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(Heidi in a formal debate with The Barbarian.)

"Nice evasion. Once again, when you can answer why goats don't breed elephants, only then will you know why monkeys can't breed humans. So I can see why you have evaded that question. Therefore, I have won the debate because I have made a point that you can't refute."

(Another highlight, or lowlight depending on your view, from Heidi.)

"And since scientists have excluded the possibility of a flood, they have overlooked what millions of gallons of water can do to skulls and bones. They can absolutely deform, crush, and distort human skulls so that someone with a vivid imagination can claim that the skull is a half-man half beast, an alien or some other fictitious creature they have made up in their imaginations. And since science is not supposed to exclude variables, but instead, include them, then the theory of evolution is not science but science fiction.

That's what happens when people don't look at all the variables but only at what they want to see. It's called tunnel vision and comes from presuppositions. That is not evidence, but instead, fantasies that come only from vivid imaginations. And considering that their fantasies contradict how humans and animals mate and breed, then evolution has nothing to do with reality and belongs only in the imagination where it has always been."



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