Sherrimayin #sexist

After being charged with two counts of rape for sexually assaulting two of his classmates while they were unconscious, 18-year-old David Becker was sentenced last week to just two years of probation without having to register as a sex offender by a judge in Massachusetts last week.

Honestly we treat rapists quite horribly in the US.

They did something wrong yes, but for most anyone with a criminal record they are met with such disdain that there isn't a 'Pay your debt to society and move on with life.'

It's funny, a lot of Liberals are out for blood against rapists, yet praise the European System with every lick of their words. Forgetting that a lot of European Countries treat rapists, murderers, and thieves with respect and actually rehabilitate.

...Also as far as rape goes this kid did a misdemeanor at BEST. He didn't penetrate them with his dick, it wasn't a violent sexual assault, he stuck his finger in a pussy or two while they were sleeping. I've seen more abuses against guys who end up passed out at a party.

Did you see the video of the guy duck taped to a chair and rolled all throughout the town?

This kid got probation, if anything I bet he'll be more careful with his finger.

I dont know your sex, but if some dude finger blasted you or your wife/kid, you would be cool with it being a slap on the wrist misdemeanor?

I was a victim of sexual assault at a young age.

But I also know our prison system is an abhorrent abuse against human rights. It has become so disgusting with its use of prison labor as a cheap workforce that there's actually financial incentive to lock up people. Check out the Judge who literally locked up thousands of teenagers and was paid kickbacks by the prison system to do so. Great title 'Cash for Kids.'

We don't know all the facts but we can understand the following.

1. The girls were asleep, and woke up to him performing the act.

2. He is not going to their school/university.

3. David was 18, and while that doesn't determine innocence or guilt, it was definitely an act of youth.

Now the frustrating part, to me, is that they published his name. Whether or not he gets his record expunged, that name is up on google and will haunt him eternally.

We need to treat criminality as a disease that can be solved, not as an untreatable character flaw baked into the psyche.

See here's the really funny thing.

If a guy gets drunk and fucks a girl, and she gets pregnant, and wants to keep it. He's on the hook for life. Financially etc.

She has RAPED him of a future.

But that's not illegal, in fact, there's little recourse for him to not be financially screwed.

In fact, this one woman, had sex with a guy when he was 15, they got found out, it later turns out she's pregnant, has a child, and when he's like 21-22, working as a doctor or something, the state wants THOUSANDS of dollars of Child Support. FROM HIM.

That's a future, an entire future of hopes, dreams, soul searching, put on hold because a woman decided to have a child without his consent.

Yet the common knowledge is 'Don't stick your dick in crazy.' or 'It's your fault for getting her pregnant.'

Now I'm not saying that's worse than a woman being raped, I'm just saying, there are equivalent situations and challenges to both sexes. But only in the male scenarios are personal responsibilities looked at.

Let me put it this way, a woman never deserves to be raped or sexually assaulted. Just as a person never deserves to be hit by a car.

Yet if you drink to the point where you put yourself in harms way, like getting wasted and running in front of heavy traffic, regardless of the fault of harm, you still had a part in it.



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