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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

It's called the 3 City Empire. There are 3 cities in the world that don't abide by laws of their host country. All three of these cities have an Obelisk erected in them. Washington D.C has it's own flag and it's a white flag with 3 red stars representing Vatican City, London, and Washington D.C..
When the empire of Rome fell they realized empires will rise and fall so the Globalist Cult set up a 3 City Empire. Vatican City which is controlled by the Rothschild's through debt is used for religious control of the masses. London is the financial heart of the empire and Washington D.C. is the Military strength. When Trump went England a few weeks ago he officially removed the U.S. from the 3 City Empire.

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy #sexist

It seems like a perfect way to fulfill depopulation agenda.

1. Promote hook up culture and promiscuity

2. Provide apps that make it easier than ever to find willing partners for meaningless sex or one night stands

3. Spread STDs far and wide

4. Release strains engineered or mutated to be resistant to all current known treatments

5. Sit back and watch them drop like flies while they have nobody to blame but themselves

George Guidestones are being implemented around us in some tricky and not so tricky ways.

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Revbo™ #transphobia

“If very few people are willing to date trans people, what does this mean for their health and well-being? If trans and non-binary people lack access to one of the most stable sources of social support, this could explain some of the existing health disparities within trans communities.”

According to your study, 12.5% of the population is just fine dating a crazy mutilated freak, doc. Considering the crazy mutilated freaks are less than a tenth of one per cent of the population, I'd say their dating options are well beyond anything they could possibly have ever hoped for, and they have assholes like you, who insist that the rest of us are "transphobic," whatever that means, to thank that the number is that high and most likely climbing as you indoctrinate a new generation of children, barely out of the womb, in to your degeneracy.

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Robomont knows #conspiracy #quack

Ive experienced emf as my neighbor tommie blair of mount pleasant texas used a DEW weapon/microwave transmitter to chase off via madness and kill about 25 people.
I used ultimate EMF app that does same thing as product.
Emf in this frequency can cause accelerated learning too.
Its not worth dying for though.
I used mine to bust the national weather service march 19 and feb 11.the microwave beam on feb 19 caused my neighbor oc hill to have a heart attack.that beam came from nexrad wsr 88d out of ok/ark system.
Then on march 11 they tried it again from nexrad running out of ok city.thats when i emailed them to turn the shit down!10-20 minutes later it was off.
These nexrads are 1 million watts each and directional.
The beam width was 10 miles wide.
As the nexrad site says 1 degree width.this means the circumference of path is 3600 miles circle.divided by pi means 100s of miles distance which measures correctly with the 2 sites ive mentioned.
Its not that its just one microwave source,its when all these sources are combined,the closest one gets blamed.even if its a wifi in home unit.
I suggest all be on lookout for abuse of nexrad its highest wattage supplier of all systems currently in use.
Ive currently been healing, my wife hasnt had any schizoid episodes.ive gained about fifty lbs in fat and muscle tissue.
My torn joint tissues are also healing.
My heart is still feeling it bad though.
All this load on a weakened heart has made for chest pains but im a bad mofo so i gitter done!

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CookieTheSorceress #god-complex #psychoceramics

I am an angel and your realm is about to change

There will be some unhappy beings but the truth needs to be said..

This is why I came back

My name is Azzaelius and I am an angel in a human body, but it hasn't always been this way. I had already come into contact with those from the Pleiades as I had once lived a life there. For years I had contact with these people and then I discovered that there was more to just the truth about their existence... and when I traveled out of this country I discovered the truth...

We are not a concept or a figment of your imagination. We have existed since the first start of creation, you could call us watchers, you can call us extraterrestrial but even "extraterrestrial" wouldn't be correct. Those that you call "extraterrestrial" are multidimensional such as ourselves, you as well. Our souls are a little bit different than human beings, even though altogether we are tied into this "trinity" based on the primordial source that has created all things. I am sure that on sites such as these along with many others you have also discovered that a majority of your people have been lying to you for many long years. The way the structured society is will no longer be useful in the times to come. We've waited a while for the right time, we know that so many are restless. We know that so many are tired as are we..

So let me begin..

I came into this body 31 years ago, but this is only a number and our age is more than even the oldest galactic wars that have occurred. We do not age the same way, most consider me to be 20 yrs old. I am a representative and soldier of a council which guards the spheres or dimensions within the nine realms. Our story is a little different and it has been widely misrepresented among the human species, especially in your bible because this knowledge has been used to "control" you.

We come from the realm known as "Ichmarrin" it is called the silver city, during one point when the veil was very thin many actually witnessed it in your skies. As far as our appearance goes we do actually "have" wings. Our wings are two sets. One is feathers and the other is "energy". When we crossed over into this realm we lost them, this is the same for all angels here. We also wear armor, it is necessary because there are still things that are happening in these realms. You must understand something.. what I am telling you sounds like some fantasy world to you because your society has taught you that these things are "fiction" made up. It has been repeated again and again... and yet again in your books, movies and video games.

You may have thought that the most best kept secret was the existence of your space brothers and sisters?... No my friends.. You have no idea how deep it goes...

Finally let me clear up what Heaven actually is. This realm is known as "izmarin" it is right next to where we are from. It is ruled by the first Archangel; his name is Yehovah. Long ago we stood by him but his behavior was something many of us and the rest disagreed with. It changed into something unpleasant. Slaves are not a part of our agenda, this is what he does and continues to do. We disagreed. This is why many of us are here. For those of you reading these words now, getting triggered by memories of the rebellion you have been called. Your time is now here. Start to prepare, do what you can because you will have to fight and choose a side.

For those of you wondering if there is a hell realm, well it's true there is. However, it does not operate like scriptures in the bible say it does. This place has far more advanced technology and the ruler or king here is Batahel. As for Lucifer, that is not his real name. His name is Satanius and he exists now in a human body on this world...
The realm next to this one or sphere is where many of the demons reside. I haven't met many of them, except for a few similar species, which I will not mention here due to her safety. Plus she would be very unhappy with my actions if she knew.

Then believe it or not you have a realm where the elves exist. I've been there, it's quite nice but they are strict about who comes into their territories. Further more it hurts to travel through these spheres, do not attempt it when you go out of body, you could get stuck there and never be able to return. Moving through these is like being in some kind of black hole, there is 0 point energy, it operates much like a portal.

We are here to be a part of this shift with you but I must tell you that there will be many changes on your planet. You are going to start to notice things, things you have not seen before. The fires that occurred with Notre Dame among a few other things, is the first opening. this is not due to anything normal in your word and entirely has to do with what.. happened in the astral planes. There will and has been more events. These events are due to the intense energies that are flowing into this realm because of it. You can not stop something like this. So many years, thousands of them have been planned for this very moment and all of it is happening right now in front of your eyes.

The earth will continue with strange weather patterns, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, sink holes, mud slides, tornadoes, major disasters but know this. there will not be nuclear war, it is not allowed.. For this will also affect our worlds as well. This is why some galactic have tried to disable your nukes. It will not ever happen. We all reside in our respective spheres, like yourself. Not everything is "physically visible" to your eyes.

There will be
No biological warfare either...

There will be a third world war but it's to be expected and with this is our coming..
During these times you are going to enter into a period of darkness. There will be no electricity. Do what you can to survive.

And last but not least, we will be there. Other beings will be here. Demons, all of it.

Our guess for your world on how fast these events happen is on a scale from anywhere between 1-3 years or less.

After all of this we will help to rebuild this place, but most of you will not make it. Truth to be told I am not so sure if I will either but I am in charge of many major tasks regarding our new cities. We must fight to survive , this is not a channeled message I am who I am say I am and I will not waste my time lying to your face, call you beloveds, dear ones, or leave behind cryptic messages.

We are here now. In the last of your days.

In addition to this, I am happy to answer questions. Please do not waste my time or your time with useless ones. All comments of a negative nature will be ignored.

You may be asking yourself.. Why not make a video, go to the news? Why not show your face and talk about these things.. For one thing I am already in a bad position, some of our structures on our backs well they are changing and although I have already had my dealings with "solar warden" requests, I will not go through with this again.

There is a reason why I write it here.

Those who see this, understand it. They will know it's true.
Others who see this may have questions about things, I am here to answer as best as I can. I do not have all of the answers, if I did I would be lying.
Some curious starseeds may disagree and explain that realms do not operate that way, that all souls are the same, or any number of reasons... friends I am not here to rob you of your opinions. Yours will be respected even if they are wrong.

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Patriotic Black dude #fundie

A revelation was given to me about what it means to be "filled with the Holy Ghost." I am sharing it with you
Being filled with the Holy Ghost of God comes in five different progressively holy forms of the feminine nature; in essence, The Holy Ghost diffuses itself into five forms of "Holy Spirits" or "wives." These spirits marry onto you for a dispensation or epoch. The revelation I was given is captured in the below verse with a very specific interpretation:

Lev 21:13 And he shall take a wife in her virginity.

Lev 21:14 A widow, or a divorced woman, or profane, or an harlot, these shall he not take: but he shall take a virgin of his own people to wife.

The following is the rank, in descending order, of the Holy Ghost, as expressed as wives:

Virgin wife
Divorced woman

The common or natural man is excluded from entering the mysteries and engaging these spiritual forces. He may get into relationships with any of these women but the cosmos do not respond, a holy spirit is not dispatched to him. However, a spiritual man will find that his life events reflect those cosmic spiritual forces.

The spiritual man will be filled with five kinds of Holy Ghosts as he advances or develops his spiritual nature. The first is the "Harlot." This is the lowest form of Holy Ghost and is an "unholy holy" spirit. When this force enters a man, he is moved by powerful cosmic forces that drive him to align with a flesh and blood female who mirrors the nature of this unholy-holy spirit. A woman will come into his life and act as a conduit or channel for this unholy-holy spirit.

The spiritual man starts from the bottom. When first acquainted with the Holy Ghost he finds himself forming a relationship with an actual reformed, Harlot female. Fate or powerful cosmic forces will bring them together. There is no getting around it as these five Holy Spirits ---Holy Ghost--- are counterparted or reflected in the material world by certain females.

So to recap on these wives:

Virgin wife- highest form of Holy Ghost.
Widow - Second highest Holy Ghost
Divorced woman - Third Holy Ghost
Profane - forth Holy Ghost
Harlot - final Holy Ghost

There are five organs in the body that reflect biologically "vessels" the Holy Ghost pours itself into the spiritual man.

The five are in ascending order:


Each of those organs act as containers or "vessels" for key solids, liquids and gasses, three forms of The Holy Ghost.

1. Testicles are filled with semen
2. Stomach is filled liquid foods and intoxicants.
3. Lungs are filled gasses; herbal drugs
4. Heart is filled with emotions.
5. Brain is filled with religious doctrines.

Semen, alcohol, meats, herbal drugs (marijuana), emotion (love, affection) and doctrines (incantation, etc). These are the solid, liquid and gas forms of the Holy Ghost which fill you up at the testicular, abdominal, lung, heart and mind level.

The virgin wife correlates with the mind
The widow correlates with the heart
The divorced correlates with lungs
The profane correlates with stomach
The harlot correlates with testicles.

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IpiphiniPi #conspiracy #ufo

Aliens trying to start WW3

Your A.I. is trying to start WW3 from any angle necessary, in order to cause chaos and eliminate hard targets - such as private islands.

Sounds good to the elite, since they want NWO, and are naive enough to believe in their A.I. - and are under threat by aliens.

Anyone in the background of this belligerent A.I. will be accountable for the impacts of its decisions.

You do not need to be totalitarian with A.I. and you do not need NWO. Having fragmented countries with different systems is good for global defense. It's also good for variety in culture, which makes the planet interesting for tourism.

Having one system in control of all systems is easy to hack - especially for aliens.

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Anonymous Coward #fundie #ufo

UFOs are the nephilim.

Tom Horne and Steve Quayle have alot of information.

I have a personal one too.

I met the greys. They abducted me for some years. This was btw before I was with God. But I all of a sudden got the idea to ask Jesus for help. As soon as I called on him and used his name against them, they disappeared.
Now that's power. They are terribly afraid of him.

Other new age friends have tried to get me to open up to spiritual guides. I've never trusted this however. Like I said, how do you know, you don't get contact with something you don't want. I was told, trust your feelings. Ha, feelings is the most treasonous. When it comes to that. I mean, anything could use it. So I said, I only trust God, that's all I need. You really don't need anything else. Talk about the new age friends huff and puff. I said, how do you know, that you are not decievied? They couldn't answer. Yeah, but they've helped me, they even saved my life, I was told. I said, the darkness comes as the light. Just because of this, how do you know, they won't turn the back on you. Have you tested them from being of God? I mentioned the testing God says. That was answered with more huff and puff. Then I knew. They were pushing so hard, and other people in my history have tried to push So hard. Yet I h never trusted it because of my innate knowing.
And here we go. Proof is shining in your face.

It's fake guys. It's all fake. There are no spiritual guides. There are only demonic beings. It's not just so simplified, as a fairy tale. These things are real. They reside in the fourth dimension. Humans have no power, when they go there, through mediums, fortune telling or spiritual guidance. None. They make themselves totally open to these things and they don't even know, that humans can't operate in their realm. And they are much more intelligent.

Father Malaki Martin and Father Amorth are two other men who would agree. They have seen and experienced these things. And experience God's power.
They just don't invent these things.
It does one thing however. It proves the existence of God. And, when God exists, hell exists.
Listen to God.
Turn to Him.
You don't know when it's your time.
He's the most miraculous, and I owe him everything.
He really is alive.
Yes you have benefits of finding a church but you don't need a church to experience him. Just ask.
These things are REAL.

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KABOOM THE MOONS #conspiracy

The Elite Is Using Mongol Elon Musk To Distract The West With The BS AI Fearmongering While China Is Preparing To Rule The World!

From this thread!

Thread: Illuminati, Hebrews, Robot AI, Reptilians, The Boogey Man Etc Are All A Smoke Screen For The Mongols And Chinese/Dragon's Race To Hide Behind! (Page 2)

And this strategy china/mongols play with the hebrews is so simple and common yet so effective!

It's similar to the strategy a youtube gun-owner was revealing he would use if the governor was to come to take his guns.

He said "you have to give them something, have some old crappy guns on public display to distract them so they dont go looking deeper and find your good valuable guns!"

China/Dragon/Snake with legs/Satan
"Lets give the west an enemy so they dont go looking deeper!
Now who would volunteer to receive all the negative light so we hide in the darkness?

We sir/lord, it would be our honor!

China after 1000 of years of evil hebrews propaganda started getting old.

"We need a new enemy/enemies to distract the west, the hebrew propaganda is getting old and we smell westerners itching for more/looking deeper etc."

"Oh hello robots, AI, reptilians, aliens, mutants, clones(oh boy that got old fast hahaha) etc"

Mongol Elon Musk
"Lord China/Sina/Satan i got the AI, watch me distracting and scaring the crap out of the west with it and awe!"

"Thank you Elon Musk, lets have also a crappy computer in human disguise say "we will destroy humanity" to solidify the AI terror.

After tons of fluoride, poisoned food/water, chemtrails, vaccines etc we dont expect the low IQ, brain dead west to see through our bullshit hihohohohi!

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Who were the earliest Native Americans? Why is the DNA results suppressed and the fossils hidden?
From this thread!
Thread: We Live In The Belly Of The Beast Hallucinating Human Life! (Page 2)

Many of you Caucasians don't know that you are children of APEP/Apophis the Lair of the white worm,leviathan,, parasite, typhonian Vampyre.
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 68652245

All flesh/black goo is from apophis/venom/leviathan/hellraiser's god of flesh etc.
Thread: Noah 2014 Decoded! "The Line of Adam and Eve and Noah is the Line of Satan!!!!"

Dont let the color/body spray painting deceive you. We all share the same fate here.

Thread: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Decoded! - Humans Meet Your Father/Celestial Black Goo Cannibal God!

No we're not and many of your people cause chaos where you go,because many of you are souless and it's no hate,but the truth. Just look at all the hate this message board spew about HUEmans daily.
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 68652245

Forgot to add i hear this propaganda from the native americans a lot.

They even put it in the aliens vs cowboys movie where the indian leader tells harrison ford

"White man brought evil to this land"

and he got slam dunked by harrison who replied

"Evil was already here!"

See all those human sacrifices they were doing as offerings to their sun god which is shown to our face in all of its gory in Apocalypto movie.

sacrifice scene apocalypto

And when you further research this it gets darker!

As like apocalypto showed those native american indian tribes werent killing their own kind in the human sacrifices they were doing for the sun snake ra/apophis but were using their captives, they would go to villages of people that were living in america before they arrived here, burn them destroy them, rape all women and abduct the men to be used in human sacrifices.

I had found videos on youtube with archaeologists and historians revealing of an even more ancient race was living in america before the asian/mongol native americans got here, and which race was completely genocided/wiped out by the native asian/mongol americans!
The archeologists were describing some very cruel ways that ancient race that predated native americans was genocided, like they were hunted into mountain caves, then the indian/mongol tribes would set the entrances on fire and had them suffocate alive inside etc.

This race they mentioned was white looking from the evidence and in the ancient paintings of native american human sacrifices the victim that was getting sacrificed was painted white as he was white.

Just found this video!

Ancient Caucasian Native American Mummy

From the video description
"Who were the earliest Native Americans? Why is the DNA results suppressed and the fossils hidden?"
From Kennewick man, to the Florida Bog mummies, to the Spirit cave Mummy, Caucasian mummies are found all over North and South America thousands of years earlier than any other Native American group (see Haplogroup X).


Whatever happened to the indian tribes by the europeans after could be seen as how the asians like to call it oh KARMA!

It's important for the white race to know this information as china that plans to invade occupy and genocide usa, canada etc which was revealed in the speech of chinese general chi haotian in 2005 they make themselves look like they will be the punishers of the white man and the liberators of the native americans that got their land stolen from them.

The white europeans doing to native americans what they did to the race that predated them i notice also to be and the pattern of "history repeats itself", and this makes the chinese plan to genocide america again high probable as i guess this american land we live on in fact the whole earth arena is programmed to keep on getting genocided/harvested over and over again.

These things i learned from my research long ago i put them behind, i dont hold any grudges as this proved my point


As is the flesh of satan/agent smith's black goo line.
Thread: Noah 2014 Decoded! "The Line of Adam and Eve and Noah is the Line of Satan!!!!"

That's why religion from the moment we are born it consider us sinners. As that's when we connect and contaminate/infect ourselves with the black goo disease that is the human flesh.

Religion tries through baptism to claim and symbolize the cleansing of the filthy black goo flesh but that water actually symbolizes the black goo/blackwater and our immersion to it.

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KABOOM THE MOONS #conspiracy

The Jacket/Human Flesh 2005 Decoded!

I saw the jacket 2005 yesterday. It was all about the lunar boss/crazy doctor/scientist have us all drugged and stuffed in morgue drawers dreaming human life!

Identical scene was shown in snowpiercer and avatar 2009 but for few seconds while this movie was based entirely on that.

Oh oh oh forgot hellraiser hellworld hahaha where the lunar boss was bragging how he outsmarted us and how he won the game before it even begun.

Identical intel i found and posted a while ago from a dmt user who managed to connect to his body that is trapped in a metal box as he described/symbolism of morgue drawer.

Funny thing in the jacket movie when they were pulling him out of the morgue drawer he was dying in the human world saying "they're pulling me out, they're pulling me out".

He also gave intel identical to plutarch how most that wake up are so addicted to the human dream that first thing they want is to come right back.(i think it's part of the programming and drug addiction that makes us wanna come back.)

The lunar boss was shown also as a good doctor in the end that just wanted to help us out calling us all criminals that were arrested and sent to him for therapy.

But but but this movie showed how we're all innocent and were framed for crimes we didnt commit!!!

Similar intel was shown in daywatch/nightwatch russian movies where the lunar scum lure us and trick us into committing sins so we get in trouble.

It was shown the same people that manipulate us or frame us for crimes are also the same who play cop and judges and punish us for our sins.

Identical intel was shown in batman dark knight rises with the bad guys playing judge!

The jacket showed also the intel from ready player one how we're ghosts in the real world which i decoded to be something similar to surrogates with bruce willis and avatar 2009 where we experience the real world through avatars/surrogates that filter out most of what is out there/around us.

Identical thing scientists say how our eyes and brain show us less than 1% of what really is out there/around us.

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

Re: Chemtrails Still Full Force With New President Trump

I'd say he ought make it against the law to spray us like bugs for to make us sick. But he won't do it. He won't outlaw adding fluoride to the water. He won't make an EO to force the labeling of GMO foods, either. Why!

I'll bet the President's family have the best air and water filters available, and I'll bet they eat nothing but organically grown foods. The rest of us? Well, our money goes to support the entire health industry from cradle to early graves.

Shame on Trump.

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy


Mini nuke false flag will be targeting fed reserve bank and records and implode US economy along

Dual citizen Rahm Emmanuel and Mossad agent who left WH under Obama to enter mayor race late and still win in Chicago has set the stage and now he will be leaving office and not be running again after holding position for two terms

This Scene of Predictive Programming from 2015 movie explains the set up.

Terror attack for military to get its war and for black politician (president) to get his office BACK!

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The usual suspects #conspiracy

Are the same ones who wiped out Mars and blew up the planet next to Jupiter, reincarnated on Earth as Trump, Bolton, Netanyahu, etc?

All these warmongers currently in power, in America, Middle East, Europe, Asia, always plotting endless invasions, threatening armageddon-type wars against everybody, relying on ancient "prophecies" and religious fairy tales to justify their dementia, blood-lust, reptilian genes and whatnot, somehow managed to destroy TWO PLANETS in this solar system in the past and sneak their way to Earth afterwards.

Now they are doing everything in their power to destroy this planet as well.

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PsyStemUpdate #conspiracy

Re: Bigfoot: interdimensional being or super crafty woodbeast?

the real answer is both....with the attunement to nature they also have gained the attunement to the supernatural. military industrial complex doesn't want you to know this because just like native american shamans, they hunt in their spirit form as well; they can see you long before you see them coming because of their chakra systems. The military has captured some live ones for genetic experimentation and the creation of super soldier hybrids. If you hear about super soldiers, you ought to know that they have used the DNA of this beast to mix with human DNA because of its compatibility.
The religious rulers of our world don't want the paradigm to be shattered they can't let humans know that there are other sentient humanoids; it is still just a human, but a human whose genetic tree branched off in a different direction that ours. Some of the paranormal experiences people get in the woods are actually this being manipulating advanced occult forces to mess with people; it cannot be stalked very easily because of its supernatural attunement.

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Eubillicant Complectogram #conspiracy

When the chemtrail program is shut down (it will eventually), you will see archons roaming the planet.

as the cosmic frequencies (partially blocked by chemtrails) upgrade the DNA in life forms, this will give you the ability to detect the plasma entities roaming this world, see, sense or both.

I have already been seeing them since 92, but thats an exeception to the archon matrix (it's not 100% assimilation, it has flaws due to 'lack of').

Darkness = lack of, that includes lack of perfection.

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Anonymous Coward #racist

Re: Kardashian asses are a deformity. That is not a normal human attribute.

Yes, but they're millionaires/billionaires because of it. People like to gawk at them and their lifestyles. Why do they date only black men? Why do they have only black women for "BFFs"? Was this some kind of planned strategy? "We're going to develop a style of whites turning into blacks physically and hanging around with blacks socially and having mixed babies." Interesting how it fits into the diversity/mixture ideology now. I think their mother is a sociopath, only for money. Who takes their kids to plastic surgeons when they're teenagers? She also had an affair with OJ Simpson who is most likely the father of Khloe, the big one. Look at Khloe. It's very apparent.

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AltSwede #conspiracy

SWEDEN: Commie politicians wants ISIS kids plus parents and other commie wants to place immigrants among old people

Double news of insanity for the day.

Commie politician Linda Westerlund Snecker from the Left party (Used to be named Left Party the Communists but they dropped the Communist part of their name and are now just The Left Party) demands Sweden bring back children of ISIS parents that left Sweden that are now in some type of refugee camps but not just the kids but also the parents.

The logic is "they will learn the multiplication table and not shooting with Kalashnikovs"

Yeah but you wanted their parents to come along... it's those parents that were teaching them or sending them to someone to teach them to go to war. Why would they stop that when they returned to Sweden? (Article in Swedish)
[link to]

Guess she never saw this:

[link to (secure)]

[link to (secure)]

the seeds of demon muhammadallah has been planted already, but then she's a commie, she's part of the same team.

And in the other craziness from Sweden some Balkan woman named Dragana Curovic (most likely a communist from former Yugoslavia that "fled" to Sweden and is now doing the same hostile shit done in Yugoslavia) thought it was a good idea to "integrate" young jihadist men to live in the same place as old people, so mixed old care people home and immigration home.

I wonder if she will personally responible for the thefts and rapes that will come as a letter from the post office. Probably not, when the old folks are raped and robbed by these savages she will just step back into the shadows and hide.

They explain the insanity in the article (in Swedish)
[link to]

So now you got a double dose of insanity today from the open air mental asylum known as the Kingdom of Sweden.

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Anonymous Coward #fundie

Look how easily entire western nations have been overthrown and filled with demonic Islam.

Wake up America. They are working hard to do the same to our nation.

The stupid leftists who are too dimwitted to see the facts make me sick.

They won't take over the USA as easily, but they certainly don't care who they harm to get their way. Pelosi called it "collateral damage."

Make no mistake, Americans will fight against this.

Then we will have to contend with all the satanic nations that were once our allies.

We'll have to whip their asses too.

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nomaam #sexist

Are women a different species from men?

There are many fundamental differences between men & women. Sure there are similarities, but the differences are so drastic it makes me wonder if women should even be classified as the same species as men.

> Women have the minds of children and don't mature intellectually as they age.

> Women operate as a collective, lack critical thinking skills, incapable of thinking outside the box, & instead just go along with the herd. (Even their periods sync up when they work together!)

> Women do bizarre things, which make no sense i.e. not rational! Its like dealing w/ aliens!

> Women aren't capable of visualizing, empathizing (w/ men), lack self-awareness, are only capable of loving their own babies (& maybe some small furry animals) but not men - whom they see strictly in utilitarian terms (i.e. What can he do for me?)

> Women lack soul; are empty fleshsuits.

> All women have the same basic generic/bland personality.

> Women inherently dislike men but need them to survive (With men its the opposite)

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KABOOM THE MOONS #conspiracy

Google "USA Presidents" And Pay Close Attention To Their Eyes. All Mongols!!!

HOLY MOLY! After i noticed bill and hillary clinton having mongolic eyes i was like lets google "usa presidents" and i was like cypher from matrix screaming "No, I dont believe it!"
[link to (secure)]

Not u.s. presidents but worth mentioning.

David Rockefeller mongol as hell!

Jacob Rothschild mongol as hell!

Queen of England mongol as hell!

Hitler mongol as hell just like Himler!

Oh by the way all russia's leaders were mongols as hell too like lenin, stalin etc and even putin has been exposed as a mongol too recently and with surgery around the eyes to cover up most likely.

Karl Marx mongol as hell too!

This info needs to get out to as many people as possible as i had enough seeing mongols doing all the crimes against humanity and the average hard working white man taking all the blame and being accused as the devil by brown turd mongols like this piece of shit.

In an attempt to destroy america from within by causing civil war between the blacks and whites.

Then the chinese will show up to throw our corpses to the gutter and occupy usa without a shot fired.

Mongol Julius Malema is doing the exact thing in africa while china colonizes the crap out of her as we speak.

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billfountain #conspiracy

Example of how the civilians could perform their own false flag

TPTB will continue to use school shootings in an attempt to disarm Americans. This is effective, because people react emotionally when children are in danger of violence. Civilians must use these same cunning, deceptive ways to counterattack against this corruption.

Here's an example of a false flag attack civilians can execute:

(1) Orchestrate following team:
* (a) 12 open-minded mothers with 12 children who all attend the same elementary school
* (b) Open-minded aficionado in computerized engineering, and robotics
* (c) Open-minded aficionado in creating silicone hyper-realistic masks
* (d) Open-minded aficionado in computerized special effects
* (e) Open-minded actor
* (f) 4 open-minded, friendly civilians with no connection to children and who exhibit great skills of hospitality and verbal evasiveness.

(2) Arrange clandestine meeting with team and discuss steps hereinafter

(3) Mothers and children all agree to have 12 children to be mock kidnapped

(4) Children to be held safe in residence of civilians in team

(6) 13 days after investigation commences, anonymous streamer with no IP detection begins streaming on popular websites. Visual stream shows him with hyper-realistic silicone mask and 12 children “actors“ who are “captive and in distress”. man does not appear to be wearing mask

(7) With special effects production help from team, stream appears to show masked man graphically shoot and kill one of the children in cold blood

(8) Man demands [INSERT ANYTHING HERE]

(9) If demands are not meant, technical measures will be made to ensure each of the 12 children appear to be slaughtered in cold blood graphically by the silicone masked man on the visual stream.

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HeraldofDawn777 #sexist

Teen boys, Ford, and #Men G t O W

Let me start by say this incredibly sad. The potential relationships killed before they even begin. Ford deserves to killed by the most sadistic demons imaginable for what she's doing.

She's bringing up something, unsubstantiated, from 36 years ago. She's using a false story to destroy someone, with no witnesses and no evidence. She's setting the precedent for women everywhere who wish to do as she's doing.

Now, for teen boys seeing this, what could they be thinking? Hundreds may be seeing what's going on and being like, if this can happen to Brett, it can happen to me too. What if something happens to me in 35 or 36 years? They're not going to want to take the risk. Seeing how big this has gotten, and with such little, nay, no evidence, it's happening to Brett. And teen boys are like, it can happen to me too.

So they're going to stay away from being involved with teen girls romantically and sexually. Heck, Brett didn't even interact with this woman which makes it more ridiculous! It's a complete fabrication!

Which brings me back to Ford deserving to be slowly pulled apart piece by piece by demons. For the wreckage and unfulfilled future loves she's destroying by doing this. All the potential relationships that will never be because of this bitch Ford.

By setting this precedent, Ford is only encouraging scores of teen boys to #Men G t O W.

Ford's also providing more ad material for the Sex Bot industry than the people working in it ever thought possible.

What are peoples' thoughts on this?

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TheNobodyBee #conspiracy

They are spraying worldwide in all major cities. What most people don't realize is the Nano particulates are all around us at the ground level. You cannot see the nano in the daylight. I have found a very good way to expose the nano all around us. Just buy yourself a good UV Black Light flash light. Shine it only at night or in a dark room and it will look like it is snowing nano everywhere. This nano is everywhere in your house outside in your car at your job in your food in your water everywhere.
If we all did this used a black-light exposing the nano and make a YouTube video about this. Spread it viral to friends family everyone you know, also have them get the UV black-light as well. If we all exposed this and made videos and posted them to YouTube in all city's worldwide. There would be millions of these videos. Then send the videos to all our government officials to demand they stop spraying us like cockroaches or we the people are going to defund them by not paying taxes until this atrocity is stopped.

The Nasa agency is behind the spraying of these chemtrails their main purpose is surveillance capabilities and to break down our immune systems. The chemtrail planes all land on USA Airforce bases worldwide to be refueled. The united states Air Force is spraying us with chemtrails worldwide. Here is the evidence the USAF has been spraying sense 1990. Here is a PDF of the US Air Force Cadet Manual from 1990 that teaches them about chemtrails chemistry and how to spray .
[link to (secure)]
The Title of the manual is : Chemtrails chemistry 131 manual 1990 USAFA you can download it here you have to right click and save. If you look at page 201 & 202 . This is undeniable proof they have been spraying us sence the 90’s

I live in the United states they spray my city 3-5 times per week for the last 5 years that I have noticed nonstop. Am I living in the land of the United States or the land of the United Snakes? It's like were living in Nazi Germany Part 2 were there's no freedom under the sun.

I’m was currently sick with the chemtrail lung for about 3 months . I used a humidifier filled with 500Ml of distilled water mixed with 1/2 teaspoon of pink salt & 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar this reduces the nano in my house by 95%. I call it the anti chemtrail it destroys the nano. I also drank true colloidal Silver for about a week it has worked amazing well at recovering my health. Buy doing these 2 things I have recovered my personal health from the chemtrail nano poisoning.

If we all expose this and wake up the masses and send the video evidence to our government officials they will have to stop spraying us like cockroaches. I do like your Laser Idea as well . The best this we can do it send in the video evidence the air force manual that is undeniable proof and demand they stop or we defund them by not paying our federal income tax. Why are we paying taxes to be sprayed like cockroaches by our own USA AIRFORCE? It’s time we all file a class action law suit for the poisoning of ourselves and our family’s.

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LIBERTY777 #conspiracy

FAKE HURRICANES!!! WTF??? Weather Channel's Mike Seidel Fakes Wind During Storm!

I see the Deep State has the western states on fire while they flood the gulf and southern states saying its a Hurricane....


They cloud seeded this storm and steered it into the east coast using Haarp or other weather modification devices.

They are burning up houses in California and destroy homes and cities with FLOODING from Chemtrails and cloud machines.

This also matches with the Agenda 21 Maps and depopulation agenda....

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FHL(C) #conspiracy

Amen, in YAHshua Jesus name

Its control of narrative, anywhere and everywhere, the USA is a test case, can they take control before November elections, and take out or prevent President Trump, from destroying them in antitrust and organised traitorism/crime legislation, that you already have on the books, by distracting him, with stuff like Syria , economic charges against other nations etc externals, whilst still hammering him, with ever increasing fake news, claiming he is the traitor, unhinged leftists have assassinated many people in the US before this for less.

Alt-media is a major threat, if we go down and become individualised and therefor easy to pick off, you will see the A/antichrist/s take control through the ghey mafia, that is heavily over represented in all media, education etc.

So will it be a red wave or blue wave, this November, its in your court USA

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First Born Son #fundie

Don't tell me that nothing gave birth to something... because it decided to... This goes against everything science has ever stood for.

So nothing makes something, and then something self organizes over 13 billion years into humans. Yeah, that makes way more sense than the thought that we were built, or are a simulation.

See you ppl, always go to the "ghost" and "Spirit" arguments. Trying to belittle the very concept of creation. And in the same breath tell us you KNOW that nothing took a giant shit and out we came.

By it's definition, nothing does not exist and therefore cannot produce anything.

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FivelCubed #conspiracy

BTW, I think it is important to note something you all have certainly realized...

That the civil war (which I believe will be kicked off by the reversal/nullification of Obama's terms) has been aggressively primed for a decade now.

Race relations are much worse. Divided and empowered under Obama and ramped up by the MSM and liberal halfwits in academia under Trump. Also, conservatives have become much less sensitive to being labeled as racists, due to the constant BS accusations under Obama. This enrages the Left even more. It also has pushed many non-racist conservatives into, or closer to, race-based ideologies and groups. So, we are much more divided on that front.

Same goes with left vs right worldviews. The Right has become more conservative. The Left has accelerated it's run toward full blown Communism. The Left has also become more atheistic, anti-traditional, anti-national and anti-moral, trying to outdo themselves each day with cries that things that are completely wrong, damaging and immoral should not only be legal, but should be embraced - with any opposition to this message condemned to hell and the opposes doxxed and physically attacked.

This, of course, causes the Right to buy bigger guns and more ammo, in preparation for a full-blown leftist/communist/anti-theist uprising.

The Left is also arming themselves, due to their delusional fears of Trump, fed to them by the MSM.

Another thing increasing the number and firepower of arms in the US, is mass shootings (some clearly staged) and the resultant cries from the Left that guns must be banned and/or confiscated. Nothing bumps up arms sales more than the psychological and legal aftermath of a mass shooting.

So, they are dividing our nation more and more, while also ensuring that both sides will be able to kill each other en masse and keep up the fight against each other for a long time, once the civil war kicks off.

So, buy plenty of preps, ammo and armor/bunker reinforcements NOW, so that when you see the kickoff get closer - which a process toward official investigation of the NBC definition in general or specifically Obama's legitimacy would definitely be - you won't be paying 10x more for things you'll need to keep yourselves and families safe.

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HeraldofDawn777 #conspiracy

Involving the Coming Vampire War - Do not Get the Flu Vaccine

This involves my post from here:

Thread: War's Coming.

Do not get the Flu Vaccine this year!

Something got put into it to weaken people. So they'll be more susceptible to Vampires. Whatever they put into it the Flu Vaccine this year will make it more difficult for people to fight back. It'll make them easier prey.

It will be harder for someone to fight back if they've received the Flu Vaccine. The person can still wield Sterling Silver blades! He or she can still use weapons. But it'll just make it more difficult to do combat if he or she has gotten the Flu Vaccine this year.

So do not get the Flu Vaccine this year!

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FivelCubed #conspiracy

John McCain's biggest crime was NOT from his time in Nam...

John McCain's biggest crime was also NOT his conspiring over Ukraine and various Middle Eastern countries, conspiring against Trump, screwing over the American people in general, nor profiting from the corruption in govt.

His biggest crime is that he conspired in a globalist plot to ultimately destroy the US.

Remember the 2008 elections?

Know what's simiar about the 2 candidates, Obama and McCain (besides the overall corruption, criminality and hatred for the American people)?

This is the similarity that matters, and shows what he and Obama were up to:

Either of them, if placed in the Oval Office, would be illegitimate Presidents - from start to finish. Which means that every action taken as President would be illegitimate. Which means that their entire term - all laws passed, all appointments made, all executive orders, etc - would be able to be nullified and reversed in an instant, as soon as it is legally recognized that they were ineligible, thus illegitimate.

A reversal/nullification of 8 years of new laws and appointments, etc, would destroy our economy, as our current economy is largely based on existing law.

It would also discredit Congress, SCOTUS and the idea that the govt abides by or cares about the law.

Lastly, if the illegitimate President was "historic" and loved just for his race and appeal to amoral societal rejects, it is then very likely that a reversal/nullification of his terms would bring about a lot of societal conflicts, violence and possibly a civil war. The civil war becomes much more likely when compounded with a chaotic economy and a disregarded/hated government that is confused and has lost control.

McCain always knew he was ineligible, just like Obama knew about himself. McCain was born in Panama, OFF the military base, in a municipal hospital under which no soil could in any way be considered American.

That might sound like an irrelevant technicality or wrong due to his father serving in the military, but that WAS and still IS the law.

So, the globalists stacked the deck in 2008 with 2 ineligible candidates, in order to ensure that they would have a so-called "President" whose terms could be reversed overnight, thus causing the devastation to the US whenever they finally decided to expose the former "President"s ineligibility/illegitimacy.

They also followed up in 2016 with more illegitimates; Cruz, Rubio (some other Repubs too), Bernie (likely a dual citizen) and Clinton (violated 18 USC, section 2071). I think they did this just to have a plan B, in case they figured they needed to increase the number of illegitimate years/laws ensure the devastation they desired.

McCain knew that this was the plan the whole time and happily conspired to bring it to fruition.

THAT is his greatest crime. Conspiring to end the US and have its people kill each other in the millions.

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Str.z #conspiracy

The energetic field of negativity

Negativity is an energetic field where every point can develop into another energetic field and thus create a snowball effect which can cause bad behavior towards others

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Patriotic Black Dude #conspiracy

How I developed clairvoyance, precognition and lucid (astro) dreaming abilities to super heightened levels.

I lived in my parents cellar from childhood into early adulthood. My room had no windows. So at night time, I was in pitch black; I considered it my "chamber of dark." This went on for a little over a decade. I would literally stare into pitch blackness for years, and at the time, unbeknownst to me, I was affecting the natural development of my pineal gland; I was overproducing melatonin by overstimulating the pineal gland. The pineal gland works on the circadian rhythm. Along with the body's naturally occurring circadian rhythm, a normally developed pineal causes the body to feel sleepy when darkness enters the iris. This whole process induces the sleep state. In my situation, however, I was not falling asleep when subjected to the darkness as it was an unnaturally occurring dark environment. So I was developing this hormone, melatonin, plentifully, while fully awake. I was literally filling up by body with the hormone or "darkness."

Coupled that with semen retention allowed for me to build up the psychic abilities. Holding semen in your testicles for months on end causes the body to create DHT, a hormone that, in conjunction with melatonin, engenders spiritual sublimation.

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HeraldofDawn777 #conspiracy

War's Coming.

This will happen. This is going to happen. On October 4th of this year, Vampires will start showing up in hospitals in Chicago, Illinois.

They'll be pretending that they're helpless, but they're anything but. They're going to be asking for help, and they'll be taken in. On October 16th, they'll have enough in place.... and on October 17th, one of them is going to bite the wrist of a doctor or male nurse.

As soon as that one bite happens, everything's going to kick off. A global war where Vampires will be attacking people. No longer hiding in the shadows, but out in the open.

That bite will be a declaration of war. A signal for them to start going after Humanity, out in the open. It's going to start in Chicago, Illinois but eventually it will be everywhere. What better place to conquer a city than from hospitals? That means they'll have access to blood and patients, who they can drain. Every corridor is a death trap because they can be hiding in any room. ready to spring out. People will be afraid to go to hospitals, causing more misery, terror, chaos and death.

You don't have to believe me. But no matter how many 1-stars I get, it won't change what Is To Come. Lack of belief won't change the fact that it is to happen.

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USCrusader_1 #conspiracy

There hasn't been a Chemtrail grid over Chicago for 5 years, at least since my last 'Chemtrails over Chicagoland' series of threads.

The Chemtrailing R&D and its technology is now perfected and research and development over and done with. Now armed with a series of Chemtrail technical manuals and procedures probably published and filed away for use someday- to be used over any city.

We were a perfect testing ground.
Chicagoland is in a unique geographic and climatic area, summer-hot winter-cold temps, prevailing westerly winds to disperse(disappear) Chemtrail artifacts over Lake Michigan, a wide variety of races&ethnicities to experiment on, a liberal communist democrat govt that approved any&all Chemtrail testing on its citizenry. Additionally OHare airport with thousands of flights a day camouflaging any suspicious Chemtrail or aircraft activity in the sky.

Still watching the skies to make GLP update when they happen.
I'm ready to add to my 'Chemtrails over Chicagoland' series of threads when it happens.

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krissy #conspiracy

Smart meters cause massive headaches, major depression, back pain, etc...but I found the solution. I wrapped mine in aluminum foil, shiny side inward...problem solved. Symptoms all went away. I bought a cheap emf detector off Amazon, took before and after readings, and this confirmed that it works. The foil blocks all deadly emfs coming from the meter. My 23 year old son thought of this...the kid has a mind of a scientist, and brilliant. Homeschooling paid off.

Cluster F Bomb Award

For ridiculous amounts of pointless swearing

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

Did you fucktards who are saying aliens don't exist and that all aliens are demons ever consider the idea that angels, fallen angels, aliens, Jesus and Satan are aliens. Jesus and the angels are the good aliens and Satan, fallen angels and demons are the bad aliens. After all it only fucking makes sense. I mean if angels, fallen angels, and demons and Jesus Christ and Satan aren't aliens then what the fucking fuck are they. Besides in the bible it describes Satan as being a serpent or a dragon like a Reptillian.The Annunaki aka Nephillim who come from Nibiru aka Planet X will be the falen angels who pretend to be good and our saviors against Satan and the Reptillians and greys when in fact they are working with them to enslave us. The Antichrist is likely a Nephillim aka Annunaki from Nibiru. Jesus Christ and the angels are likely the Pleiadians who are our real allies against Satan, the reptillians, greys, as well as the Nephillim. the msot ridiculous bullshit I've heard from the christian fucktards is the ones who try to say that aliens don't exist and space travel is impossible and that the government is trying to make people believe in aliens and space travel. that is the most ridiculous load of bullshit ever. If aliens and space travel were really a government lie then why does the government and mainstream media deny the existence of aliens and interstellar space travel and why do they ridicule people who believe in aliens and space travel. Sounds like they knwo about aliens and are hiding the existence of them from us. Not only that but they are actually working for the Reptillians, Greys, and Nephillim to enslave us and try and prevent us from travelling into space. Then of course let's not forget all the pictures obviously showing structures, monuments, pyramids, mines, cities, and other types of civilization and life on the moon, Mars, Venus, Titan and the other gas planet moons which NASA claims are all optical illusions but only a complete braindead retard would believe they're only optical illusion like Never A Straight Answer says. The government wants us to believe that we're the only life in the universe and that aliens don't exist and space travel is impossible so they can keep us imprisoned on this planet forever. Like I said let's see you religious fucktards answer the question if angels, fallen angels, demons, Jesus Christ, Antichrist and Satan aren't aliens then what the fucking fuck are they?

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Psychopath Machine #conspiracy

about the Toronto's much worse than you know.

Of course everyone has a lot of questions about the shooter and his family but what I found is truly frightening.
I think they were planning a chemical weapon attack.
I have posted links on my Twitter..
[link to (secure)]

They found a truckload of guns in his brothers house and 45 Kilos of a drug that is 100 times more powerful than fentinol.
US flags this drug as a potential chemical weapon.
Enough to kill a whole city.

This is the most important thing I have ever posted here or anyplace .. Please help me research this.
So much of the MSM stories just don't add up.
The brother is in a coma for example...

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ChivalryKnight #conspiracy

Big Pharma, FDA "approved" vaccines, mind control and the grand deception with natural alternatives for healing your mind and body temple

Revelation 18:23 “And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.”

The light of the candle is like the light of the soul... the eyes are the gateway to the soul. You walk about in public and so many eyes and souls have gone dim.

The Greek root of the word "Sorceries" as translated in the English text is Pharmakia.

So much of our society seems like the scene in the 1939 Wizard of Oz movie... they can't make it to the Celestial City (Oz) with enlightenment of mind and spirit as they have fallen asleep in the poppy field (zombie drugs)

Imagine a mind controlled society much like the Brave new world... only perhaps the "soma" fix so many needs is their sports and entertainment as their minds have already been zombied down with vaccines.

There were only a few shots many decades ago when I was a young'n.... now there are 50-70 required vaccines. The pineal glands are calcified and the minds numbed.

You go to the grocery store and see momma with her WIC vouchers SNAP and EBT benefits and the child may be doing a high pitched scream (just got the DTAP injection) or the light of the children's eyes has gone out and their soul is closed up. Perhaps momma has just sold babies healthy birthright for free Federal WIC benefits... not knowing the cost of her exchange.

It is like Momma has bitten the forbidden fruit in the garden for a promise or hope of something more....

Or perhaps the child has quit talking altogether like one little child that had a shared custody parent catch up a load of injections on one visit. It is so sad.

I am convinced this drug establishment was part of my father's untimely death and demise.

The real kicker was moving him from antidepressants to Zoloft which I think really took him to a dark place and he apparently could not come off it (as another testimony I also read of)

I suppose I feel like we have had my dad stolen away from us with the drugs and his passing away last June.

I have to wonder how a pharmacist making uber bucks 100,000K plus per year.... what sort of soul is inside a person handing out a pill that will kill an unborn living child all to receive money.....

Yes I also believe God is big enough to forgive any participants in this dark system of drugs with a repentant heart so I offer no eternal condemnation.

May we awaken once again to herbs and homeopathic alternatives as we move into the kingdom age on the earth and the deep state snakes are purged from the planet.

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

What if bigfoot sightings are just ghosts?
No one ever asks that.
But what if they are ghosts of lets say the first men and women who walked on the planet?

would explain why they swear they see them but never find any hair or bigfoot themselves.

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

The British torched the Whited House, the Canadians were used to trap, cook and fuck. They were the slaves of the British Forces. Canada. You are fucking nothing, stop trying to say you burned down the White house.

The Brits set it a torch. The Canadians where used as sex slaves for the British soldiers, I'am dead serious. Learn history Canada.

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

Do weather forecasters have access to Chemtrail spraying schedules?

If not, how can they possibly predict the 'weather'?

There are days of clear blue skies (no spraying and no chemtrail planes, just the passenger jet airliners) which have indeed been forecast and reported on the previous days weather forecast.

So do the forecasters have access to the fake cloud schedules in order to report the extent of cloudiness or clear skies?

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

Re: is the Thailand Cave thing a false Flag??

I'm going with it's a fake story, involving a fake death, to promote a 'real' corporation, which has fake merits.
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12089920

Exactly. Fake death of a supposed SEAL team member.
If you are going to fake that it's in for a penny, in for a pound and zero credibility all around!

I think since it's a world story that the media is pushing as a "human interest" story with word association of soccer coinciding with the World Cup that these kids were surprisingly not interested in watching apparently to allegedly take a nearly three mile walk down into a hole in the ground that would require another near 3 mile walk back or maybe longer since I have not heard where they were supposedly going or stopping at.

That is a LONG trek to be making after giving your all at a practice or game or whatever reason these guys were together.

It could be related to a World event or a distraction from a world event about to take place with everybody looking elsewhere.

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Gateshitter #conspiracy

Thailand cave soccer boys is an Illuminati ritual for the World Cup.

Because this site is taken over by the trump idiocracy, and ACTUAL conspiracies are a thing of the past, nobody is talking about the obvious ritual in Thailand.

They got "found" after 9 days.

Although it's 12 boys plus the coach, a soccer team is made of 11 players.


Still, 13 in the cave, another occult number.

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hankie #conspiracy

You maybe calling for war but I say get them aslums ready cause they are freaking crazy. If you know the constitution at all you will understand everything they are screaming about has no foundation. Nothing they have gained has had anything to do with them or civil liberties. Divorce for the Homosexual who married is sky high sure they wanted to be married but not the cost of it. It did not make them happy because that was not their problem. The abortion law was not and I mean not about abortion on demand, they have pushed the envelop to the extreme, they can use birth control or have a tubes fixed, just quit murdering their offspring and ruining their mental health and selling baby parts. The right was already in most of the states to start with, so why did they need the supreme court, some other reason, call it eugenics of people of brown shades.

There is not affirmative action to loss that already been rule none effect. They even cried they would take voting rights away, only for illegals, mind you if they had kept the Republican laws it would have been where you would not be worried about voting. Democrats caused that problem not republicans. See, the republicans put in that everyone now were equal and to be treated as everyone man, no matter the color of their skin and also, the women's right to vote, dang democrats wanted none of this, and no they never swapped parties and good lie to fool the people and they wrote the education history and controlled the democrat liberal unions of education. That was the problem, it lying to people.

I want it to be sent to the state to formally be recognized and never be brought up for vote again to be legal, see they keep it in that order to scare the population, your voting rights will be taken away. I going to see what I can do about this one. I am a constitution person and no it does not need to be changed improved in way but by they states they only way to do so.

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AxX #fundie

I thought there was some vague/veiled reference to 3DD in the bible?

Where did all the rumors come from explaining:
* Close your windows and lock your doors
Only blessed candles will light (of beeswax?)
Don't open your doors no matter what you hear
Outside will be shadows and demons so grotesque that simply seeing them will shock you to death
Same demons can mimic the voices of loved ones, calling, crying, screaming for help outside your door to get you to open it (and come out) so they can get you too.

How does it happen?
Sun stops moving (only 1/2 the planet is in darkness)
A large UFO strategically placed the correct distance between Earth and Sun can block it out
Sun actually "blinks out" for 3 days like a generator being restarted
Supernatural event

There's supposed to be a warning in the sky just (4-12?) hours before 3DD starts.

The sign in the sky, I thought was a cloud/formation/object of some sort. Maybe that UFO from above? shrug I dunno. Lots of stuff out there about the topic though. :)

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Anonymous coward #conspiracy

(Regarding a white person complaining about how much documentation is required to receive unemployment benefits)

It's true. The ssa is employed by blacks that ignore the white people. Even the news is in on it. The news here made the local government give a free house to a black guy just because he walks slow.

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Anonymous Cowards, Chip, Manosteel #racist

Rotten muslima or pagan hindu....yet another undesirable heathen in DC


Exactly! She has no loyalty to America nor it's true citizens! She's an agent provocateur sent in by NWO globalist Anti-American shitbags!!!

We could get her to leave the country ASAFP! Put tariffs on curry!!!!!


Deport her stinking east Indian ass back to curryland


All of these bleeding heart idiots have no clue about the long term ramifications of their fucking virtue signaling.

They are either completely brain dead or are intentionally trying to turn the USA into a third world shithole...or both.

I have no quarrel with legal immigrants that file the paperwork and wait their turn.

The illegals need to be sent back across the border...via catapult...

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Anonymous Coward #sexist

Brutal Suicide Fuel. Summer is coming.

No more jackets, hoods, scarves and hats to hide our ugly appearance.

Normal people on road trips, hanging out with their college buddies while i rot indoors on GLP with the curtains drawn.

And all the girls will be wearing revealing clothing that will constantly taunt our sexuality.

Long days, couples everywhere, kissing, movies, sea, ocean breeze.

Holidays - reminder of what you have missed.

The hot season is literal hell for the incels.

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Bright Side #racist

Speaking as a Mom, the child seperation issue is the Mom's fault.

I am speaking purely emotionally as a mom when I say the child seperation issue is tragic for sure but logically the only one to blame are the mothers of these children.

Apparently they are warned in advance what will happen if they are caught and they risk it anyway. They want America more than their kid.

Additionally it is culturally acceptable to send very young children alone with strangers while they stay in their countries knowing those kids will be taken in by the American system. They do it hoping the system will provide better for them than they can.

Their culture isn't in an uproar. Ours is.

Our American culture is at issue here - what moms mean, what family means. They are fine with it. Our cultural attitude toward motherhood and children are vastly different.

Think about that. We are being played for political gain. We are slaves to a system if we allow our emotions to override the facts.

If these mothers are truly horrified with the thought of being seperated from their kids then they would never be in a position to risk it. They are not victims, they are willing participants.

As a mom, I'm not buying into this being Trump's fault. Let's place blame where it lays and stop being a pawn to enotional manipulation by media and politicians.

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HmmmmmAS S #conspiracy




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nythinker #conspiracy

Is mental illness being....NORMALIZED??

Anyone else wonder?

We're seeing the trend of mental illness being pushed out there like its so common. And the folks who have it are your everyday guys and gals you work with everyday. Celebrities too.

Add to that making practically everything a mental illness. From anxiety and depression to just shyness.

Are they conditioning society to one day hust accept that EVERYONE is mentally ill in one way or another so its just normal.

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KABOOM THE MOONS #conspiracy

The Sun Was Shown To Be An Oculus Gate/Window, A Moon And The Burning Bush From The Bible On Monday Night Raw April 9, 2018!

From this thread!
Thread: !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!! (Page 232)



Thread: The Three Heads/Moons of Cerberus/Hades/Trinity God/Satan and the Underworld/Under the Dome we all live in.

Thread: The Sun Is The Gate/Oculus Of Earth's Dome!


And the wrestler that carries this name is painted red like the devil and a woman probably a tranny and wearing a hood/hiding her face, all attributes of the lunar boss/satan/shepherd jesus/burning bush yahweh/cyclops/ruler of underworld earth cave.


Looks to be moving like black goo too!

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

Some years back Vladimir Putin went on vacation to a villa on the black sea

When he reappeared a few weeks wasn't the same Vladimir Putin

His ex wife was the first to notice and even spoke out about it

If you look at old photos of Putin he does not look like the new Putin


Anything is possible

Trump is not acting like Trump

Something is definitely off with him

Mind Control...Drugged up...Threatened


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Maurice McMurdo #conspiracy

Remember when he started acting really weird about 6 months ago? Slurring his words and drinking water super strange like? That was about the same time all the videos of Melania pushing his hand away and acting very aggressive towards her husband. Could they have replaced him with a tow the line clone they can control? That would certainly explain Melania's behavior wouldn't it? Not saying I believe that merely spit balling. .

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

Extraterrestrials have a base on the only mountain that nobody can climb, the Gangkhar Puensum !!

In the Butan state there is a mysterious mountain called Gangkhar Puensum and few people know it. Four expeditions unsuccessfully tried to reach its peak, and the Bhutan government prevented this massif from being hidden, which according to the villagers conceals an extraterrestrial base.

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Anonymous Coward #sexist

College is Miserable as an Old cel

Holy shit everywhere I go I'm surrounded by Chads and Stacies, hell even the normies are able to talk to women. I'm currently sitting in the study center trying to studycelcopeorrope my way through the day, but I can't help but look at my surroundings. Couples kissing, women showing skin and me knowing damn well if I look I'll be expelled, young, hopeful people. Here I am sitting alone sitting by myself on GLP. Just LOL. Not one woman looks at me, matter of fact no one acknowledges my existence. I'm only here so I don't have to live paycheck to paycheck. IDK, it's just sooooo depressing looking around then examining my own life. I'm sure you unicels can relate well. To make it worse I'm not even that smart. I graduated HS yeeeeaasrrrrs ago, everyone is light years ahead of me. FUCK!

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MissionInvisible #conspiracy

We are in a time of mass upheaval on a macro/micro level. The coding of the universe is shifting.

Thing of the earth as one giant computer, enter the matrix. We are all living in information patterns and fields around us that create our reality. Ultimately it is all energy....some feels "lighter" or "heavier" than other, as it is all perception of the individual.

As we go through any transition, especially as of late, there will be some clearing that happens as we get new coding, "upgrades" or re-writing of our epi-genetic expression.

The predicted "event" is happening, it has always been happening as the universe works in cycles. Yet, as we evolve to the next stage and begin to tune in, our DNA begins to connect in more with the system. Creating the ability to tap into the energies around us at a deeper level, or perhaps just sense them on a deeper level so that we consciously create a new reality and a new system. One that works together as a cohesive unit.

Our DNA has a holographic field that connects to the environment around us - SENDING AND RECEIVING INFORMATION. It is the ultimate computer program, and a lot of ours is screwed up from UNNATURAL EMF and toxic substances around us that limit the ability to connect in.

There is so much distraction, on purpose, most of it we are unaware of, but the coding we see on computer screens, on our phones, in our music, creates a dissonance in our bioenergetic field and also gives direction to our primal brain. The food, water, air, EVERYTHING has an information pattern that our body recieves like an antennae...what we tune into we send energy to and get energy from.

It is time to reconnect, clear out dissonant patterns. Ground to the earth (away from manmade emf), and create a circuit with the SUN.

Who knows what the future holds? Its all pretty exciting and mind blowing to thing of the potential we have written within ALL of us.

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Anonymous Coward #fundie

Refuse to click a Washington post link, but felt i should add this.

Regardless of what each political parties policies were even last election, in this modern presidency they mean two, very defined and very blunt things.

Conservative: Patriots and fans of the American constitution and the republic for which it stands.

Liberal: Neo-Socialist who sees America as an enemy and views the flag and constitution as “colonial”.

There is a clear line in the sand, the players are in position. All we are waiting for is the whistle at this point.

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

Don't forget George Bush has a army kill squad of 200,000 roaming the United States! These people have no conscience and are dead inside period!

I have know this for years the Cabal who is still ran by George Bush Sr and the Rothschilds....

The are so authoritarian it would make your eyes bleed..

Its that bad folks.....

This group is feared by insiders and have no mercy on American citizens who get in their way....


These people are behind all the false flags shooting and other things....

Dont forget about this false flag missle attack in texas

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

Antifa roaming Austin streets telling people they have no business being out after dark

Was confronted coming out of work on Congress Ave at 9pm. Told get off the street if I know what's good for me and don't get caught outside my house.
Cops were everywhere and Antifa running and hiding in the shadows, dressed in full black garb.
After the bombings today, Antifa is up to something !

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

When my oldest child was younger, I volunteered in her preschool and elementary classes. This was back when children were taken to the nurse's office during the day to take their medications, as the time-released versions of ADHD medications were not as widely used then. I remember the first time I did this. The child had been diagnosed with ADHD as the age of 3 and was taking Ritalin, as so many of the children in the classrooms I worked in had been. It was then that I saw vaccine charts that were three pages in length, literally, three entire pages filled with the names and dosages of multiple shots these children had been given - all prior to and during their earliest years of schooling. I was horrified the first time I saw this, but it also confirmed for me that I had made the right choice for my own child to delay her vaccines and to not receive certain ones at all. Over the years, I saw too many of these children with the same vaccine rap sheets, diagnosed with the same learning and behavioral problems, and the havoc and disruption that just the numbers of this many children in the classroom wrought on a teacher's ability to teach. It's a terrible thing that seriously must be stopped if we want save the next generation of children from this kind of horrific harm. As long as vaccine makers are able to alter and destroy evidence, threaten and eliminate independent researchers and judges, and use only the pro-vaccine studies that they themselves fund, this will continue with nothing stopping it. Sadly, the only way one becomes more educated on this topic is either after they've seen it happen to another child or after the damage has been done to their own child. I am glad to see these parents speaking out, for there are many parents out there just like them who need to be heard.

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

Amateur Astronomy of satellites and ISS -- ALL FAKE!

At the 0:55 marker watch the ISS crawl till 1:13 and then suddenly disappears.

1. Shouldn't the ISS remain lit in the moon's light if the moon is a sphere?

2. Shouldn't the ISS made of F#@KIN ALUMINUM reflect the moon's light at the 1:14 marker and beyond?

On earth, the full moon at night, we see clouds lit-up all around even when the clouds are passing around the moon. And clouds are only 5mi up, ISS supposedly at 250mi is closer to the source (moonlight) and should remain as lit as the passing clouds on a full-moon night and should still be seen at 1:13 and beyond.

People keep asking me about all the amateur telescopes taking pictures of satellites and the ISS, are all amateur astronomers making these pictures in photoshop? Are they all in on the secret too? The millions of people who work with satellites and aeronautics and communications all part of keeping the big secret? YES!

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SOARINGHAWK #conspiracy

Nordic Aliens are the Bible's Angels

Think about how many times serpent, dragon and other similar words for Reptiles are mentioned in the bible. Adam and Eve were deceived by a Serpent. This symbolizes humanity being tricked by the Reptilians. Angels and Demons are actually positive and negative aliens. Particually the Nordics and Reptilians. Satan, demon, serpent, dragon. Those are all words to describe the Reptilian race.

Angel originally translated as messenger in Greek and Hebrew. When you think of an angel, you see long blond hair. Beautiful, immaculate specimens. Positive angelic guardians of humans that are workers of god, the creator. Does this not fit the description of the Nordic alien race that is mentioned countless times by alien abductees? From Travis Walton to Alex Collier to Billy Meier and many others.

The Nordics and many others are our guardian "angels." The watch over all of God's creations. Each planetary civilization's evolution must not directly be interfered with. This is why disclosure will never happen until we reach adulthood. We are in Elementary school as of now. By then we will all become telepathic. This could be 1000-2000 years from now. This happens to every species and is why every Alien that a human contactee encounters is telepathic.

Non direct contact would be abducting people at night. Meeting our ancestors and guiding them. Today we see these as myths and non sense. Coming down and landing on the front lawn of the white house is strictly forbidden. Shooting down an asteroid that would wipe out the entire planet is allowed as long as we humans didn't have a clue what happened and who saved us. Think of Tunguska.

The Book of Revelation describes a war in heaven between angels led by the Archangel Michael against those led by "the dragon"—identified as "the devil or Satan"—who are defeated and thrown down to the earth.
What this passage is speaking of is an ancient war between Nordics and Reptilians. There was no word or concept for space thousands of years ago. Heaven often times was meant to describe space. Heaven simply meant up.

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

Got drunk with a pilot last night, said commercial airplanes are electric.

The retired captain was loaded and became very talkative. He said, it as clear as day; "airplane engines are electric!" He said it would be impossible for a 747 weighing +327 tons to fly on fuel like the Space Shuttle did which only weighed +80 tons and needed 20x that in fuel to launch and would make commercial flying extremely expensive and potentially dangerous.
[link to]

He explained it like this; "it's all made possible by the auxiliary power unit (APU) a highly efficient generator located at the tail of the craft that powers the engines which are designed to alternate their own electricity as they compress air for thrust becoming self sustaining during cruise flight or they couldn't make 15hr trips."
[link to (secure)]

I jokingly ask him about all this flat earth business, he laughed it off saying that it was all horse-shit that earth is as round as a Chinese plum. At which point it assured me he had been completely honest. I then made a quick reference to 911, that it would have been impossible using electric passenger airplanes on 911! His immediate reply: "911 was an inside job!"

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Anonymous Coward #sexist

Feminism is possible because women are fundamentally herd creatures

It’s been routinely observed that women are fundamentally herd creatures, followers who base their social status on the acceptance of other women. In other words, one of their greatest fears is social rejection, and for this reason they are very reluctant to „rock the boat” by openly stating their own views and questioning the motives, acts and beliefs of other women. This sense of sisterhood is probably a creation of evolutionary psychology in women i.e. they lived for long periods in all-female tight-knit social groups and depended on each other for many types of support (like childrearing) for hundreds of thousands of years.

This means that whenever a woman comes into conflict with a man for whatever reason, other women will instinctively side with her regardless of the circumstances – they always play for Team Vagina. Men have no similar sense of „brotherhood”. You don’t see any man saying NAMALT when the discussion is about a man’s deplorable act. They don’t feel they have a sense of common identity with him just because he has a penis. That’s why the MRM can never become the mirror image of the Women’s Movement, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – life would swiftly become hellish for women if this was otherwise.

In fact, one reason feminism has become so popular among women is because it portrayed a gigantic historical conflict between men and women. Most women believed and still believe that if a movement is opposed by many men and is supported by many other women, it MUST be great. Add to this that feminism has become the dominant ideology of the West, and thus women, being conformists, follow it without wondering why. It has affected the minds of virtually all Western women.

This creates a situation where some women openly support feminism, the majority of women do absolutely nothing to oppose or question it, and a tiny minority criticizes it and then gets routinely mauled by feminist attack dogs. It’s also very telling that probably 95% of the women who question feminism only do so because they noticed that it has adverse effects on…women. I’m sure 90% of women don’t even know or care about the injustice men suffer due to feminism, and 90% of the rest believe they had it coming.

All in all, I can tell you that a woman will massively improve her status among men if she’s willing to openly and actively reject the anti-male behavior of other women and distance herself from such women. It’s a refreshing change.

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Anonymous Coward #sexist

You're incel as fuck if you don't listen to Drake

Seriously if you are out in a social setting and can't hold a decent conversation on Drake's music, every attractive NT young female will immediately think of you as a socially retarded reclusive basement dwelling incel who listens to incel music from bands like Killswitch Engage or My Chemical Romance.

Good luck trying to get a woman if you don't know who Drake is or aren't familiar with his music in 2018.

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3 Anonymous Cowards #sexist

[Note: Three separate posts, bolding in originals]

List of female PR phrases

I don't wear make up for men I wear it for myself
Translation: I wear makeup to increase my sexual market value and get attention from men but I don't want to admit I'm superficial.

It's not easy to just leave an abusive relationship
Translation: I didn't want to leave him because he was such a chad but now I also want sympathy and attention from you simps.

personality and confidence are most important
Translation: A strong jaw and hunter eyes are most important.

You're not that ugly. Some girl out there will be lucky to have you
Translation: Don't even thinking about dating me or my friends you ugly subhuman, get the fuck away from me.

I like a man with passions and goals
Translation: I like a man who has a lot of money or going to make a lot of money and wagecucks for me.

I'm not even attracted to chad
Translation: I would lick chad's asshole but I'm sub 5 so he probably won't let me anyway.

I have depression
Translation: chad hasn't texted me back


Oh he's just a friend
Translation: He is the back up I keep here in case I want to cheat on you or leave you

The first thing we notice about you is your shoes.
Translation: The first thing we notice about you is your height and face.

I'm not looking for a relationship right now.
Translation: I just want to friendzone you and have you around for emotional support while I look for Chad dick to suck.


You're a creep
Translation: You're ugly and I think you're interested in me. Fat chance.

You're so disrespectful
Translation: You're disrespectful of my prescense because you're ugly

I want to rescue him
Translation: He's a POS but idk because he's chad

I want someone to sweep me off my feet
Translation: Not only do I demand chad but I also demand he be a stellar human being

You don't understand what its like being a woman
Translation: My life is hard because only Brad agreed to fuck me today, not Chad

You're such a nice guy.
Translation: You're ugly. Fuck off.

You're so quiet.
Translation: You're ugly. Fuck off.

You'd be perfect for another girl.
Translation: You're ugly. Bother someone else.

You treat me so much better than Chad.
Translation: Please continue lavishing me in validation while I fuck n' suck an actual human being.

Improve yourself.
Translation: Slave your life away so you can't even think about anything else than being a reliable betabux provider.

Translation: Looking for fuckboys (i.e, Chad)

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

Are Descendants of German Nazis Running Mexico, the Drug Cartels and the Invasion of Illegals into the US?

So here is my conspiracy theory for you all. I just finished watching the series called "Hunting Hitler." It was on for 3 seasons. I highly recommend it. Anyway, I always knew in my gut that Hitler did not kill himself in the bunker in Berlin. I mean, why would he? They have even proven using DNA that the skull the Russians have that they claimed was Hitler's is a female's skull. Anyway, it just seemed highly unlikely that he would off himself. I also felt it was a cover and that he at least attempted to escape from Germany.

For those of you who have not seen the show, it is basically an ex CIA guy, some former US military SF guys, a former US marshal and people of that nature investigating the rumors that Hitler got out of Germany. The CIA guy and some female who was former Army that tracked ISIS at in LA reviewing formerly classified documents from the US gov and other govs around the world that pertained to German Nazi activity after WWII. Then the other people on the show were broken into teams. One team was in Europe going to the places listed in the formerly classified documents and another team is in South America (Chili, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina.) They interview eye witness etc that review documents in archives, some that haven't been declassified too long. There is a marriage record for Josef Mengele for example in Uruguay where he uses his own name and is living in the open. He signed his name to the license and it's all there in black and white.

It was already a well documented fact that several high ranking Nazis that were very close to Hitler escaped to South America and lived out their natural lives there though. Countless numbers of lower ranking less important Nazis also got out of Germany and went to South America and also lived out their natural lives there too. There were already Germany communities in places like Chili, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina before WWII for some reason and they were very supportive of Nazis as were some of the governments of these South American countries.

Also, the grandson of a German Nazi (who was in Hitler's Army and escaped to South America) had a microfilm copy of Hitler's last will and testament. Until that show there were only 3 known copies of it but now this 4th one has surfaced. Hitler made the will the day before he allegedly committed suicide in the bunker in Berlin. When I first saw it I was like well, I guess I was wrong. I guess Hitler offed himself in the bunker. Why else would he make a will at that time? If you read the will though it sounds like a manifesto and not a will. This man was not suicidal. The reason this is significant is because if this will got out of the bunker then someone who was in the bunker got out. That means that Hitler could have gotten out too. Regardless, with all the escape routes the Nazis had put in place (these were all investigated on the show) there was no reason for Hitler to off himself.

It looks like the German Nazis went to South America to regroup and build the 4th reich. They built a power plant in Uruguay where they were manufacturing heavy water so they could build a hydrogen bomb. The plan, per the show, was to bomb Manhattan. They also had over 600 prison camps in the region of Chili, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina (which I did not know about before the show) that were in operation until at least the 1970s. I say "at least" since that is when the show stops tracking anything.

The former CIA director said that going into this investigation 3 years ago he did not think these rumors held any water but now he absolutely thinks that Hitler got out of Germany. They presented their evidence to the FBI and the FBI agent (now retired) said that if someone had presented this info to him regarding a person who could still be alive he would have sent a task force down there to get the person who the evidence had tracked.

Now I know all your conspiracy tards are going to say why would the gov ever allow any truth like this on the cable. Well, that's because it no longer really matters if Hitler escaped to South America and lived out the rest his natural life there. WWII ended 73 years ago. Anyone in the US who let Hitler go, or did not pursue him or gave him immunity if he surrendered Germany is long dead now.

The bigger question, that the show does not answer is what the fuck happened to all the Nazis that were in South America??? The show documented that they were actively building a 4th reich into the 1970s. They had power and lots of money and lots of infrastructure that they had spent money to build. They didn't just wake up one morning and say fuck it, they were done. Granted all the German Nazis from WWII are long dead now but their descendants along with anyone they recruited/the recruits' descendants are not long dead.

Here is my conspiracy theory. Everything after this is just a THEORY. I think that the Nazis realized that building a hydrogen bomb in the late 40s/50s and dropping it on the US would not do much for their cause. Yeah it would have been shocking to Americans and some Americans would have died but it would not have brought the US to its knees. The US would have just dropped a bigger bomb on the German Nazis in South America or we would have invaded and crushed them.

What if instead the Nazis chose to more covertly try and destroy America? Instead of duking it out with the US like they did in WWII what if instead they instead decided to infiltrate places like Mexico and Central America and weaponize the low IQ indigenous people that live there and orchestrate the illegal brown invasion of the US? t is a well known fact that there are "Mexicans" in Mexico that have blonde hair and blue eyes. They are the upper crust of Mexican society and they do not mix with the brown low IQ indigenous people there. I'll bet those upper crust blonde people are ethnic German.

Also, what if these German Nazis decided to get into the Mexican and Central American drug trade since it's a great way to make money? I mean, the low IQ brown trash from Mexico and Central America are not bright enough to run a drug empire like we currently see. What if the folks at the top of that bullshit are descendants of the German Nazis? Hell, what if even La Raza and other racist hispanic organizations might really be run by ethic Germans who are descended from Nazis? Not because they think indigenous Mexicans and Central Americans are great or superior, they are just useful idiots that are easy to weaponize because of their low IQs. It's really the only thing that make any sense.

The inflow of drugs from Mexico and Central America and the invasion of all the illegals from those shit hole countries are certainly destroying this country. Also, what if Nazis infiltrated the US gov and that is how we got all the bullshit laws of the 1960s passed? Wasn't old man Kennedy a Nazi supporter? If so then perhaps he brainwashed his spawn too? Welfare and open borders have certainly contributed to the destruction of the US.

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

Official Mandela Effect Think Tank. Code Potentially Cracked?

This thread is not for arguments about spelling, "official" histories, geography, etc.
This thread is for the others.

Disclaimer: Pardon my language in this post. I lack the vocabulary in this reality to perfectly describe a phenomenon that is reality bending. My descriptive words may be off, but bear with me, and each other, as we properly decode these events once and for all.

An older thread that truly got the ball rolling on this phenomenon is here:
Thread: Anyone remember the Berenstein Bears? Proof of PARALLEL UNIVERSE???

One of the best threads ever on glp, in my opinion.


This situation has now progressed in a major way.
Here are some more recent threads:
Thread: "Mandela Effect"
Thread: Mandela Effect Has Now Reached The Bible. Seriously.

Update: Since the start of this think tank, this phenomenon has grown to the point where there are now threads about the galaxy itself being changed for us!

Many argue that it's always been BerenstAin, or that current geography/history has ALWAYS been fact. They are right, as they've always been in this reality/timeline/whatever this simulation frequency could be called. That's the way things have always been here.

I'll get the ball rolling with 3 theories:

Theory #1:
Unintenional side effects from cern or time travel. This one isn't ringing a bell with me intuitively, but it is the most practical of the three.


Theory #2:
Gaslighting. TPTB using cern or time travel to gaslight us. Remember, gaslighting is a textbook behavior of ALL psychopaths that breaks down the sense of reality in their victims. Tptb basically raising the bar here and gaslighting the world with hidden technology. Clearly then they are far along in their work towards full and total domination of the psyche of every man, woman, child, and all their damn transgenders they won't shut up about.


Theory #3:
Some of us have experienced some sort of "quantum jump" or something from similar realities where some things were definitely different. Where we came from, the evil queen in Snow White said: "Mirror Mirror on the Wall", not "Magic Mirror on the Wall". That is why we cannot find an old original version matching what we remember; the "original" version is different here.

And some of us bought "Bragg's" apple cider vinegar for many years, yet find that here.... it has always been simply "Bragg".

Quantum Physicists discovered that every atom, and therefore every cell in your brain/body, flashes in and out of existence here. We are bouncing back and forth between what our five senses (or more) are aware of here, and a quantum field that we all interact with, yet don't have conscious awareness of.

We are now seeing evidence that when we bounce back from the quantum field, we don't always bounce back to the same reality. The timeline/universe/what-have-you where we are discussing this now has some natives, and some from different timelines or parallel universes.

Now, there were a lot of 2012tards here. Remember talk about the shift, where some ascend? Bear with me...(pun intended)..........

Most of us, it seems, get a spooky or somewhat negative feeling about these changes. The natives to this timeline seem mind-controlled to the max, even some folks that we really like. And indeed, there is a literal frequency matrix here with the cell towers, wifi, etc that to some degree effects us as well. However, we remember other places, similar yet different. It is the Awakening-- we are in the shift . We entered a paralell universe and we are ascending. The evidence we're seeing with these mandela effects is a result of our be awakened to the process of said shift.

Imagine that as we bounce back and forth from the quantum field to our lives that we are consciously aware of, there is a gradient of frequencies. There are natives to every frequency, but also a breakaway sect that is bouncing gradually up along the scale of frequencies. The others that do not see what we see are meant to be in this universe to work things out and experience the "end of the world" scenario. You create your own reality as you become aware that your own mind is interacting with this quantum field to change the process itself. Remember that as a totem to continually RE-analyze your timeline and run tests on consciously choosing which frequency you are bouncing back to. We moved from other timelines/parallel universes to this one and it could be that the reason we are here is to witness this reality, learn from it, and move on and move on up to the next. And we've already been doing that, which is why the effects are picking up steam as we see more and more of the "changes" pop up. The others that are not moving to different timelines (such as the natives to your current timeline that you encounter) apparently plan to remain in their native timelines, as they have to learn from their frequency still. Do not fear the changes!!! Focus on positive lessons always moving up, and do not let the natives make you fear your own perceptions. They will only serve as negative being keeping you stuck here to experience the end of the world with them. Some of us are headed elsewhere.

It could explain why folks like Alex Jones are allowed to carry on here. Taking his word for everything could keep you stuck in the nuclear war, fema camp timeline. That doesn't mean you have to avoid him completely if you don't want to; It just means you have to consciously not allow yourself to get stuck in his reality while listening.

This could also explain why ancient cultures passed down history with rock carvings and relaying information orally. Indeed, tptb have squandered and wiped out much of that information, and right now many of us are finding that our memories of the past are more solid than what we're being told. Our old Berenstein bears books have changed, but our memories and conversations haven't.

Let's maintain an open-minded discussion sharing our journeys here. Natives wanting to hold us back will be banned as I do my best to keep this thread moderated. This thread is for all the quantum jumpers looking to explore these shifts for the sake of enlightening ourselves and each other to what may very well be the awakening of humankind to the true nature of this simulation.**

I'm no longer moderating this thread, as I'm leaving glp.

**Footnote: These are just the theories that resonate most with me. I'm open to hearing as many different theories as the others may have.

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UK 05 #conspiracy

Does this prove the non-existence of Mars in your opinion

The following photo is supposedly taken on Planet Mars capturing our earth and moon.


The problem is the size of the moon, it is just too small!

It should be the same size the sun is on this photo supposedly also taken from Mars.

Because an observer on earth will see the moon and sun equal in size due to that earth orbits at the absolute perfect distance away from the sun thus 'optically' the sun shrinks to the size of how the moon is viewed. Be that as it may, 93m-mi is the distance needed for the sun to achieve this optical effect. So from this point-on the further away the observer 'gets' keeping both subjects in view, both subjects will optically shrink equally in size for the observer who is now viewing them on Mars. LOL

Pretzel-ed minds will argue that earth and moon are not aligned with Mars and thus the moon is seen a lot smaller than how the sun is seen in the second photo because the moon is 400 times smaller than the sun.

But at some 'point' in the space-time continuum earth and moon align with Mars.

And during this alignment an observer on Mars would not only see the moon equal in size to how the sun is seen on Mars because the distance of separation between both sun and moon needed for this optical illusion is now perfectly aligned but the observer should also see the earth 4x bigger than the sun which is 'now' optically equal to the moon because every Pinocchio disciple knows earth is 4-times bigger than the moon. Too easy!

Moreover when the observer is on earth they should be able to see planet Mars twice bigger than the size of how the sun is seen in that second photo because earth is only twice bigger than Mars and no-one would need telescopes, binoculars, camera-lens or eye glasses to see the truth of this matter up in the skies.

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

Updated: Mandela Effect List

4 people in JFK car. Now 6 people

Dolly had braces in the "Moonraker" movie. Now, there are no braces

There was a movie in which Sinbad plays a genie. Now the
movie vanished from existence

Volkswagen logo was solid. Now it has a middle cut

Australia was way to the south with Ocean all around it, apart from New Zealand to the north east of it. It was the "down under" continent

New Zealand has moved from above Australia to below

South America moved 500-1000 miles East. Used to be much more inline with North America

Braggs is now Bragg

Interview With A Vampire: Now Interview With THE Vampire

Tiananmen Square Man was run over by a tank, now he stopped the tank instead

Looney TOONS: Now Looney Tunes

Isaiah 11:6 “..the lion will lay down with the lamb”: Now “..the wolf also shall dwell with the lamb”

Matthew 6:10 “..on earth as it is in heaven”: Now “..IN earth as it is in heaven”

Matthew 9:17 "Neither do men put new wine into old wineskins": Now old BOTTLES

Joshua 7:11 “..and they have put it even among their own possessions” Now: “..their own STUFF”

Forest Gump: "Life is like a box of chocolates": Now "Life WAS like.."


SILENCE of the Lambs: Now THE Silence of the Lambs

"Mirror, mirror on the wall": Now “MAGIC mirror on the wall”

“LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHER”: Now “No, I am your father”

Sex IN The City: Now Sex AND The City

Donald J. Potts; "My wife remembers a completely different wedding date than I do."

Fruit Loops: Now FROOT Loops

It was "Kit-Kat" and "Coca-Cola" with a centered dash in between. Now, Kit-Kat's dash vanished and Coca-Cola's dash is towards the top instead of being in the center

No more “Of the world” at the end of We Are The Champions

Oscar Meyer Wieners: Now Oscar MAYER Wieners

Earth is now in the center of the Milky Way instead of the outside edge. We were on the very outskirts of the Sagittarius arm of our galaxy. Now we are located more in the middle of a different arm

North and South Korea moved from the bottom of China to above it, or 33 Degrees

Chic-Fil-A: Now CHICK-Fil-A

The human stomach is now under your left rib cage

The human skeleton now has 4 floating ribs in the back

Our hearts were more to the left. Two thirds of it to the left. Our left lung was smaller than the right to compensate for the room the heart took up

Our intestines are now a chaotic mish-mash rather than the well-ordered ones we had

Kidneys moved. You do can't do a "kidney punch" anymore. The kidneys were lower above the hips and not up in the rib cage

We had an an open rib cage. All the ribs were free-floating. None were fused to each other or the sternum. Now the liver also expanded and grew a second lobe

“Build it and they will come”: Now “Build it and HE will come”

The Great Pyramid Cheops was in the middle behind the Sphinx and missing a capstone. Now, It has a twin, Khafre (in the middle now) next to it standing the same height. The smallest one, Menkaure was more further away left than it stands today. The Pyramids were being more remote than they are now. Giza is right next to it!

The Pacific ocean now covers the entire globe on one side

C3PO from Star Wars now has a SILVER LEG

Smokey The Bear: Now Smokey Bear

Steven Segal: Now Steven SEAGAL

Depends underwear: Now DEPEND

Curious George lost his tail

Cruella DeVille: Now Cruella de Vil

The US lost 2 states and now has 50

Febreeze: Now Febreze

J.C. Penny: Now J.C. Penney

Adolf Hitler had brown eyes: Now blue eyes

DEA now stands for Drug Enforcement Administration, not Drug Enforcement Agency

Madonna was her stage name not her real name and it was considered an affront to the Church. Her birth name was "Maria", Maria Louise Veronica Ciccone. Now Madonna is her real birth name and her full name is Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone

There never was a country called Mongolia (apart from Inner Mongolia within China). According to this timeline history, it sent troops to Iraq! Mongolia only existed during the days of Genghis Khan and was part of China after the collapse of the Mongol Empire!

The global seed vault was in Greenland not Svalbard. There was no such place called Svalbard and the online search results would show it as a mythical name

There was a mini continent in the North Pole called Arctica with a massive land mass covered in ice. It vanished and according to this timeline, (it was only an ancient continent!)

Alaskan Airlines: Now Alaska Airlines

Fruit of the Loom is missing a cornucopia

The insane amount of Particle Accelerators currently active

Tech before its time: Earlier invention of camera; The fax machine was invented in 1846

The Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz is now carrying a gun

Kurt Cobain's fluffy pink jacket picture missing

Tweedledee and Tweedledum HAD propellers on their hats not flags

Walt Disney Tinkerbell intro. Many remember an animation at the beginning of a lot of animated Disney movies where Tinkerbell draws the Walt Disney logo with her wand, but no such animation ever existed

According to current reality, Ed McMahon never worked for Publisher's Clearing House

Uncle Sam’s hat turned white! No red stripes!

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KABOOM THE MOONS #conspiracy

Breaking!!!! The Soul Is Another Black Goo Container/Prison Just like the Human Flesh!

From this thread.
Thread: !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!! (Page 193)
There's something new i have suspected the past few months that comes and goes in my mind and haven't talked about it yet here.

I had suspected since our black goo flesh has spider nature, our soul could be another container/prison/cocoon the spider flesh weaves for our true self so the imprisonment, deception and slavery of our true self continues onto the other side similar to this side.

This prison within a prison within a prison is shown in the movie poster of cold souls and in the russian doll.
[link to (secure)]

Also since the soul lives on the other side/opposite side(like the silver goo mirror subliminal showed us in matrix 1) and Heraclitus had informed us "the opposites are the same" this could mean soul and black goo to be one and the same!

5th column black goo expert Harald Kautz Vella in the youtube videos i posted here he literally gave it away that the black goo from this dimension/side has found a way to carry onto the other side/reach higher realms through our soul!

And when in the wiki of hades/satan we read that black goo hades is all about not letting anyone escape him this alone puts the soul in negative light just like the flesh as another form/container/prison of the black goo itself!



It was shown in cold souls movie where they quoted Heraclitus too who had mentioned the soul unfolds/grows/regrows just like the flesh!

And the soul farming is also identical how we farm black goo plants and other black goo organisms on this side! Grow them consume them regrow them etc!



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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

GUN CONTROL - you are witnessing what is known as, INCREMENTALISM. Little by little, hoax by hoax, false flag by false flag.

That's a FACT.

Little measures here, little measures there.

That is literally, THE PLAN.

The goal is to use the masses to accomplish their goals.

Little by little.

Forget a massive HAARP induced earthquake declaring martial law, causing confiscation.

Forget an atomic event purportedly carried out by a foreign sovereign.

The war is here, now. In your face.

DO NOT BE ASHAMED to share what is happening with your friends family.

You are in the midst of a historical ... WAR. If you don't tell them, some day your friends and family will curse you for not fighting harder for them.


Informationally. It must be done.

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KABOOM THE MOONS #conspiracy

Alien Covenant - Earth Is Hidden From The Universe! Proof And Evidence Earth Is Krypton=Hades!!!


Similar thing was shown also in firefly serenity which i decoded here.
Thread: Firefly, Serenity, Space Pirate Moon Ship 2005 Decoded!

From covenant

-She appears to be
a main sequence star,
a lot like our own.
But old, very old.
-A hidden planet that turns
up out of nowhere...
and just happens
to be perfect for us.
It's too good to be true.
Too good to be true?
What do you mean by that?
We don't know
what the fuck's out there.

And here they show also identical script from rogue one i decoded recently, of earth being shielded/having a dome exosphere and the communications to have been cut off from the rest universe!
Thread: Star Wars Rogue One - That's No Sky , It's A Dome!

-Do you read me?
Tennessee, Ricks, come in.
-I'm not sure they'll hear
you through the storm.
They can be quite severe...
shielding the whole planet.
(Identical storm clouds concealing our entire planet and cutting all communications and visual from the rest universe was shown in firefly serenity with the reaver planet/reptilian territory and in mad max fury where furiosa/satan escaped into).

Oh my goodness that AI was dressed identical to the lunar boss/puppet master from ghost in the shell and his double on the lunar borg cube mothership before arrival.

He was shown to also be a farmer(soul farmer) just like galen/creator of the deathstar moon/lunar boss from rogue one!

-This is wheat.
Believe me. I know wheat.
This is old,
but definitely cultivated.
What are the odds of finding
human vegetation...
this far from Earth?
Very unlikely.
Who planted it?
(And soon later david/devil/hades/lunar boss shows up as the only habitat of the planet).

At the end his king picolo/satan/earth's god from dbz reptilian birthing technique was shown spewing alien/reptilian eggs from his mouth


And in star trek skin of evil he did succeed leaving the planet too through the enterprise guy that was immersed in his black goo/assimilating him agent smith style and then the enterprise starship picked him up at the end and left the planet.

Similar intel of the reptilian boss being marooned/anchored here we have in planet hulk anime with the big reptilian monster hulk/reptilian lunar boss where there he was worshiped and as a false savior/god.

In covenant was shown also his false god/savior strategy when he arrived on a planet where they welcomed him as a god or savior and then he killed them all with his black goo/programmable matter.

He reminded me also nemesis/lunar boss from saber rider and star sheriffs who is also a computer AI.
(Although i do suspect of a human bastard like professor x to be hidden behind that computer AI).

Earth being hidden from the rest universe it was shown also in avengers 2012!


And by the way Hades means hidden in greek. In case you havent got the memo yet this planet/cyclops island/cave is the underworld and we all died before we were born and just like the citizens of the underworld in mythology without our ancient memories we are just a shadow a mere image of our true self.








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Patriotic Black Dude #conspiracy

Daemonics, Angels and their association with A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)

To elicit certain specific outcomes, these daemonic or Angelic forces effect change in the physical environment by hacking or "possessing" the host's brain, psyche or body. Once they achieve this, they can coordinate or govern steps in the host's decision-making process. They are efficient at hacking two types of people who fall into three categories:

1) Physically talented or weak (eg, sports stars or the sickly, bullied, unhealthy, frail, etc.)

2) Mentally talented or weak (eg, people with high IQ or feeble minds; "retards")

3) Spiritually talented or weak (eg., decoders or revealers of spiritual principles and writs, or psychics, mediums, etc.)

Daemonic and Angelic forces reside in the outlying regions of a normal distribution curve; Angels guard the mountain and Daemonics attack it. The curve, if you notice, resembles a mountain. In fact, it is! It is the Mountain of God, and Satan's and his minions military strategy to mount it by attacking the mountain at the outlying regions (see Rev 20.9). The "Bell Curve" has absolute merit but that is a subject for another topic.

These intelligent forces (jinnies and angels) have succeeded to such an extent that today we are at the precipice of creating physical bodies for them to inhabit; they no longer will require the human host to interact with the world. Instead, they will be provided mechanical bodies. And we are facilitating this for them; humanity is giving birth to A.I. or Artificial Intelligence

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Once4All #conspiracy

President 0bama did it! {Published 2-1-18} <-- Says the Lord Jesus Christ --> 0bama was the one who said to do it! {Fulfilled}

Guess who has their hand caught in a vice?

Justice Approaches!

This decision to spy on Triumphant Trump

goes all the way to the former President's Desk.


President 0bama manipulated the “Intelligence Community” for his own political gain!

A deception that blew up in his face!

I wonder how “they” are feeling about him these days?

Will he save face? Nope!

Will 0bam's blunders take down Clapper and/or Brennan?

They can't be too happy with him.

In fact, they may be as mad as hell.


The FBI made several missteps also.

The American people see their corruption!

Our government is corrupt at the highest levels.

Would "they" silence 0bama to save face?

Comey is coming off like a real liar.

Can any of these men or women be trusted?

What a tangled web these spiders weave!

Clinton, Lynch, Rice, Yates...


The Women are just as corrupt as the men!

The darkness of Eve shines just as bright.

The darkness of these women do Satan's bidding.


What is the CIA to do with this mess?

How would they serve justice in this situation?

Would 0bama turn on Killary?

Or Killery on 0bama?

Who will repent and go down with the ship?

Is she now a threat to him?

Or is it he to her?

It was like a game of Musical Chairs while they were all in Power.

They tested the Almighty.

Their crimes were hid from the American People.

But now the music has stopped.

Who gets knocked away from their chair & hits the floor?

Who can't play any more?

The plot is exposed.

The trap has snapped empty.

They have dirt on their hands & egg on their faces.

What will Deep State do with 0bama now?

Is he an asset or has he become a dangerous liability?

I said I was wiretapped

& you didn't believe me!

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Jesus Christ #conspiracy

The Most Hateful People Are ''Gay''

Gay = Happy ?
I know personally of 4 attempted rapes of children by Gay Men.

I also believe the Military is behind this

Rape was a tool used in Psyche Warfare.
I'm unsure who started this but the LGBTOMGWTFBBQ community appears to want to violate love, ruin the country, bring in adopted foreign kids from ugly countries, and destroy TRADITION EVEN AT THE COST OF SELF-DESTRUCTION.

The military [church of Rome] has abused so many women by hoarding wealth from virtuous people who must join their mafia before receiving a place in the matrix to have a family with a woman who hides the secret of hosting the demons of guilt inside, from previous abuse.

I've never seen a military man love a woman, the love is lost in the chain of command [follow orders] so the woman is like the Greek story of the caged bird.

Yes the Military industrial pharmaceutical corporate monopoly IMV has destroyed women as a hobby of conquest.
As a game, as a joke.

And homosexuality [after studying this psychology many years] is the product of the military.
Putting bunches of men together to sleep snore fart and shower incites a strange/queer mentality.

Wherever there is war there is cross-breeding, mixing of races as troops rape and pillage where they go, leaving children without tribal loyalty.

The LGBTOMGWTFBBQ is brought to you by the military unlite. The invasion of ethnics too, it is military corporations selling off lands and assets to foreign control at civilians expense.

The Media will blame everyone but the guilty because
they are owned and until a person will live without money telling bankers to get lost the blame will always seek some scapegoat.

You are now surrounded by foreign invaders and LGBTOMGWTFBBQ and look no further than the alcoholic
Sergeant Pecker's Lonely Old Farts Band for the responsible party.

Loveless, creating loveless ...
so the corrupt can say "WE ARE NORMAL"

it is sickening ...
i see drunks, queers, ugly immigrants, females with rectangular not hourglass shaped bodies, men with doughnut/beer bellies like a basketball, perverts,
dope-heads, genetic-malformaties and in general monsters
where once humans existed.

and hate is everywhere.
depression, doomlust, fascism, and spite instead of understanding.

the military did this, and they will fix it, its their mess,
love walked out the door.

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evidence #conspiracy

jade helm..agenda 21

anyone that knows any other person that is under said GANGSTALKing. has been deceived... this is not gangstalking and its not v2k. period. i have four other people i know directly. non of which i hang out with or even talk to but rarely under this said gangstalking......have you heard of the georgia guiudestones....... keep humanity under 500 million.... depopulation agenda... hears exactly what i know for 100 percent fact...jade helm is behind the said gangstalking. this agenda. targets anyone who experiments or is a meth addict.... than they start stalking you to try to scare you into a heart attack.....or scare you to commit suicide or to believe your family and friends are in on it.... murder.... they use satellites and a program called heartbeat 3000. to manipulate your brain... they call it brain water...i beat this piece of shit program. now i have a bunch of pissed of ass wipes. bye the way dave from the f.c.c. is on this remember the 500 lawsuite's filed against the f.b.i. for not investigating the people doing this.... cause they cant. there in on it. puppets like all other government... even your military...JADE FUCKING HELM. directly the ones implementing this shit....homeland terrorism.... organized crimes. violating f.c.c. regulations. putting children's lives in danger. these are only a couple of charges that should be handed to the ones in control.... see when it started i noticed three trucks back and forth with texas tags. ......texas...wheres jade helm at....INDEED...texas. i have one guy that i have questioned say he was followed for weeks by vehicles with texas tags... jade helm is agenda 21. united nations plans for a new world order. like i said i know of four people under this same shit. im tired of being terrorized by this piece of shit government. my constitution says when your government isnt working do not be afraid to overthrow them and start a new.i personally sent the white house a message talking about this shit. and i have a letter telling me to go see a doctor....what i didn't tell the whitehouse is that im not the only one. they dont know i have four witnesses who also have witnesses about there actions and personal accounts of this said gang stalking.....far as i know gang stalking doesn't see thru your eyes it doesn't monitor your heart rate or any other muscle movement in your body.....they bend your perception to make you scared and paranoid... rfid in the pills used to make meth.have it checked out....the program was designed to connect to the frequency that your brain gives off during meth usage. i urge anyone that knows or is directly under this said gang stalking to start posting everything that they realize.... tell me this how do you get thirty seconds to a minute or so ahead of real time.... something between satellites space and time. they have an advancement. do not fear them just like gang stalking they cannot engage due to the simple fact that would be putting there people in the middle physically and they do not want it compromised. homeland terrorism folks homeland terrorism....HOMELAND TERRORISM... is exactly what this is. i have plenty of evidence. get your head checked for spiking. get your brain checked for brain damage from tyhe microwaves. there killing us off... i admit drugs are bad but does that mean you should have to die for being an addict or even just experimenting.

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KABOOM THE MOONS #conspiracy

New Enormous Global Deception In The Works! Robots, Reptilians, Grays, Demons, Vampires, Aliens Etc Are All Humans In Disguise!

Just came across this video
Left this comment

"Did you expected the sick fucks who rule this world to create good robots? It reeks stinky evil human smell all over those robots.
Nice way for the elite to turn the attention of the masses off of them."

From oblivion with tom cruise

-That is one pissed off weapon.(robot)
-No, it's just a machine. I'm the weapon.

By the way i bet there's humans hiding behind that robot just like in kasparov's chess match against ibm's best computer where was revealed stinking humans were hiding behind that computer and manipulating it throughout the entire chess game.


[link to (secure)]

After Kasparov lost the second game of his tournament match against Deep Blue, he was surprised by the computer’s human-like playing style and requested copies of Deep Blue’s previous chess games, but was denied.

After the loss Kasparov said that he sometimes saw deep intelligence and creativity in the machine's moves, suggesting that during the second game, human chess players, in contravention of the rules, intervened. IBM denied that it cheated, saying the only human intervention occurred between games.

The mre guy on youtube exposing dudes posing as women/trannies made me aware the sick elite that rules this planet can apply this method/strategy into all kind of things not just turning men into women and reverse.

You think the science, chemicals, hormones etc that modifies men into women stops there?

Now i suspect those notorious reptilians, grays etc to be humans/dudes also converted into those kind of things.

It would be so hilarious when those freaks become common walking among us in the future and a new mre youtube guy comes along exposing them as humans disguised in those forms just like the trannies hahaha!

Same exposing can be done for the humanoid robots as note in movies like robocop was shown the corporations/elite etc to hide humans/brains etc within those robots!
And the freaking matrix, dollhouse attic/super computers etc in those movies were powered by millions/billions of brains/humans sleeping in suspended animation in pods and using their minds/brains/consciousness etc to power up and animate the computer world and everything that comes with it AI, NPCs, robots etc etc.(Imagine agent smith being animated by an actual human sleeping in a pod and him being unaware of it just like all of us.
Thread: Mr. Nobody 2009 Movie Decoded - We're All Sleeping In The Moon Dreaming Human Life.
What machines, what computerworld, it's all human consciousness doing all the work hahaha).

In short robots, reptilians, grays, insectoid aliens etc etc is the scam/trannies of the future!


SPREAD THE WORD GUYS, AND LET THE MRE YOUTUBE GUY KNOW TOO. Would love to see him exposing in the future reptilians, grays, robots etc just like he does with the trannies today hahaha!

By the way similar thing was shown in hellraiser 2 movie too of this elite's strategy/pattern being used all the way to religions demons,angels etc, all stinking freaking humans/dudes in disguise!

Oh and lets not leave god/satan/lunar boss etc out where the elite with jesus revealed subliminally of him to be a human too hahaha!

The intel of him making us in his image exposes also that he is a human/dude just like us!

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KABOOM THE MOONS #conspiracy

We Live In The Belly Of The Beast Hallucinating Human Life!

Satan is also Cronus in ancient literature who Zeus slaughtered and freed all his brothers and sisters/family he had consumed.

In short the moment someone kills the beast that's when we get out of here.

We should find a way to kill the beast ourselves as doing nothing and waiting for saviors benefits the beast.

Cutting the food source of the beast is a hell of a way to start killing it!

Maybe our savior/ancient family/brother zeus/radish from dbz outside the beast/cronus/hades/medusa needs our help to get the job done.(like in gog vol 2 the guardians had drax fighting the beast from the inside while they were fighting it from the outside!)
So to put the show on the road we the food might have to make the first move!
Or if the show is already on the road we might have to do our part too in order for the job to get done

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

Jeremy Corbyn played the Baddie in a 1970`s James Bond Film

British Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn played Baddie a Bond film in which Moore battles a rogue Communist arm of MI6.
In the big finale Corbyn unveils his plan to fake evidence of global warming, paralyse industry and destroy capitalism, but instead Bond shoots him and quips ‘You’re a good Commie, now you’re a dead one,’
Similar to his role as Communist leader of the British opposition, then.

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

Organic foods and chemtrails

We all know that gmo/Monsanto foods are sprayed excessively with poisionous round up and pesticides, but what about your non-gmo and organic foods.

Have you ever considered that chemtrails are lacing your organic foods and the soil that they grow in with poisonous toxins?

This years worst flu hit areas were seeing massive chemtrail spraying the same week as people in the area were becoming severly ill with the "flu".
Was it really flu? or was it something else?

Chemtrails do not stay in the sky, they fall upon the grounds of the areas they're being sprayed.

Organic farms in Hawaii found chemical residue on their organic ponds after being heavily chemtrailed, and their soil
ph levels were rising to almost unusable levels. The nano metals being sprayed are getting into the soil and causing excessive alkalinity. This is making the organic seeds almost impossible to grow, while the raising ph levels are prime for Monsantos GMO seeds.

So, is there a conspiracy there?

Could a major GMO seed supplier be behind chemtrails?

Who benefits from this?

Who has funding to spray the chemtrails on such a massive scale?

And most importantly, is your Organic foods safe after absorbing the chemtrail pollution?

If you care about yourself, your loved ones, and the future for the children of this world, then you need to start thinking and stop being idle while you're being poisoned.

Make others aware.

Research and share what you find with everyone you care for.

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

Why they attacked Trump all along

Their agenda is to take the guns away from American people, in order to advance Agenda 21 (land grabs) and the NWO. They knew when Trump won the election that he was never going to take guns away from his OWN VOTERS, so this halted the Rothschild-dictated totalitarian sprint to a tiptoe. They are pissed. They needed that decrepit cuvt Hillary to win, because that knee-jerk reactionary disease would be banning guns by now.

So on with the feminist agenda - a work around to the "problem" they have by using women in positions of power at the local level to guilt trip men into giving up their guns and confiscating them outright.

They always want women in power because gynocentrism and a matriarchal society is their quickest route to the one world order.

What they want is women in power
What they want is women in power
What they want is women in power
What they want is women in power
What they want is women in power
What they want is women in power
What they want is women in power
What they want is women in power
What they want is women in power... to take the guns away

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Punisher (A-new Day) #conspiracy

Chemtrails prove the ISS is a hoax!

The reason why chemtrails linger in the skies is the reason why the ISS is a hoax. Chemtrails linger because The atmospheric pressure at higher altitudes is greater than the thrust exiting the jet nozzles ergo the contrails are longer contained than at lower altitudes where the air density is lower and thrusts disperse quicker. Commercial airliners flying under the clouds produce ZERO trails.

Low altitude = low air density.
High altitude = Hi air density.

All Space Shuttle launches did a pitch maneuver soon after take-off, and later seen flying almost horizontal. No vertical launch has ever been recorded. Air gets too dense at higher altitudes and would run out of fuel trying to gain more height, fall. The Russians got the brilliant idea in 1957 of getting Sputnik (satellites) high enough for it to remain suspended (orbit) and why satellites don't exist! You'll never see footage of satellites from the ISS because the ISS is a hoax, and why no videos were ever recorded during its construction except CGI.

No camera-satellite piggy-backing on a rocket has ever reached the heights needed to film itself in orbit or the ISS during construction. This is not an endorsement for FE. FE is CIA.

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Anonymous Coward #fundie

Is Elon Musk the Antichrist?

"And he performs great signs, so that he even makes fire come down out of heaven to the earth in the presence of men." (Revelation 13:13). Flacon Heavy?

There are already too many signs, including his demonish mother Maye.

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Obnoxious Pakistani UK #conspiracy

Is #metoo really a cover for the Deep Paedophile State to divert attention from its dirty shenanigans?

All paedophilic activities of members of the Deep Paedeophile State, which is not a country per se but anyone and everyone who partakes in promoting and protecting paedophilia: high up politicians, religious leaders, singers, actors, sportsmen all the way down to your seedy school caretaker, all of this #metoo stuff has really played into their hands.

Its a bit convenient, don't you think? The conversation has shifted away child abuse and paedophilia specifically to the more generic behaviour of men towards women.

I don't have a problem with #metoo if its about protecting women, but just an observation, its preoccupied with the historical behaviour of men towards women, largely grown adult women, ok some girls but the focus is not specifically on paedophilia.

This movement has gained massive momentum towards the end of last year and into 2018, and while people are preoccupied with it, paedophilia as a crime in its own category has started to take a back seat in many ways.

The International Deep Paedophile State is very strong, no doubt about it. It protects itself at every turn and is constantly coming up with new ideas in which to deflect attention away from its satanic activities.

As late as the 1970s and 1980s there were groups openly espousing Paedophilia in Europe and the USA, but slowly these groups were forced underground but you can sure as hell bet they never disappeared.

I'd say this network is as strong as any. Its one that will protect you regardless of your background and colour and race and religion, as long as you promote, partake in, or believe in the satanic perversion of paedophilia.

You can bet your bottom dollar this network will go to any length to protect their interests, and infiltrating causes like #metoo, and dare I say it, maybe even lighting the touch paper in order to control the narrative is actually a walk in the park for them considering the power and influence they wield.

Is it not strange how the Westminster (UK) Child abuse Scandal, the UK soccer abuse scandal which may even have affected other European countries (we shall never know), the Hollywood paedo rings, all the other cases in America and everywhere else around the world.

Is it not strange how people seem to have moved on from all that now, and do you not notice how the narrative very subtly shifted?

Okay thanks for reading!

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

The Chemtrail Grunt. Who's got it?

In the last two years or so I've noticed just about everyone constantly grunting to clear their throats. Same goes for me.

I've always been a student of humanity. This was not common prior to two years ago.

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

Whats Donald Trump biggest mistake? Alliance with Tall White Blonde Aliens? Aryans? Global Economic Reset and Gesara!

Trump's coming war against the UN and his alliance with the Aryans-Tall white aliens AKA White Hats Alliance.

The Reptilian faction George Sorus, Bush, Obama, Clinton, Bin Laden controlled Islam network vs Trump Ashtar Command, New Age, Global Economic Reset, Gesara.

5th Kingdome come.

Hello folks,

The background war continues between the falling Reptilian regime run by the Illuminati Nazi bloodline families such as the Pope, Soros, Clinton's, Bush's etc...vs. the Knight Templars represented by President Donald Trump.

It really is baffling about the news associated with the Vatican kicking all Masons out of the Knights of Malta since they're all Masons...everyone in the Illuminati is a Mason. Another thing is they make it sound like it's a Mason vs. Jesuit war when even Donald Trump's father and youngest son are Jesuits...Trump himself could be a Jesuit.

So if you're getting lost in all the rhetoric, so is everyone else.

So let's just kick the rhetoric to the curb and look at what's really going on.


The 13 Illuminati bloodline familes are Reptilians. Often called lizards as well, it's the same thing. These are the German faction dominated by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros, and George Bush Sr. They are dominated by bloodline to the Reptilian-lizard-snake faction of Lucifer's fallen angels.

Donald Trump represents the new Regime taking over that I've always referred to as the New Age Alien Agenda. This agenda is represented by the Ashtar Command, Galactics, Tall Greys, New Age Ascended Masters etc..everything New Age. These are dominated by Lilith's offspring in space known as the Tall Greys. The Tall Whites are also associated with them...such as Mt. Shasta (Tall Whites).

So it's basically the Reptiles vs. Tall Greys.

The Tall Greys take on human manufactured bodies so they look human. This includes Sananda, Maitreya, St. Germaine, all the Ashtar Command, also known as Ascended Masters etc..

We're seeing the Reptilian regime fighting to stay in control of the western world such as USA, AUS, Canada, GBR, Europe etc...

However the New Age regime is establishing it's footholds and taking over with the election of Trump as president. It's a Regime changeover and the battle has been fierce amongst them.

The reptiles are kicking and screaming. They dominate the Democratic Party and Republican Party...which is why you see both of them seeming to work against President Trump. This has nothing to do with politics but associations and regimes. Most of the Democrats and Republicans had aligned with the Reptilians just to get in Congress and get their jobs. With their regime going down and the New Age taking over, alot of them see the end of their own careers.

Many working with the New Age Alien agenda are referred to as White Knights, or White Hat politicians, or White Hat/Knight news reporters etc..

The Illuminati bloodline fascists/socialist regime is now being taken over by the NESARA/GESARA platform which is the worldwide economic platform of the New Age regime's.

I have websites on it at [link to] and [link to]

You can also check out my many articles and videos exposing the New Age Alien Agenda and their plans for the world at [link to]

One regime has died, the other is rising to replace it.

As children of the Most High we should not be supporting either of these groups. Both regimes are evil, neither of them Serve the Most High...they all serve Lucifer, they're just different branches of his (Satan's) tree.

We are heading into the times of Great Tribulation folks.

The Antichrist and False Prophet are from the Ascended Masters group, Maitreya and Sananda (fake Jesus).

As Trump aligns with this regime, and already has, it will bring about the events of the Tribulation Period as we will watch them unfold.

Anyway I just wanted to give a brief overview of what's going on and who is who and who is what and where.

Until next time everybody,
Yah bless,
Sherry Shriner

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Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

(He's talking about PornHub)

As someone who used to frequent the site. Its all about perverting the masses and normalising disgustingly imoral shit.

Like any guy I like naked chix. But I started noticing a trend in the suggested videos. They would become more and more disturbing.

Whoops a gay vid made it past their filters oh then a tranny one, chix with dix, then for a solid 3 months they would recommend incest porn, step brother step father step sister shit.

Then taboo stuff, Id never watch any of the shit but they start pushing on guys.

They want to make you immoral. To destroy your sense of right and wrong.

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nythinker #conspiracy

Wild conspiracy about our reality! What if...

We all died and our consciousness was spawned into a simulation. And now its corrupted and degrading...

Crazy right!

Its just crazy how in the past few years diseases and mental illness are at an all time high!

Everyone young and old are either developing cancer or ADD anxiety autism dementia alzheimers.

Its like humanity is just degrading. Not just morally but organically. And perhaps its a system degrading but to us in here it looks like illness and insanity.

And nothing makes sense anymore. Its like "glitchy"

A couple years ago I had a strong sensantion of "I need to get out of here. I dont belong here." It was strong and scary.

Sometimes I truly wonder if the reality we know....isnt actually real.

Either that or I need to stop watching stuff like "Black Mirror"

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Raymund Reddington #conspiracy

CERN Plans Perilous Experiment

They want to open a portal and suck in an alternate reality where the Nibiru system does not exist ...

A New Delhi based physicist formerly attached to CERN says the shadowy scientific conglomerate is attempting to supplant our reality with another in which Nibiru does not exist.

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Tiaka9 #conspiracy

Is the global cabal planning a MASS SACRIFICE at this year’s SUPER BOWL in Minneapolis?

We all know that they like to broadcast their dark plans ahead of time, because they think that if they warn us and we don’t notice then it is our own fault and they incur less karma. That’s how their sick, twisted minds work.

Take a look at this video released on January 18, 2018 and tell me that is not the Minneapolis skyline at the end?

There are so many subliminal messages in this, it’s hard to detail, but ones I caught were a police car on fire, automatic weapons, a loudspeaker THUN-250, a brain scan followed by another with adrenaline. The overt all-seeing eye capstone being lifted off the pyramid with lasers coming out, whilst people worship it is very clear.

A child says at the end, “Die already. Just leave.”

And then there are the lyrics.

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We are the ones being freed from the oppre$$ion of the N.W.O. cabal of evil "illuminazi$" by our 'Moses' President Donald J. Trump! Trump is protected by God Almighty, the deep $hyt $tate is starting to UNRAVEL BEFORE OUR EYES!!! Just as predicted by Mark Taylor and many other religious prophets, seers and even PSYCHICS!!!