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The Catholic Church was well aware of UFO contact during the Inquisition, during the Salem witch trials.

They knew what to look for, and their motive for killing off these individuals, is not well known.

Those that carried the “mark” were deemed witches or warlocks, for consorting with the “devil”.

The mark was a scrap, a scoop mark, triangular scars, evidence of implants.

People in contact with UFO’s, have raised consciousness levels, new perspectives, new truths about the world, dangerous information, counter to Church authority.

These poor souls were in contact with the source program. Receiving spiritual truths, added concepts and perspectives not available before. Soul evolution is the source program.

One of my other blogs, there is a video presentation of supersymmetry. Explains how nothing exists, not time, space, chemistry or matter without the vibration, or spin of the atom.

Supersymmetry also produced pictures of mathematics, some of them are UFO’s, when describing the very fabric of the universe. UFOs and source code are intertwined.

They are a part of the Source program.

The new administrator has control over UFO activity, but not all.

There is a binary self correcting code, discovered by Dr. Gates, that seeks to correct all deviations to the original source code.

UFO’s have always been a “portent” of things to come. Source and UFO’s are one, although, under the control of our Adversary.

Contact, is a threat to the Adversary, the Church.

But I’m not talking Exo-Politics contact. Physical interactions of contact, speaking, channeling.

For the entire universe is inside the adversary’s span of control. He has dominion over a span of time, cyclical time. Specific frequencies.

Deity, or entity, or being incarnation must be scrutinized to the ultimate. Source does not communicate in this way.

The UFO is a “visual” message. A subliminal message. A coded message for the unconscious mind. This is how source communicates.

A picture can convey a thousand words.

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