the “gentleman” keyword is the clue that this skank is anything but a lady

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["Girl Quotes Translated to English"]

I just want to marry you know an, average, regular guy. Not too much of this, not too much of that."


"I want to marry a guy who is far enough to the right on the bell curve such that I am attracted to him, but far enough to the left that he feels I'm the best he'll ever do, and will be easy to manipulate."

Gaming women in their 30s is like Sun Tzu shit: feign vulnerability when you are armed to the teeth. When you have no options, pretend that you do, and when you do have options, pretend that you don't.

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["Girl Quotes Translated to English"]


Esther VILAR got some good ones from The Manipulated Man but I can't find them

Here they are:

A man must be able to protect me. = A man must be able to spare me from all forms of discomfort. (What else could he protect her from? Robbers? An atom bomb?)

I need a man to make me feel secure = Above all, he must keep his money worries to himself.

I must be able to look up to a man = To be a possible candidate as a husband, he must be more intelligent, responsible, courageous, industrious and stronger than I am. Otherwise, what purpose would he serve?

Of course I would give up my career if my husband asked me. = Once he is earning enough money, I am never going to work again.

The only thing I want in life is to make him happy = I will do everything in my power to stop him from knowing how much I exploit him.

I will never bother him with trivial problems. = I'll do anything rather than keep him away from his work.

I am there for him alone. = No other man has to work for me.

In future I shall devote my life to my family. = I'm not going to lift another finger for the rest of my life. It's his turn now.

I don't believe in Women's Liberation. = I'm not such a fool. I'd rather let a man do the work for me.

After all, we are living in an age of equality. = If he thinks he can order me about, just because he earns money for me, he is sorely mistaken.

I'm so bad at doing things like that. = That's a job he will have to do. What's he there for, anyway?

He knows absolutely everything. = He even serves the function of an encyclopedia.

If a couple really love each other, there is no need to get married at once. = He is being a bit obstinate, but I'll soon get him around in bed.

I love him. = He is an excellent workhorse.

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["Girl Quotes Translated to English"]

I like expensive dinners.
"I can count on one hand, literally, the number of women I have ever met that can take that kind of advice, accept it and make use of it without their epic egos setting metaphorical fire to the conversation.

Most women "looking for advice" are in reality looking for someone to validate their cosmic victimhood, because it's not really their fault, because it's never their fault. This behavioural trait isn't absent among men, but when we fail society cares not, while when women fail there is no shortage of comforting platitudes on offer from every vector."

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["Girl Quotes Translated to English"]

"I'm sapiosexual." - I'm a retard trying to sound smart
"Tired of players/liars." - This is the type of man I am consistently attracted to
"We're not having sex." - We're having sex
"Where have all the good men gone?" - Wall-smash imminent, beta required
"Are you a player?" - I'm getting tingles in the vaginal area
"I'm a feminist." - You're paying for this meal
"No hook-ups! Don't even ask!" Looking explicitly for hook-ups, enjoys anal.

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["Girl Quotes Translated to English"

"I'm not like the other girls" = I'm nuts
"I'm a free spirit" = I flake more than the cereal aisle
"I'm driven/strong-willed/career-oriented" = make me call you "Daddy" and I'll soak everything in a 5 foot radius
"Don't think we're having sex tonight"/"don't get any funny ideas" = we're fucking, so long as you don't do anything retarded from now til then
"Tired of the games" = the Wall has either been hit or will be soon

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[More "Girl Quotes Translated to English"]]

"He's a nice guy"
You were only good for fucking me, but he can buy me things and raise my kids.

"I can't kiss"
I have a boyfriend so I have to say this, if something happens I'm not a slut because I warned you.

"You're possessive"
I want to fuck other guys behind your back but you won't let me, so I'm going to flip it on you so that you feel bad and let me go out with friend from work.

"You don't trust me"
You're on to me, I need to get you to change your mind about what I'm really doing behind your back.

"I don't know yet"
I have to see what other options are out there before I can confirm.

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["Girl Quotes Translated to English"]

"I'm not like other girls"

= I'm so self-centered I don't notice that I'm exactly like other girls.

"I hate guys who are assholes"

= My pussy gets soaking wet for badboys but I'm not good enough out of bed for one to keep me around so my ego hates it when they next me.

"I won't do X" (X = blowjobs, anal, threesomes, whatever sexual excitement etc)

= I won't do X...with you. I like/love X but you don't turn me on enough to give it to you.

"Well behaved women rarely make history"*

= 1. I'm a cunt and this excuses my childish, rude, selfish behavior perfectly.

2. I'm ambitious and have high T levels. I do a lot of male hobbies half-assed and think I'm the best in everything. I do crossfit/weightlifting so that pretty much makes me an Olympic athlete. And I've sport fucked most of the alpha guys I've met at these hobbies.

* Women rarely make history period. There's nothing more than a token amount of accomplished women throughout all areas of human endeavor.

"I'm a country girl"

= I like getting fucked by douchebags who drive pickups and listen to country music.

"I'm a city girl"

= I like getting fucked by well-dressed guys with money. I'll suck his dick while he drives his high end BMW while EDM blasts on the stereo. I'll be pissed off when he drops me for better.

"I'm a hipster chick"

= I'm half a lesbian. For some ungodly reason I'll fuck women with penises (hipster males). Maybe because they're weak-willed and easily controllable. When I get fat I'll still be pretty because beauty comes in all sizes.

"You're such an asshole"

= You're turning me on and my hamster hates me for it.

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["Girl Quotes Translated to English"]

"I should have been born in the 40's/20's/victorian/renaissance times"

I'm delusional with no concept of reality.

"I'm a foodie";

I'm entitled, vapid, soon to be overweight, and contribute nothing of value to society.

"I'm not looking for a hookup"

I've been pumped & dumped so many times. I just can't say no. 100% chance I will give it up on the first date.

"Just be yourself"

'Game'? Is that like...negging? No! Now go be a good boy, and mind your SMV.

"I like guys who can carry a conversation"

Have game. And don't expect an ounce of effort from me.

"I'm extremely well traveled"

I've seen dick of all shapes & sizes. When it comes to getting me drunk and boning, I prefer an accent.

"I'm not friends with girls"

I wish I was hot enough that women hated me because of my looks, but it's really just because of my personality.

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["Girl Quotes Translated to English"]


“If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.” - I'm just as hot and famous as Marilyn Monroe!

Any girl who says that doesn't have a "best."

"Well-behaved girls rarely make history"
'Secretly, I'm boring as fuck. You'll want to fall asleep mid-bang.'

I hate drama = I lurrvvvve drama.

You're a little short for me = Come back when you're Tom Cruise

I like being good friends with guys I date = I love the attention from betas who fawn over me for 6 months per bang.

I'm artsy = I'm slutty.

I like working out = I like staring at guys at the gym while reading OK mag.

Let's go out sometime = Never/Only if no one else is around including my cat

No = convince me
Maybe = not in a million years

I'm not seeing anyone right now = I'm dying to get fucked

I love my body = you won't when the clothes come off

I'm a dancer = I'm a drug-addled stripper

I only drink Champagne = I have no idea what I really like to drink

I'm unique = I'm like every other college girl shopping at Lily Pulitzer

I like tats and piercings = You may have just qualified to be my 501st fuck. This year.

I love traveling = I love fucking natives abroad where no one can see how big a slut I am.

I'm a good girl = I'm dying to meet an alpha that will fuck me more than once or pretend he likes me after

I'm a virgin = I've given blowjobs to half the lax team this semester.

I'm 21 = I'm 23.
I'm 25 = I'm 29.
I'm 29 = I'm 35.

I hate the patriarchy = Please will some rich guy with a big house fuck me so I can quit social work.

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["Girl Quotes Translated to English"]

You're such an asshole. You make my ovaries explode.

I really like nice guys who treat me well. Only after i've lost my attractiveness and spent my best years fucking bad-boys who turn me on.

I'm an artistic soul. I love drama.

It feels like i've know you forever/everything about you. You're already boring me.

You know everything about me and i know almost nothing about you. Don't tell me everything about yourself because your mystery turns me on.

What do you do for work? How much money do you have ?

What are you studying? What's your earning potential?

What are your hobbies? Do you have a life?

We'll see. I'm not interested.

Maybe. Always means no.

I'm not in the mood right now. You don't turn me on anymore/i'm fucking somebody else.

Are you on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter ? Can i add to you to my list of omega orbiters who like my selfies ?

Why won't you accept my friend request? Why won't you let me mark my territory?

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["Girl Quotes Translated to English"]

Haha great thread

"I am a strong, funny and independent woman" =
Somewhere along the line I have mistaken snark for humor, belligerence for strength and reliance on white knight drones, injust laws and biased societal frameworks as independence.

"I love you" =
I love you substantially more than what is currently on offer to me.

"Someone who truly loves you, sees what a mess you are, how moody you can be and how hard you are to handle, and they still want you in their life" =
Man the fuck up and deal with my willfully immature and disrespectful behavior.
By the way, this doesn't apply to men, you have to be on your best behavior at all times especially while dealing with our shit... It also doesn't apply to women who make me feel jealous or whose man I want, because she is obviously a skank and he deserves better, like me... Fuck it. This only applies to who I want when I want, because fuck you, don't judge me, you.. you MAN!!

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["Girl Quotes Translated to English"]

Her: [Flakes on date]
Her, later: "Sorry," + lame excuse = "I'm not an adult who keeps commitments ... with you, anyway. But since I ACTUALLY bothered to send you this beta-bait text, as opposed to simply giving you radio silence, I'll let you orbit me"

You: [Texting at the right pace to now ask her out]
Her: [Radio silence] = "Thanks for the attention, but bye! Oh, and I don't care that I wasted your time. But how dare those bad-boys pump 'n dump ME and waste MY TIME! It keeps happening too ..."

"I could never be a stay-at-home mother" = "Even though I complain about my job not being fulfilling, because I don't understand that there's a reason they must PAY someone to do this, I value that sterile, temporary, and opportunistic relationship more than that which I would have with my own future children"

"I'm not going to have kids until I'm at least 35" = "I either don't know about fertility and age-related effects such as down syndrome, or I do, but I still don't care about the health of my own future children"

"I'll never have kids" = "I offer absolutely no reason for a guy to commit to me, because I figure some thirsty Beta eventually will, and I'll rationalize it, though I will still cross my fingers for an Alpha"

"Age is just a number" = "I'm old"
"I age like wine" = "I'm old"
"XX is a good female's age for you to date" = "I think your sexual market value will get you milk that's only [XX - 22] years spoiled"

At the end of the day, almost all of them boil down to this:


Pretty much all the catchphrases:
"Fuck you, I do what I want when I want. With no regard for personal accountability"

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Girl Quotes Translated to English

I searched for threads on quotes and didn't find any official quote thread so I thought I would post a few. I even went through the painstaking effort of translating them into English.

“I want the guy that takes me to meet his parents and not his bedroom.”

I want the nice guy because society has programmed me to think I want him. However, biology has programmed me very differently. Oh well, I will have my cake and eat it too. The beta can take me to his parents house while the alpha picks me up later and takes me to his bedroom.

“If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.”

You need to accept my poor behavior because it’s all a part of who I am as a person. You shouldn’t want or need to “put me in my place”, you should just accept me for who I am. If we date, I’m going to push you as far as I can with bitchy behavior and I’m going to stop trying altogether. Relationships change over time so you just have to accept this. I’m going to push you as far as your tolerance will allow so hopefully it goes pretty far. If you can’t handle the decreasing appreciation I will show you as time goes on, then you don’t deserve me shaving my legs for you on a daily basis.

And for my personal favorite...

“If you would like to be a part of my future, don’t judge me for my past.”

I am free from all responsibility of my actions. No matter how many guys I’ve slept with, I will always be entitled to my prince charming. The soccer team I sucked off when I was in high school? Don’t worry about them. Worry about where you’re taking me out to dinner tonight instead. The dozens of guys I fucked in college who had no respect for me whatsoever as they railed me weekend after weekend? Don’t worry about them. Worry about saving up $15k for my ring instead. The countless random hook ups I had from nights out on the town and tinder dates in my yuppie years? Pay no mind to those. Worry about saving up to buy a house we can’t afford instead.

Anyone heard any other good ones?

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["Girl Quotes Translated to English"]

"I've only had sex with five guys."

Translation: I've had five boyfriends, who I regularly had sex with, but never anal and then were lucky to get their dicks sucked twice a month. I've also had sex once inside a bathroom stall at a club, but that doesn't count, because I was drunk and I've sucked the dick of eight other guys, but that's not sex and then there was the time I tried anal sex, but it only lasted for five seconds and after that I was pissed at the guy for sticking his dick in my ass, so I left immediately, so that doesn't count. I've had four guys eat me out on the first date and I sucked them off so that I wouldn't have to have sex with them, because I'm a good girl and I don't have sex on the first date. Then there are the three guys that I had sex with on the first date, but that doesn't count, because they said that they just needed to use my bathroom and then they ended up in my vagina, but that doesn't count, because it just happened and I never texted them again. I also had sex with two guys in high school, but it wasn't really sex, because they didn't know what they were doing and came in under a minute, so I didn't technically lose my virginity until I had sex with my first boyfriend in college, but not before I sucked another three different dicks during orientation week. But that doesn't count, because it was a crazy time in my life.

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I hate Autism.

It's a bunch of bullshit made up by loud mouth mothers and pussy fathers because they can't admit to themselves that they made their weird-ass kid weird. The only hard medical proof is that mothers fatness can cause it.

All the fathers of Autism kids are candy asses. The mother's call themselves "Warrior Mom's" it's fucked up. An Autism side effect can be hitting other kids. That hitting doesn't fall under Hawaii's anti-bullying laws, but a little kid of true warrior bloodlines that finally gets fed up with the Autism kid and hits him back does.

Plus, all the Autism kids have faggot names like Dilbert and Timmy.


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RE: Stanford Rape Case: Victim Letter Going Viral

I'm a recent alum of Stanford, so this case is particularly amusing to me. I think the 6-month sentence was too harsh.

Since when did fingering become rape?

As the post above indicates, this was clearly just a hypergamous slut wanting to cheat on her boyfriend with an "alpha male" star swimmer. Stanford is a fairly isolated campus. She was NOT a student...those girls only came to frat parties to fuck jocks and frat boys.

Then we have the 2 white knight male graduates students (likely virgins) who reported the incident. Grad students on this campus basically get no action, and are looked down upon by the undegrads as total nerds...these 2 guys were acting more from jealousy than a desire to help.

Finally, the victim's letter...classic attention whoring.

So many game lessons in these "20 minutes" of action.

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I just looked at it and barely one supporting comment, goes to show these lame reddit users aren't as alpha as they thought.

Let's just go with their theory for a sec, its a money grab. OK, and? Whats wrong with that? if they were truly kicking ass at life, they wouldn't be upset that they're precious movement supposedly been 'slammed' and it now has 'competition' that is there to make 'money'.

They also are still too blue pill to understand, democracy is not always a very good system. Why should everyone get a say? This reddit sub is full of shit and arguments. There are times when a dictatorship is better, and this is what I think is happening here.

It's sad but this shows what I suspected anyway, that they're mostly still 'plugged in' losers.

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I can't stand to read or watch responses from sheeple and on mass media. I see their stupid Boomer faces, their oh so concerned soft weak and old faces. Their entire lives having been spent trying to run away from all responsibility, their lives the easiest in any time of history and now they stand there having sold their children and grand children to tyranny, they stand there looking like old stupid sheep. And the young signaling women with their selfies and sad eyes behind perfect makeup and $200 haircuts. The weak effeminate males who never had a chance, psychologically castrated from birth. Their response measured, mature, they talk, the express emotions, like little good boys, like they've been told by countless short haired matrons from birth to adulthood. The cowardly politicians standing in first row and their clichees after having invited these savages inside.

It is too much to deal with, fuck this gay earth seriously, it's so surreal.

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Sometimes you can’t help but think there must have been divine intervention. The same day I pen my article about why Adelaide women are the best in Australia, I pick up the front page of the paper to see outrage that 500 young Adelaide women have had naked photos of themselves plastered all over an American website.

You may have noticed I didn’t sing the praises of Adelaide women aged 18—25 in my article. That was for good reason. Here is a passage that unfortunately didn’t pass the final ROK edit:

One word of warning: you had better strike while the iron is hot. With feminism destroying women at a truly scary rate all over the world, this could very well be the last generation of desirable Adelaide women. On recent visits I have noticed a disturbing rise in the number of girls aged 18-25 with ugly tattoos and piercings. Obviously, it goes without saying they are addicted to their smartphones. It breaks my heart because many of these girls would be really attractive if they embraced their natural beauty, put on a nice dress, and put down that damn phone.

I truly believe western millennial girls are nightmares, even in sleepy little Adelaide. What we are seeing with so called ”revenge porn” is an example of the disturbing but inevitable consequences of the first generation of women who, brainwashed by feminist propaganda, truly believe they can do no wrong, and that there are no consequences for their actions. Throw in their smart phone addictions and toxic need for constant social media validation and you have a recipe for disaster.

At this rate, we are not too far from a world where every second man’s girlfriend’s or wife’s tits will be plastered all over the net, her slutiness on display for the whole world to see. This is supposed to be your loving life partner, the mother of your children? How can any man these girls meet in the future possibly take them seriously?
A tech-savvy generation? Millennial girls’ behaviour indicates otherwise


Young women are so addicted to social media they can’t see the negative effects it has on their lives

The millennial girl’s smartphone obsession is of course the root of their misery, but it’s their lack of intelligence and social awareness that is truly astounding. How can they not get it? Once a photo is put on the internet, it is there forever. Media reporting on this story was incredibly irresponsible. These photos certainly were not “stolen”, as journalists claimed. Whoever got these photos didn’t break into these girls houses, nor were they Peeping Toms who had secretly photographed them without their knowledge or consent. In fact, they had been willingly uploaded to social media or sent directly to the latest bad boy to make their vaginas tingle. From that point onwards, they were totally at the mercy of that bad boy as to what happened next. Some empowerment! Now admittedly putting them on the web for the whole world to see is a pretty low act, but they don’t call them bad boys for nothing. You can bet your bottom dollar these are the guys who are far more likely to receive and distribute “sexts” than the nice guys forever languishing in the friend zone.

Despite all this, I feel sorry for these girls. They have grown up in age where being a slut is glorified and where their peers give as little thought to posting revealing selfies online or sending “sexts” as they do to taking a piss. Unlike women from previous generations, at no point in their lives have they been pulled aside and told in no uncertain terms that being easy reflects poorly on themselves and is likely to be a one way ticket to disaster. It’s not politically correct, you see, and many have been denied a strong father figure by their money-hungry mom who wanted freedom, a divorce and custody. This is why millennial girls are not only narcissistic and slutty, but completely oblivious to how broken they have become, and why they are hopelessly addicted to the crack pipe of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. All they need to do to break free of this toxic cycle is log off, but unplugging from the vortex would be unthinkable. Next thing you know, BAM, there they are spreading their legs on the net for the whole world to see for the rest of time.
Millennial girls are trapped in a social media vortex

Woman using cell phone on bed

Young women love selfies more than life itself

“Revenge porn” wouldn’t exist if young women weren’t so obsessed with selfies. Sadly, millennial girls are so infatuated with internet “fame” everything else is merely background music. To demonstrate how warped their perspectives are, consider this. What did this girl do when she found out she was on the site? She re-uploaded a photo from the site of her in the shower to her Facebook! Yep, she tried to get even more attention! All this does is draw even more people to check out the website she is supposedly so outraged about. Out of curiosity I looked up her Facebook page, and sure enough, it is selfie after selfie. She is quite hot, but obviously so desperate for fame I can’t help but wonder if she is secretly thrilled she now has a chance to step out of the shadows of her well-known football playing brothers. As the shocking revelation of Dubai Porta Potties showed, millennial women want fame, no matter what the price is.
Women have been betrayed by feminism


Feminist woofer Clementine Ford.. all for female empowerment, but for God’s sake don’t expect women to exercise self-responsibility

Predictably, critics have directed all their energy into attacking the faceless American creators of this site and furiously denouncing “victim blaming”, rather than spreading the word to young women everywhere that uploading raunchy photos to social media and sexting guys is risky behaviour with potentially very serious consequences. Bottom line: If girls don’t send these pics out, they can’t end up on a site like this. That would put these “shady creeps” out of business permanently. But in the twisted minds of feminists, prevention is never better than cure: don’t teach women to do X, teach men not to do Y. They have always played the victim, abrogated the concept of self-responsibility and denied the reality that women’s actions have potential consequences, and now girls everywhere who were brainwashed to believe exactly that are paying the price.
Is there any hope for young women?


Scenes like this will be familiar to us all.. what does it take for young women to put down their phones?

The prospect of having a daughter one day seriously scares the hell out of me. What chance do you have of raising a decent human being, when you are fighting a reckless pro-slut cultural tsunami?

There was a time when the family unit provided the guidance young women needed to develop important values. Unfortunately, with The Decline accelerating this is often impossible. For most girls, any semblance of fatherhood authority has long gone. If they really care for the welfare of girls, mothers and genuinely concerned women need to fill this void and educate them that acting like a slut must be avoided, for this behaviour places them at risk of ending up on sites like this, forever. Is that something they really want? They might also want to consider how driving a strong man out of their daughter’s life might have devastating consequences.

Like so many other modern social problems, feminism is definitely to blame for “revenge porn”. This warped ideology has always irresponsibly promoted the delusional idea that women have all the same rights as men, but without responsibilities or consequences for their actions. They were the ones who encouraged a life of reckless hedonism and narcissism for young women, with no thought for their futures. They were the ones who spun the gross lie that being pumped and dumped by men who couldn’t care less about them is “empowering.” These 500 Adelaide women are just a drop in the ocean of the many girls who are being sacrificed daily at the altar of “female empowerment.” This is what happens when it is politically incorrect to state the obvious: that acting like a slut is dangerous for a woman’s honour, credibility and future happiness.

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Karl Marx, the Frankfurt Institute, National Socialism, there's no coincidence why they come from the same place.

Germans hate themselves. They can't sit down for longer than 10 seconds without wondering what they're doing wrong. I see it every day here. Intellectual collectivism, the Antifa movement, the anti-Pegida movement now, it's all a very simple projection of self-hatred by the ethnically insecure.

One of the greatest blunders in history was the unification of Germany under Bismarck. The preservation of Prussia, Bavaria, and others as distinct entities would have prevented large-scale wars by Germany, and provided a level of nationalism necessary to function as an immune system against such ideologies. Add two defeats in world wars, and it's no wonder why Germans are scared to walk around in their own skin.