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*Unintelligent "equality" ideas
*Lack of chastity

These are just a few summed up reasons from the video below. If our fore-fathers saw the way the world was today, they would absolutely completely agree. I believe it is womens behavior and the tolerance for homosexuality/sexual perversity and tolerance of other religions that destroyed the USA.

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They don't. The homosexual Baal worshipping men's only freemasonry cult does.

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Hate to be the devils advocate here, but women only have rights when men allow them to.

If women have gained too much power and influence, it's because men allowed it to happen.

Who's at fault for the chickens getting eaten? The fox, or the guy that built the half-assed fence and coup?

When SHTF we will all revert back to our gender roles simply for survival.

There won't be any feminists when the world is on fire. You can bet on that.

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Why are the 144,000 in the Bible who are victorious over the Beast/Satan described as virgins who never slept with women?

When someone truly understands this, they will know why women are the root cause of all the evil we see in the world now.

And it goes all the way back to Genesis.

Women are only good for sex and sex is only good for procreation. Both are irrelevant in the very near future.

Women are just men who can bear children. A weaker, inferior version of men.

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(Submitter’s note: Pictures/videos omitted)

Jesse Jane, a porn star, just died recently at the age of 43 of a drug overdose. And yes, there is a 9/11 ritual with this one.

I'll explain:

**Jesse Jane died in MOORE, Oklahoma. The filmmaker Michael MOORE made the movies "FAHRENHEIT 9/11" and "FAHRENHEIT 11/9"

**Jesse Jane appeared in an episode of "Entourage" in season 2 back in 2005. MARK WAHLBERG produced Entourage. WAHLBERG almost died on 9/11 because he was scheduled to fly on American Airlines Flight 11 on 9/11/2001, but he had to change his travel planes and missed the flight. The final episode of "Entourage" aired on 9/11/2011. Here is a screencap from Jesse Jane's appearance on "Entourage" back in 2005:

**Jesse Jane died at the age of 43. GEORGE BUSH was the 43rd President of the United States, and was the president on 9/11/2001:

Donald Trump is included in this, because "FAHRENHEIT 11/9" is about him winning the election in 2016. So, to summarize:



**ENTOURAGE (Final Episode aired on 9/11/11, and Mark Wahlberg, the producer, almost died on 9/11)

**43 (Jesse Jane died at 43, and George Bush was the 43rd President and was in office on 9/11/2001)

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As Germany loses its identity to invaders, the idea of REMIGRATION is suggested.. WOW did that hit a nerve.

And did the ones in power like this? Oh heck no!

It would mean admitting decades of 'immigration' policy have led to massive problems . Instead you attack the ones suggesting it.

[link to www.bbc.com (secure)]

German politicians in power would like to ban the party - Alternative for Germany, or AfD -

behind remigration- just see it go away, or absent that, be banned.

Even 35 years ago, Turks working in Germany spat on laws protecting animals and women.

"let's just them them do things their way. Honor killings, slaughtering animals in apartments.well, it's just their way." That was the liberal view at the time, and it is the politically correct view today ...

So instead of dealing with the widespread societal disruption in Deutschland, parties in power support a ban on the group that suggested it.

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So I did coke with an "elite" and they loose lipped it big time.

They were inebriated and nearly about to pass out, son of an ultra-high net worth individual. He wasn't very coherent until after a line. Then says 'I'm gonna tell you some fukt up shit man'

Takeaways from his further slurred barrage of weirdness:

-The vax is a de-population tool.

-The mrna vax has always been about programmable humans. Getting needles in arms to re-write human biology.

-After booster 4 something called igg4 is permanently active. I am no scientist but can remember igg4 cause my dogs name is iggy. He says it's like allergy shots but for the covid spike. It tells your body there is nothing wrong with the covid spike and to leave it alone. He says if you look into it, you will see this is already known.

-The stage is now set, he says over 3 billion people now have adequate levels of igg4 and the final phase is close. He said those in the know call it "the process". It is to reduce the human population by 5 billion (3 billion from igg4 programming and 2 billion from the fall out of 3 billion deaths).

-He said late 2023 the new and final covid strain will be released. This strain will have over 90% fatality but only to those who have igg4 in their bodies. They will mount NO immune response to this deadly strain. Unvaxed like him will basically have a mild cold.

-He said 'the process' will do a full psychological warfare media blitz, claiming the vax has caused igg4 and anyone vaxed has a 90% chance of dying from this strain. They will claim all governments knew and misled their people. It will be designed to cause mass panic and turn all citizens against their governments. This will ensure cities burn during the viral outbreak and emergency services are non-existent.

Billions will die.

My friends, I've never sobered up so fast in all my life. I left the party somewhat stunned. Who could make this up?

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Jackie killed John Kennedy

Go watch the z video again

You'll see a black frame come from underneath when Jackie pulls the trigger

The black frame covers it up for a split second

So you don't see her pull the trigger

Then later when she pulls the trigger

The video goes back to normal

She killed him Infront of America

And no one knew

(Submitter’s note: Even the other GLPErs thinks he’s an idiot.)

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WTF it is illegal to make cash deposits to your account in amounts smaller than $10,000 punishable by 5 yrs prison
WTF? did you know? I just found out now. I mean they already asked you why you want the money for when you go withdraw cash and it's none of their business and if you tell them so you might have the authorities on you. So the law goes like this:

NOTE: I am not a banker nor the Elite; please kindly refrain yourselves from tomato sh0_oting your servant, the kind messenger, thank you.

if you make a deposit that reaches $10,000 they have to file a CTR form but if you purposely make small deposits of under $10,000 so as not to get a CTR, then you are reported and you could face several years in jail simply for wanting to deposit/withdrawal money into/from your personal bank account! I just read it here:

[link to josephhollander.com (secure)]

Sorry the link above will highlight the first paragraph. I don't know how to make it highlight the proper one, but you probably want to read the whole thing, however this is what I'm talking about:

For any number of reasons, and often not related to illegal activity, people do not like to trigger CTRs for their banking activity. To avoid this, they will make a series of smaller deposits or withdrawals. Doing so constitutes the federal crime of “structuring.” Federal law prohibits anyone from causing or attempting to cause a financial institution or business to fail to file a report. A conviction for structuring, a federal felony, is punished by a sentence of up to five years in prison.

Well...welcome to the American gulag of the USSA!

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Homosexuality is an abomination to God

So what is homosexuality?

It is not "normal" sin, and I do not mean that it is any greater than any other sin because we all know that sin is sin and none is greater than the other and if you are guilty of one, then you are guilty of all as James 2:10-11 tell us.

But what I am saying is this; thieves hide their actions because they know that stealing is wrong; Murderers beg for forgiveness, not because they know that killing someone is the right thing to do but because they know that taking a life is wrong; the covetous know that it is wrong to covet; a man cheating on his wife doesn't ask for "legal protection" or for "special rights" because he thinks that adultery is the right thing to do, no, he hides his affair because of his own convictions of what is right and what is wrong.

The lgbt movement wants "legal protection" from anyone who might speak out against them but then they want the same "legal protection" so that they can speak out against those same people!

The lgbt movement wants everyone around them to accept and to say that there is nothing wrong with being gay and that they are 'normal' and 'born that way'. And what is sad is that while all of this is going on your children & grandchildren are being taught in school today that homosexuality is normal and that it is not a sin.

The lgbt movement wants Christians to say that their deeds, their homosexuals acts, are righteous and that GOD was wrong and The Holy Bible is just untrue. And that folks, is not normal sin!

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10/13/2023 - My First Doom!

Ok, so I am not claiming to have any special powers or anything, I just had a unusually clear train of thought that was leading me down a path all in a few minutes time. After maybe 5 minutes, I couldn’t stay focused anymore and kinda lost the clarity.

Anyway, here it is.


MTN DEW Maui Burst predecessor was Flavor 286 (this is what set me off, I don’t know why). Obviously Maui Burst into flames possibly from D.E.W. But the 286 caught my eye. Silly, right?

[link to mountaindew.fandom.com (secure)]

Day 286 of 2023 is October 13th, 2023.

Friday the 13th.

On a New Moon

Before Halloween.

10+13+20+23 = 66

The Maui fires started August 8th, which is 66 days before October 13th, 2023

Templars persecution started Friday, October 13h as well.

The the number 79 came up in a few instances while cross referencing all of this, but then I lost my train of thought.

10/13/2023 is also “International Day of Disaster Reduction”…. As set by the UN in 2009. Which is also the year MTN DEW created Flavor 286.

Well, just felt like something that I should dump here before I forgot about it.

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It's sad I have to ask this but as a man...what are some fun things you can do with women that both don't involve sex and are not gay?

For guys that have female friends, what are some fun things you can do with them that aren't sexual but also not gay either?

For example I don't want to visit art galleries/museums or a theater to watch a lame movie of her choosing, I just don't want to participate in those seemingly gay things. There's gotta be stuff men and women can compromise and do together.

Any suggestions?

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Autistic mutants with A pos blood type who never get sick! Report for duty

Yes hello

We are the mutants mentioned by the CDC who never got vaxed and yet never got COVID

We are immune from all STDs,

Mostly with blue eye pigmentation tho there are some exceptions.

Mostly average looking people

Unless you examine our DNA which

I bet you scientist are getting a huge boner just thinking about those petri dishes

[GIF of laughing man]

There are many things I don't know about this phenomenon

Are we made by the govt?

Extraterrestrial hybrid programs?

God himself?

How many are we in number.... I have no estimation

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Book of Enoch describing the fallen ones and the tie to the US political party system

Enoch 85:4-6
[4]After that I perceived other large and black cows; and behold all of them changed their stalls and pastures, while their young began to lament one with another Again I looked in my vision, and surveyed heaven; when behold I saw many stars which descended, and projected themselves from heaven to where the first star was,

[5]Into the midst of those young ones; while the cows were with them, feeding in the midst of them

[6]I looked at and observed them; when behold, they all acted after the manner of horses, and began to approach the young cows, all of whom became pregnant, and brought forth elephants, camels, and asses

These 2 you know....
But did you know about this one?...
The Prohibition Party is a political party in the United States known for its historic opposition to the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages and as an integral part of the temperance movement. It is the oldest existing third party in the United States and the third-longest active party.

Although it was never one of the leading parties in the United States, it was once an important force in the Third Party System during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The organization declined following the enactment of Prohibition in the United States but saw a rise in vote totals following the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment in 1933. However, following World War II it declined, with 1948 being the last time its presidential candidate received over 100,000 votes and 1976 being the last time the party received over 10,000 votes.


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Deniers/mockers of the Rapture

I often see the most fervent deniers and mockers of the Rapture are so-called believers. This could be a very dangerous practice in ignorance and I urge you to cease doing this and instead learn what God has promised to His body of believers in Him and get on board with what's coming.

Jesus already took judgment and the wrath of God on the cross. Because believers are imputed the righteousness of Christ and because believers are one body in Christ, undergoing judgment and the wrath of God in the 7-year Tribulation would negate Jesus' sacrifice for humanity and those who believe. This Biblical fact alone proves with absolute certainty the removal of believers before the 7-year Tribulation takes place.

We pray with words whether within our heart or verbally. If your words are a continual mocking and denial of God's blessed promise which is the Rapture because of your ignorance of scripture, you could be in essence praying to not take part in this Resurrection and therefore be left behind. By continually tearing down the blessed promise of God to those alive and those in Heaven waiting on the First Resurrection, you're putting yourself in severe danger of being left behind for the worst time period for humanity ever on earth.

Your words hold much power whether you realize it or not. Something to think about.

If your eyes haven't been opened to the Biblical proof of the Rapture before God's judgment takes place, there's a reason and I would seek God in prayer earnestly and ask Him to reveal to you the scriptural truths behind the Rapture so that you may do as Jesus commanded which is to watch and pray that you be counted worthy.

Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.

Luke 21:36

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Dual citizens and their friends. How do we expel the parasites?

Anyone have a feasible plan to do this?

Our nation can't begin to heal until we get rid of them.

(Anonymous Coward #72450935)
Start with abolishing the financial system. They will flee somewhere else they can commit usury.

(Anonymous Coward #83620577)
One at a time and without telling ANYONE you are going to do it.

(Anonymous Coward #83250315)
Make baby penis mutalation illegal.

(Anonymous Coward #83840059)
Gun or rope

(Anonymous Coward #75394013)
It's been done at least 109 times before.

Let's make it 110!

(Anonymous Coward +83250315)
Close Chinese Restairaunts on Christmas day

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So you dont buy the global COVID narrative, but you buy the global Ukraine narrative?

Think about it

It is just as suspicious...the worldwide collaboration on covid bs

And now the worldwide "we stand with ukraine" bs

Natural immunity wont help we need vax!
No of course its not about NATO breaching the agreement and pushing onto russias doorstep. No its just big bad russia

Different side of same coin

You proud to not be a sheep on covid bs?

Then grow a pair and be proud not to be a sheep and stand with russia.

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Topic: “One of the biggest country music festivals is banning Confederate flags”

(Anonymous Coward #80904985)
So it's now just another curated Meta DNC LGBT BLM FBI pride event?


its a virtue signal noone will follow it but its the precedent being set that some guy got paid to try so now EVERYONE will say "Theyr banning the flag now shits gone to hell!"

Its a gayOP

(Anonymous Coward 83537549)
NASCAR fans bent right over and grabbed their ankles for the new (((rules))).

Country music fans will, too. Hell, they already get giddy over black country artists.

messianic crypto-communists have no religion; scapegoating all religions is their religion. Dont fall for the nazi cuckery hilter was one of them he was caught giving war plans to Stalin.

Platonists that created jdism and Christianity & islam. Egyptian mystery schools.

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Scientists Have Discovered a New Set of Blood Groups (Vaxxed?)

[Article extract omitted]

"Strange antibodies" Well then.. They are discovering all types of new antibodies and types of blood now all the sudden? Wonder why?

Interesting read.

(AC #84292080)
Explains the massive uptick in miscarriages.

By design? I think so.

Poor lady though.

Of course they're going to try to paint this as normal.

Just like hot showers cause heart attacks and it's normal for young children to have heart failure.

Anything to normalize what's happening.

The fact you can't see this is the reason society is at the impasse.

It's people like you that make vaxtards possible.

(AC #78551315)
That's like blaming a chef at a restaurant for making you fat.

Nobody forced you to get mRNA jabbed....oh wait, I take that back....Joe Biden did force you.

Carry on, Moveon.org stalwart.

(Justin Castro)
3 new blood types discovered so far are Clotted, Semi Solid & Solid.

(Tie Nylon)
"Just like healthy adults suddenly dropping dead, these "new" blood groups have actually been around for thousands of years..." - Your doctor, probably.

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It's a Prison by the piss-water we're fed because we built every city far far away from a Spring!

Earth is flat and on account of that there are two types of waters in circulation beneath her.

1 is pressurized with life-giving waters from the many springs that rise to the surface fueling nature's Eco-systems with streams, and the 2nd is the dead-waters that are laboured to be drawn-up and then fed to the living who will be destroyed for lack of knowledge because these are the sewage waters of Mother nature that eventually drain into the void of the unknown Universe.

Why is man so stupid?

Why is man bent on his own destruction?

Which are we drinking?

The 2nd, that needs to be pumped-up, like well water.

Only well water is not really well to drink.

The earth was designed to continuously produce new fresh soft-water in ABUNDANCE that spring to surface on their own so how could we have been so stupid? How? And why!

Your flesh needs to hydrate by the waters you feed it. The waters you give it is the sewage waters of nature contaminated with decayed dissolved matters (solids) which when hydrated into your cells start to decay the cells proper function. Rotting brain-cells WILL-NOT appreciate this message because by now your spirits (electricity) are full of revelry caused by the perturbation your cells underwent changing how your brain modulates the electrical-current that flows through your bodi

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Did they think it was better to have Biden murder countless people with the shots or have exposed the fraud and not allowed it in 2020 and risked a civil war and actually manned up and suppressed the riots when they got out of control.

Trudeau suppressed peaceful protests, but the judges couldn't have done their jobs and overturned those states and they couldn't have suppressed violent riots?


The point is this, [Trump] may be the hidden president, but something really bad occurred instead of doing the right thing in the open as it should have been.

Anonymous Coward #78861502 and TerraFirma's Esoterrorist #quack #dunning-kruger #conspiracy godlikeproductions.com

(Anonymous Coward #78861502)
Vaxxed are the equivalent of soldiers who experience the terrors of war based on deception and lies...


Their country called and they answered and served resolutely!

Now they're paying the price of patriotism and social obedience.

Like great citizens they put the interests of their nation over their own self interests.

Self sacrificing brave beautiful people.

(TerraFirma's Esoterrorist)
And just like all modern soldiers... they chose to enlist and rolled up their sleeves to be among the few, the proud morans.)

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(On a Reichsbürger group that was arrested for plotting to overthrow the German Government)

Far right-= monarchy?
This is so stupid, it hurts the entire Earth.

(Anonymous Coward 82535122)
You're such a fucking idiot!

Far-Right?? Germany sanctions Russia because the US told Schultz to sanction Russia.

Germany lost their energy needs from Russia.

Germany is losing their manufacturing base because of the sanctions.

Germany will freeze this winter.

People are fed up, and want changes.

These people are branded 'Far-Right Extremists' and arrested.

You don't seem to understand that, and is why you're a fucking idiot!

(Anonymous Coward 79208754)
When leftists become extreme, the left call them far right

Conservatives in the right wing, REJECT this BS, just because the left say they right, does not mean they are right wing

Nazi and all those bred, worked in the left government, created and supported by the left are

LEFT WING = own your trash lefties

Anonymous Coward #86079460 #racist #wingnut #dunning-kruger godlikeproductions.com

When you see old videos from Hitler era Germany, the people look so incredibly unified, happy & healthy. Well dressed. Children everywhere.

In contrast to modern Germany or USA where everyone is stressed to the max, impoverished, sick, and devoid of any unity in race or nation. Most White aren't having kids, and when they do the kids have mental illness or get brainwashed into being queers or race mixers.

Anonymous Cowards #quack #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #pratt godlikeproductions.com

(Anonymous Coward #81793671)
How is Forcing Employees to Get Vaxxed Any Different Than Forcing Them to Get Raped By the Boss??

Forced penetration or lose your job.

Seems pretty simple.

(Anonymous Coward #81785226)
You will survive rape, the other not so much.

(Anonymous Coward #78475270)
It's not any different, that's the point.

When you set the precedent of the removal of body sovereignty for "The Greater good" you can formulate all your arguments based on "The Greater Good" permitting the ultimate violation against a human being.

It opens the pandora's box of what happens when your body no longer belongs to you and it subject to the will of the State.

It's how "The Handmaid's Tale" can happen.

WinterStone #crackpot godlikeproductions.com

Mother's Day is May 8th this year. Guess who was born on May 8th???
Born on May 8th was none other than Democrat Truman, the 33rd President of the USA.
Truman is the Atomic Man that ordered the release of Little Boy and Fat Man over Japan in 1945.
He then went on to recognize Israel as a State on May 14th 1948.

[link to www.history.com (secure)]

Is this a prophetic warning sign for Mother's this year???


Maria Zakharova, various GLP users #conspiracy #wingnut #racist godlikeproductions.com

(Trolland Dump)
RUSSIA - Germany involved in ‘military biological activities’ in Ukraine. From RT

[link to www.rt.com (secure)]

"Berlin coordinated its work on biodefense with its US allies, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova told RT"

(Anonymous Coward #82382245)
I'd bet the Bio-weapons centre for NATO is in Ukraine.

(Anonymous Coward #82868165)
Critical research has confirmed that the German regime does what it is told to do. It is not a sovereign nation and uses its people as cash cows for all interests but the interest of the German population.

(Anonymous Coward #78810832)
Totally believable given Germany's prior history.

Once a NAZI, always a NAZI.

All of the big NATO nations are involved in biological experiments. The cabal owns NATO.

The west is a string of occupied nations, and they’ve been for decades now. There’s a reason “Social Democracy” groups run all these nations and why they have the same exact policies.

Anonymous Coward #79574643 #conspiracy #racist #sexist godlikeproductions.com

Some of you dont know shit. If Biden steps down, kamala becomes president and pelosi becomes vp

Which was the plan from the beginning for the left. It was a very obvious trojan horse plan. Steeling the election with biden was more believable than steeling the election with kamala who had zero chance

They are forcing a black female president on us that we dont fucking want and whos not smart enough or qualified to do the job.

CopyNinja87 #crackpot #conspiracy #fundie #quack #magick #dunning-kruger godlikeproductions.com

Pole shift / Revelations / Soul Trap Matrix / New Age Ascension - My unified theory

After 15 years of research on conspiracy theories, I have come to this conclusion.

Every 3000 years there is a cataclysmic event known as the pole shift. Our planet’s electromagnetic field resets. The reason for this event is that the earth has a scheduled defense mechanism that wipes out all technology and civilization that does not live in harmony with nature. The severity of each reset is determined by how much injury has been done to the earth's environment.

In the Bible revelations chapter, the pole shift is described by the seven trumpets, bowls, and seals. Together they depict the types of damage the earth will go through during this time. Rapture is nothing more than the suspension of gravity as our electromagnetic field resets.

The demiurge controls this world using a soul trap matrix simulation. The desperate push for vaccines by the cabal (who work for this false god and his archon servants) is because the vaccine prevents souls from ascending to the 5th dimension. Those who take the dna changing vaccine will “sell their soul to Satan”, meaning they will serve as batteries for the Demiurge forever, just like in the movie The Matrix.

Those who refuse the vaccine but are of too low a vibration will remain in the 3D realm and rebuild civilization. The ones who die during this time will travel to the appropriate layer of the dimension where they belong (lower, middle, or upper astral 4D). In the 5th dimension, there is no ego, and the real free universe is available to you. Telepathy, telekinesis, and creation with thoughts run the 5D realm. Our world operates on a cycle of eight ages: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Golden, Golden, Golden, Golden, Golden. Yes, the first three ages are followed by five Golden Ages, each age lasting 3000 years. These metallic ages also correspond to the Astrological Ages, each lasting 2000 years. We are currently living in the Age of Pisces soon to transition to the Age of Aquarius. Affairs in the physical are affected by affairs in the ethereal. We are ruled by cosmic events. As above so below.

The goal of the cabal is to control the destination of our souls for their own benefit. With this knowledge you can now make your own decision on where to go.

christian #conspiracy #fundie #homophobia godlikeproductions.com

Why are they determined to codify 'Same Sex Marriage now? Might it have something to do with the Marriage of the LAMB?

The Church is betrothed to Christ much the same way as the wise virgin in the parable. All Christians should be watching and waiting for the appearance of the Bridegroom the Lord Jesus (2 Timothy 4:8).

The second phase picture, when Christ comes to claim His bride and take the Church to the Father’s house. The Marriage Supper follows as the third and final step and is a glorious celebration of all who are in Christ Jesus.

Bride Hitchhikes to Her Own Wedding-Her name is ANATASIA

[Embedded video: “Bride Hitchhikes to Her Own Wedding”]

ANATASIA means Resurrection...

Jul 20, 2022 ‘I’m late for church’ — After three ride shares canceled on her, this bride was finally able to hitch a ride to her own wedding with a kind stranger...

Anatasia invited some to her wedding but they refused as they had other plans or were to busy...

Matthew 22:3

He sent his servants to those who had been invited to the banquet to tell them to come, but they refused to come.

Anonymous Coward 47063680 #wingnut #homophobia #transphobia godlikeproductions.com

LGBT ‘propaganda’ faces complete ban in Russia - Russia gets it - America needs to do the same!

It's time to end all this Gay Pride Month insanity and all the idiotic LGBT indoctrination and "propaganda" now in America. The Russians and many other countries know the terrible damage this LGBT movement is causing. LGBT is promotion of mental illness as normal and promotion of deviance as desirable.

[Russia Today: “LGBT ‘propaganda’ faces complete ban in Russia”]