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[On how the ACLU and atheists are to blame for the Virginia Tech shooting]

I hang my head in sorrow and pain at this horrible incident that has left many dead and wounded, destroyed families and scared a school forever...

And I believe this is just another example of how far American society has slid into the shitter because of two major factors;

1) We have allowed our Government to interfere with our ability to discipline our youth. Parents dare not raise a hand against their children now for fear of prosecution. The Government should NEVER have been allowed to dictate how parents raise their children and how they discipline them. Kids and young adults now have no sense of moral right and wrong because of this interference and lazy parents of the 20th and 21st century that have let Grand Theft Auto games, violent laden TV and other various medians that promote the idea that human life is worthless, just a game and that killing has no consequences, raise their kids. Good work there…

2) Thanks to Federal interference and organizations like the ACLU that somehow are allowed to thrive in America, God has now become the new Dirty Word of the 21st century and all references to his word and power and laws has been stripped from places around the country where it is needed most. Suddenly it is an unbearable sin to pray and to thank God for all we have. God has always listened to the will and wishes of his children, us… and when you keep saying GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT he listens and gets out and who the hell do you think is going to fill the void left by us removing God from our lives? Our little pal Lucifer and what a fine job he is doing destroying the greatest country on this planet while simultaneously raising the power level of his devoted followers in the Middle East in his bid to do exactly what he has desired most, destroy God’s creations.

This type of thing was unheard of when I was in high school. To live to have seen it degrade to this great evil weighs so heavy on my heart… and there is no fix for it now. We have let it go to far. We will continue to slide into the toilet until the end of the Earth.

I am just totally disheartened…



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