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He's flipped more times than a pancake. in 1985 there was a trial in Canada for a man named Ernst Zundel. It is the only time that those on both sides of the debate have faced each other. It was a storming victory for those who refute the argument, they proved in court that there has never been a written document discovered, and no bodies ever autopsied proved "death by poisoned gas", or that in all the years not one single scientific study had ever been conducted. Smelling "victory" Irving joined the revisionist camp throwing his considerable knowledge behind them. Then the argument became more sinister, the term "Holocaust denier" was borne, laws changed, people, teachers, scientists, historians, professors, began to be persecuted, their careers destroyed, fined, imprisoned.
Irving then changed his views, now, no-one knows!!!

A Lawyer in Germany was last month jailed for two years without parole, her crime??? In Switzerland she addressed a TV conference giving her opinion on the Holocaust.

Here's the irony, she was a successful lawyer who, years ago defended Ernst Zundel when he was deported from Canada, after reading up on the topic she changed her view and supported his argument, for that she was jailed for 3 years. She was told in court "You can represent your client, but cannot defend him there is no defence for Holocaust denial in Germany". Now she has just been jailed again,

Seven weeks before Germany jailed this 50 year old female Lawyer for giving a speech to an invited audience in Switzerland, Angela Merkel marched through Paris to defend free speech!!!



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