Mukhtar Master #fundie

Aliyah Saleem is a well-known Muslim-turned atheist.[3] The programme tried its best to insinuate that her atheism was as a result of her Islamic boarding school experience. However, Aliyah herself explained that her Islamic belief and identity continued after school and was only ended as a result of her picking up and reading the book, ‘The God Delusion‘ in college.

She proudly states, “I have now been Godless for around six years. I now dance, listen to music, go out at night, wear whatever the [—] I like and do as I please.”

Thus, Aliyah’s leaving of Islam was evidently driven by her pull towards her whims and desires. She found her inclinations did not fit into the parameters set by Islam. This intellectual ‘enlightenment’ individuals such as this claim to have reached, when compared to the most astute scientists and intellectuals accepting Islam on academic grounds, is the perfect cover up. In fact, this is the common theme in the entire programme: how can we force-fit our carnal values into a religion that regulates them – thus, the programme’s focus on the ?ijab, music, free-mixing, lowering of the gaze, participating in festivals and rules around marriage.

In fact, desires are always the driver behind specious views. If ever you come across an ‘ex-Muslim’, looking at their relationships, desires and personal grievances would prove a far more productive illustrative method than opening up such a debate on religion.



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