Izzadeen Chowdhury #fundie islam21c.com

The Channel 4 documentary also had troubling echoes with one of the darkest passages in modern European history: the Third Reich. Nazi propagandists aided the regime’s policies by publicly identifying a group for exclusion by inciting hatred against them and justifying their pariah status to the populace. This was done both crudely and subtly. Such propagandists laid the groundwork for the Nuremberg Laws which were significant anti-Jewish statutes enacted in 1935.[3] Propaganda together with such laws were key to creating ‘the other’: a subhuman class, not worthy of mercy, equal to vermin, requiring extermination for the preservation of the wider German population. Phillips’ language is alarmingly similar. For instance, in the Times, Phillips says Muslims are ‘not like us’.[4] It is for the reader to decide if there are parallels with Nazi propaganda and more recent British right-wing media productions and articles. For those who say I am over reacting or sensationalising, have a look at some of the comments referring to a “civil war ”.[5] Phillips and his co-Islamophobes have created this hostile environment for anti-Muslim bigotry to thrive and gain dinner table acceptability.

One question that seems not to have been asked about the documentary is the motive. Why did he make it? I do not pretend to know Mr Phillips’ mind, but it seems to me a clue was in Anjum Anwar’s reference to school’s ethnic diversity. The proposal, it seems, is for children to be classified by the faith of their parents and for Muslim children to be compelled to attend school with children from other faiths. So there it is. The real objective: our children. David Cameron hinted at it when he spoke of the ‘struggle of our generation’. Prevent, television productions such as those from Phillips and Quilliam foundation statements are all designed to cut off Muslim children from the core tenants of the Islamic faith. The objective is to create a new generation of Muslims; those who are Muslim by name but will bear little resemblance to normative Islam as was revealed by Allah (sub?anahu wa ta?ala). It may take some time but, ultimately, the likely aim is to create a British revised Qur’an to be read only in English and only in government sanctioned mosques; to have lesbian and gay Imams leading weekly prayers; to have ?ijabs replaced by uncovering and to break fasts with a pint of ale. Paradise and Hellfire will only be allegorical and the concept of God will be reduced to humanity’s love for each other. Nothing will be sacred. Nothing will be left without ‘reformation’. I seek refuge in Allah from all this. This is a battle for the souls of our children.

Mukhtar Master #fundie islam21c.com

Aliyah Saleem is a well-known Muslim-turned atheist.[3] The programme tried its best to insinuate that her atheism was as a result of her Islamic boarding school experience. However, Aliyah herself explained that her Islamic belief and identity continued after school and was only ended as a result of her picking up and reading the book, ‘The God Delusion‘ in college.

She proudly states, “I have now been Godless for around six years. I now dance, listen to music, go out at night, wear whatever the [—] I like and do as I please.”

Thus, Aliyah’s leaving of Islam was evidently driven by her pull towards her whims and desires. She found her inclinations did not fit into the parameters set by Islam. This intellectual ‘enlightenment’ individuals such as this claim to have reached, when compared to the most astute scientists and intellectuals accepting Islam on academic grounds, is the perfect cover up. In fact, this is the common theme in the entire programme: how can we force-fit our carnal values into a religion that regulates them – thus, the programme’s focus on the ?ijab, music, free-mixing, lowering of the gaze, participating in festivals and rules around marriage.

In fact, desires are always the driver behind specious views. If ever you come across an ‘ex-Muslim’, looking at their relationships, desires and personal grievances would prove a far more productive illustrative method than opening up such a debate on religion.

Sheikh Haitham al-Haddad #fundie islam21c.com

This Same Sex Marriage Bill is not aimed at changing the legislation regarding what marriage is per se, yet it is most definitely aimed at changing a universal Divine law that has been established since the creation of mankind.
The gay lobby has invested much time, effort and money in changing the public’s perception of homosexuality and has effectively created a public fear of criticism against this unnatural act with the label of ‘homophobia’. In fact, along with the help of morally degenerate people in society they have terrorised others not to speak out or show any form of objection to their agenda. It is shocking to see a Conservative government, which on one hand is seemingly adamant to “preserve British Values” and morality, then acting cowardly and accepting this fundamental change to the oldest institution known to man: the stability of the society; a stable and natural family unit.